Online and without queues: In Buryatia, tourists were explained how not to be offended during the holidays

In late March, Burprirody recalled that the department’s website has a function for obtaining permits to visit specially protected natural areas, as well as for electronic payment for entry into the area. In the list of places you can visit by agreement and where the location is charged, there are so many popular and affordable destinations for many tourists such as Goryachinsk, Umkhei, Kotokel, Staraya Bryan, Ivolginskaya Sopka, Shumak, Kotokel and others.

In many cases, tourists and tourist groups do not even know they are becoming perpetrators. In this regard, there are questions to which it is useful to know the answers so as not to be in an awkward position. “MK in Buryatia” decided to look into the situation.

– Fine! Our website is fully functional !!! – Burpriroda’s press service recently reported emotionally on social media.

The agency also reminded that it is possible to obtain approval to visit specially protected natural areas of regional importance almost immediately on the site. For those who want to do everything the old-fashioned way, a personal reception at Burprirod at Ulan-Ude, st. Zitkevich, 9.

The budgetary institution deals with the protection and preservation of a huge area, the total area of ​​which is 700 thousand hectares. There are 13 state nature reserves of regional importance, Shumak Natural Park and the Baikal Coast recreation area, 57 natural monuments in it. Of these, 12 are part of the natural territory of Lake Baikal, 5 are part of the Central Ecological Zone of Lake Baikal and 4 are in direct contact with Lake Baikal. These spaces have been withdrawn from financial use and are classified as objects of national property and a special protection regime has been established for them.

By law, you must pay a fee to visit the protected areas. In Buryatia, from January 2022, this amount is 0.5% of the minimum subsistence amount, ie 68 rubles. 97 κοπ. for one person. People with disabilities, veterans, students and other beneficiaries, as well as locals who are registered in the area where they live or live in these areas are exempt from the charge (you can find out the limits on the Burpriroda website). At the same time, however, it is necessary to coordinate the visits in such categories.

– For example, if you are registered in the Pribaikalsky area and want to visit Kolok Lakes or a natural monument – Kotokel Lake, then you are exempt from payment, provided you have agreed on the website www.burpriroda and submitted approval to the State Inspector of Burpriroda BU to visit the protected area and to register by registration at the place of residence, – specified in the press service of the department.

The Marina from Ulan-Ude has repeatedly visited many of the above places alone or with tourist groups. And I have never met Burpriroda inspectors and I never thought about the fact that to visit, for example, Ivolginskaya Sopka, you need a permit and a fee is charged for it.

“About two years ago, I heard that some tourists were not allowed to go to Sumak without permission, but then I did not pay any attention to it, because it was an isolated case and it seemed to be more of a horror story.” Marina shared.

The girl assumes responsibility calmly. When I learned its size, I was very surprised.

– In summer we often spend nights in Barguzinsky Bay. There, of course, they charge many times more for the entrance – 200 rubles for the entrance per person and 100 rubles for a car if it is a passenger. In addition, they are also asking for money for a place on the campsite – in 2021 it was 500 rubles, – explained the tourist.

By the way, regarding the entry into the territory of Barguzinsky and Chivyrkuisky bays, which are under federal, not democratic jurisdiction, those who want to relax there can now apply for a visit permit and pay the fee online. Which is very nice, because the tourists were standing in line in front of the dam for a long time waiting for the papers. But right now there are no free campsites in Myagkaya Karga and Monakhovo. Those who wish can try to get to the parking lot on Okunevaya Bay, where you have to pay 100 rubles per person per day.

But you can get permission to visit not all protected areas, people can be far from everywhere. For example, access to wildlife sanctuaries is closed to you during bird nesting or animal furrowing. But the natural monuments can be visited by appointment.

Careless tourists may be subject to penalties for violating the rules of protection and use of the environment in specially protected natural areas. Thus, the fines for citizens range from 3 to 4 thousand rubles, for employees – from 15 to 20 thousand rubles and for legal entities – from 300 to 500 thousand rubles.

Any activity in protected areas is prohibited. It is forbidden to make fires, cut wood, prepare sand and clay, destroy holes and nests of wild inhabitants and walk dogs. Burpriroda employees monitor the order daily. The risk of meeting with inspectors and being fined is always very high.

Day trips are now especially popular with Buryatia residents. Many of them are in the most accessible places like Goryachinsk, Staraya Bryan. But organizers do not always get permission for tourist groups.

– By law, everyone needs approval to visit specially protected natural areas, including tourist groups. The law is the same for everyone, – he explained to the press service of Burpriroda.

Given the large area of ​​the protected area – 700 thousand hectares, it is of course difficult to check compliance with the requirements in all zones. The department clarified that there are 47 state inspectors for the whole of Buryatia. In organizations that work with tourists, they note that in many places there is insufficient infrastructure. Among the necessary, first of all, not even benches and toilets, but just information boards and signs for people to understand which place they have visited and really appreciate it.

We support the idea. After all, even throwing a piece of paper, a piece of candy in Baikal is a sin. The initiative is right, right, but it is not a one-year job. It seems to me that we need to win some kind of grant and improve the places for tourists. We used to issue permits for tour groups in person at Burpride. There were times when the team was hired just over the weekend, but the department is not open on Saturdays and Sundays and the license could not be issued in any way. Which is very inconvenient. Now downloading documents has become much easier and faster. The collection is really very small. In the winter, of course, we did not go to many places, but now in the spring we will start recruiting groups again, – said Galina Shoidonova, director of the travel agency Saikhan Tour.

Some of the places are so popular that many buses come in the day with those who want to see them. Of course, it is interesting to know where and what the fees go? The financial institution did not leave the issue of the purpose of the money unanswered.

– All funds received for the visit to special zones go to the development of areas, including landscaping. “Ecological trails are now being planned for tourists,” the Burpriroda press service said.

The Democratic Service is actively involved in monitoring visits to protected areas for less than a year. Basically, a fee is charged by fishermen visiting Kotokel and Kolok lakes. The amounts raised are not that large.

– For example, 513 people visited Lake Kotokel in 2021, who paid about 30 thousand rubles in total. The money is not big, not even millions. And at the end of March, in the same Kotokel, strangers destroyed a banner with information containing information about a natural monument. The damage amounted to more than 9 thousand rubles. “Now it has to be reprinted, transported and put on site,” Burpriroda’s press service said.

The funds raised are entirely directed to the development of protected areas – creation of infrastructure facilities (arrangement of kiosks, benches, fires, etc.), installation of newsletters. All amounts are transparent, can be seen in the Burpriroda reference documentation on the website. Specially protected natural areas are not simply withdrawn from public use and are protected by the state. It is home to rare species of animals and local endemic plants, many of which are listed in the Red Book. In the current environmental situation, visitors and residents of Buryatia need to be understanding and very careful about the biological wealth of democracy, perhaps then it will be possible to maintain a balance between leisure and prohibitions.

However, it remains to hope for a conscious attitude of tourists towards others and to inform them. After all, obeying the law has never been so easy. And, to get a permit and pay a very small amount, you do not even have to leave your home.

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