The most stylish smartphone is already on the way. New details for the Xiaomi 12 Ultra

Obviously, Xiaomi is preparing for a new presentation: every day there are more and more new details about the flagship 12 Ultra. Not so long ago, we told you what features are known from leaks and now it became known that the smartphone will have a non-standard design. Let’s say it right away: you’ve seen it a while ago and it looked very interesting. It is unlikely that such a feature will become widespread, but it is nice that Chinese manufacturers are starting this trend. Let’s see what is interesting Xiaomi 12 Ultra design.

The Xiaomi 12 Ultra will be presented in three versions. It will be stylish!

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Xiaomi – ceramic case

It is known that there will be three versions of the Xiaomi 12 Ultra: ceramic case, glass and leather upholstery. The first thing we focus on is ceramics. This material can already be considered a classic in the Ultra version – let me remind you that the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra was only in this version. There will be two colors – black and white. We can already say that smartphone in ceramic – is very practical. Here are the benefits for you.

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  • First, the ceramic case is much stronger than the glass case, even if we are talking about Gorilla Glass or sapphire on the iPhone: durability is achieved with a special treatment, resulting in the formation of whiskers. Remember at least the test from JerryRigEverything, where the blogger checked Xiaomi Mi Mix ceramic case for power.
  • Second, a smartphone in a ceramic case looks more expensive and more beautiful: all thanks to the visual properties of the material. Ceramic gives the color a deeper shade.
  • Third, the properties of ceramics have a positive effect on the operation of smartphone units. For example, a ceramic fingerprint scanner works more accurately than a plastic one. also ceramic smartphone does not slip off the hands, as is the case with glass.

Of course, ceramics have a low thermal conductivity, due to which such the smartphone will not heat up that much outside. It is true that this is rather a minus: the heat simply has nowhere to go, so it remains inside the smartphone and will lead to overheating. Also, the high production costs should be attributed to the disadvantages: pay attention to how much the same Mi 11 Ultra costs now. In addition, smartphones with a ceramic body are mainly produced in black and white colors due to the nature of production.

If everything is more or less clear with the Xiaomi 11 Ultra ceramic case, then what about the leather one?

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Leather smartphone

In fact, a smartphone with a leather case is far from new. Of course, the impressive Honor Magic V comes to mind: an orange foldable leather-clad smartphone turned out to be perhaps the most memorable in the show. But a year ago, the Realme 7 Pro SE came out, and even earlier, the Huawei Enjoys MAX. Such smartphones are rare in 2022 and are more often found in exclusive versions, such as the Huawei x Porsche collaboration or the famous iPhone by Caviar technicians.

It is noted that the Xiaomi 12 Ultra will have exactly vegetarian skin. So you definitely do not have to worry about animals: this material has nothing to do with ordinary skin. This is not even eco leather, but something more modern. You will be amazed at what vegetable (vegan) skin is made of!

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  • Recycled plastic.
  • Fruit pulp or cellulose.
  • coffee waste.
  • Mushroom products.

First of all, the contents of the bin are perfect for creating such material. Previously, designers considered such a material unacceptable due to the presence of harmful polymers and low wear resistance, but now everything has changed. It is now covered with a fabric base, which includes less toxic polymer layers.

Thus, a reliable waterproof material with all the properties of ordinary leather is obtained and it will be very difficult to distinguish it. It is also noted that each manufacturer has its own methods for creating this material, but there is no doubt that Xiaomi will make it high quality and reliable.

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Which smartphone case to choose

The trend of the leather case is launched very carefully – there is a great risk of not being appreciated.

Glass, I think, is not worth talking about – you already know very well about its properties. Also, a glass smartphone is the cheapest right now, no matter how shockproof it is. Ceramic Xiaomi 12 Ultra it will be much more durable – practically nothing threatens such a body. But the leather version is perhaps the most exaggerated and unusual, but not so durable. True, there are no knowers skin colors on the Xiaomi 12 Ultra no.

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Hopefully the company will not deprive Russia and will bring all three options, not just glass and ceramic. Tell us, Xiaomi in which case would you choose?

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