The mini football tournament for the Cup of Concern VKO “Almaz-Antey” is over

A real celebration of children’s football took place during the school holidays at the Almaz Antey sports complex (130 Obukhovskaya Oborony Ave.). For four days, from March 31 to April 2, 2022, friendly soccer matches as part of the 13th Almaz-Antey Concern East Kazakhstan Concern Cup mini-soccer tournament were played by 10 teams from schools in the Nevsky District, played by children born in 2009 and younger. As a result, the victory was won by the young football players of school No. 641. But the joy of the games and the interesting fight on the floor was won by all – young players, their coaches, but also the spectators.

Photo courtesy of the Almaz-Antey Air Defense Concern NWRC press service

This year, players from schools 641, 639, 346, 14, 39, 591, 348, 574, 498 and 20 participated in the tournament. The best had the opportunity on April 2 to play for prizes. First in the small final for the bronze, the team of school No. 639 prevailed 9: 3 over the team of school No. 39 and then it was the turn of the main final, in which the players of schools No. 591 and Met 641. Evgeny Kirilov stood out in the team of the 591st school – he often went to the hit, creating sharpness in the opponent’s goal, handing out beautiful passes to his teammates, but the ball did not enter the opponent’s goal. In addition, objectively, the children from the 641st school seemed much more confident, they almost immediately took possession of the ball and the initiative, acting from a position of strength. And already in the first half (the match lasted two halves of 15 minutes of clean time) two unanswered goals were scored.

The impulsive mentor of the school team No. 641, Sergey Anatolyevich Karasev, praised his booths for playing during the break, but did not forget to make adjustments to the tactics. After that, the kids played even harder, soon increasing the lead to three goals. The intrigue could be revived with the counterattack of the school team No. 591 – Kirilov went sideways and gave the ball to the partner in fact on an empty beam. However, they did not manage to complete this nice combination effectively and then the team of the 641st school scored two more times. Neither the coach nor his students, with a comfortable advantage in the score, did not think to relax, they gave their best to the maximum, which of course is commendable. As a result, a 5: 0 victory and the first prize in a fair fight.

It may seem that Almaz-Antey Concern VKO Concern won the Cup quite easily, they also faced their opponents with confidence in the group stage. But in reality, as the brace writer admitted in the final, the tournament’s top scorer (15 goals) and league leader Artemy Fomichev, not all matches turned out to be simple, but consistency helped the kids succeed.

The mentor of the winning team, Sergey Karasev, found it difficult to hold back tears of joy in communicating with the correspondent of Sankt-Peterburgskie Vedomosti. However, he managed to get revenge for the offensive defeat in the final of the 2019 tournament (in 2020 and 2021 these children’s soccer matches were not held due to restrictions related to the coronavirus), when the team of school No. 641 was ahead in the score, but lost to school team No. 512 in the penalty shootout. “We have been participating in the tournament since its inception, ie since 2008. It was our eighth final in 13 tournaments and we won six of them. For me personally, the victory is very important and the success is fundamental, because I myself am a student of this club, I played for the Bolsheviks from 1974 to 1981. In fact, this is the only children’s soccer tournament in the Nevsky district, and, possibly, in the city, which is conducted at such a high level, “Karaseva noted. Sergei Anatolyevich also added that his football partner, coach Nikolai Savchenko, who has been training young players of this age from the first class for four to five years, also played a big role in this success.


Photo courtesy of the Almaz-Antey Air Defense Concern NWRC press service

It is worth noting that almost all the children in the group are below the age limit, not only the sixth graders played in it, but also the fourth and fifth graders, who actually gathered in a group just before the tournament. Therefore, almost throughout the first match, the children worked out game links, adding during the tournament and realizing their potential. Which, admittedly, is very big – Fomicev himself plays at Zenit Academy, there are several other talented footballers. It is possible that in the future someone from this champion team will join the Almaz-Antey team, which has been playing successfully in the city championship in recent years at all ages.

We train children to play football – not to “hit and run”, not just to fly away from their own goal, but with tactics and technique. The fact that they implement our training plans so well is a value of the parents and the children themselves who play with full dedication from the first to the last minute. In addition, the tournament is very important and prestigious for the children, because it can be the next step in their football career. We are always looking forward to this tournament, it motivates us to grow. Let’s develop new talents– Karasev added in St. Petersburg Vedomosti.

The high level of football of the winners and the winners was also noted at the award ceremony by the President of the St. Petersburg Football Federation Elena Iliouchina: “Thank you very much everyone for the emotions, well done! When I saw the final, I had the impression that real professionals are playing on the floor. Thanks to the coaches, thanks to the organizers who allow us all to enjoy football. The 13th tournament for the Almaz-Antey Concern VKO Concern Cup took place with a break!

“We are very happy that, despite the difficulties, we managed to organize the 13th tournament this year. We felt the positive emotions of the children again – their joy from football, their desire to play and play. “I hope this good football tradition will continue in the future.” – Summed up the results of the competition for “Sankt-Peterburgskiye Vedomosti” the director of the NWRC of Concern VKO “Almaz-Antey”, the president of FC “Almaz-Antey” Mikhail Podvyaznikov.

We add that in addition to Fomichev and Kirillov, individual prizes at the end of the tournament were won by Nikolai Markushevich (Best Goalkeeper, School No. 498), Avet Martirosyan (School No. 39, Audience Award), Artem Eremin (School No. 14, for the will to win) and Alexei Lobanov from school No. 346, who was awarded a special prize in the “For the will to win” nomination by the publishing house “Sankt-Peterburgskiye Vedomosti”, which is the information partner of the tournament.

We remind you that the multifunctional sports complex Almaz-Antey with an area of ​​almost 13 thousand square meters Open after renovation in February 2020.

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The material was published in the newspaper “Saint Petersburg Vedomosti” No. 60 (7143) on 04/05/2022 with the title “Children’s football with positive emotions”.

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