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A person whose negligence caused a forest fire can be prosecuted if the damage from the fire is deemed significant. This law enters into force on April 5.

In addition to fire safety requirements, there are other rules that must be followed in birch and oak forests. What you need to know so that when you go to the forest, you do not have a fine and do not end up on the pier, Parlamentskaya Gazeta understood.

If six hectares of forest were burned

The amendments that come into force have defined when the perpetrator of a forest fire can be fined and when he will be punished. According to a criminal article, they will be judged if the careless handling of the fire has led to significant damage – amounting to more than 10 thousand rubles. As explained by the Deputy Head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the State Duma Alexei Serko, this corresponds to the damage from a forest fire in an area of ​​about 6-8 hectares. For such a crime, the court will be able to impose a fine of 300-500 thousand rubles, forced labor up to 480 hours, imprisonment for up to two years, forced labor for up to four years or imprisonment for the same period. If the consequences are less serious and not a single person suffers, an administrative fine of five thousand rubles will be imposed.

Previously, such articles of the Code of Administrative Offenses and the Penal Code did not differ much.

In general, violation of fire safety rules in forests, even if nothing was caught, is punishable by an administrative fine of 1-3 thousand rubles. If at the moment a special fire regime is declared in the area, the sanction will amount to 4-5 thousand. A separate fine of 3-4 thousand is provided for the burning of dry grass and shrubs near forests, around which there is no mineralized protective strip.

According to forest fire safety rules, it is impossible to make fires and put barbecues in coniferous young forests, on peat, in dry grass areas and under tree canopies from the moment the snow melts until the autumn rains. The same applies to forest areas that have been damaged by fires or other floods and the cutting areas where trunk and branch sections remain. Fires can only be carried out in special locations separated from the trees by a strip of soil that has been cleared to the mineral layer at least half a meter wide.

The rules forbid throwing lighted matches, cigarette butts and glass on the paths – due to the refraction of sunlight on the bottles, it can cause a fire. Do not organize household landfills.

In the regions, stricter requirements may be imposed – when the fire situation becomes serious, the authorities have the right to establish a fire regime and temporarily prohibit not only from causing fires, but from entering forests in general.

But an administrative sanction is possible only in case of careless handling of the fire. If the actions are considered intentional arson of the forest, it will be punishable by a fine of up to one million rubles or imprisonment for up to eight years.

When a basket of mushrooms can be made fine

You need to be careful with quiet hunting and collecting wild plants. For the destruction of the plants mentioned in the Red Book, a fine of 2.5 to 5 thousand rubles is provided. In the forbidden list, for example, avalanches, real ginseng or forgotten Tsekanovsky. The sites have their own Red Books and are responsible for collecting the plants mentioned in them.

Special rules apply to reserves. Visitors are not allowed to pick mushrooms, berries, nuts, seeds, flowers and medicinal plants, cut down trees, hunt, fish and generally do anything that threatens the state of natural complexes. To avoid accidentally wandering in the protected area, you need to look carefully – along the perimeter there are signs “No crossing”, explained on the website of the reserve Prioksko-Terrasny. You can also check online maps, where reserves are highlighted in color.

For violation of the rules of conduct in a specially protected natural area, a fine of 3-4 thousand rubles is threatened. In addition, you will have to pay for the damage caused. If proven guilty, the offender can be convicted under a criminal offense punishable by up to two years in prison.

For illegal logging, you may lose your chainsaw and your freedom

It is impossible to cut down trees in the forest at your discretion in any case, whether it is a Red Book or not. Of course, according to the Forest Code, citizens have the right to collect wood for firewood or for construction, but only if they enter into a suitable purchase and sale with the forestry houses.

If a person arbitrarily prepares wood or digs a sale bush for his garden, he can be fined 3-4 thousand rubles. In cases where special equipment was used or a violation was committed in a forest area, the fine will be increased to 4-5 thousand. They can also seize equipment used for illegal harvesting.

And if the damage caused by illegal logging exceeds five thousand rubles, there can be criminal liability – from a fine of five hundred thousand rubles to imprisonment for up to two years. They will be punished even more severely if the court finds aggravating circumstances, for example, if a group of individuals participated in the crime by prior agreement. The maximum sentence is seven years in prison.

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