Tsouvassia’s Minister of Nature Lost in ‘Smart Forest’

The main thing with which the head of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Chuvashia started his report was the calculation of funds. He blamed the slight increase in funding this year, proving clearly on transparency that a few years ago, much more money was channeled to ensure forest fire safety. The lion’s portion comes from the federal budget.

“For 2022, financial resources amounting to 22.5 million rubles are provided, including funds from the federal budget, that is 16.5 million rubles and 6 million rubles are funds from the democratic budget. “Funding compared to last year increased by only 841 thousand rubles,” he said Emir Benderdinov.

With this money, 11 affiliated institutions of the Ministry of Natural Resources carry out firefighting measures in accordance with the state order: they equip mined lanes in forests, clear glades, reconstruct firefighting roads and lay the foundations for firefighting issues.

Tsouvassia's Minister of Nature Lost in 'Smart Forest'

Tsouvassia's Minister of Nature Lost in 'Smart Forest'

It is true that at the moment everything is full of snow and, according to the plan, only the equipment has been prepared, which, incidentally, the Ministry of Natural Resources informs annually. Also in federal money in the framework of the national project “Ecology”. So far, there are no problems with development. Last year, 9 trucks, 1 tractor, 1 bus and 1 plow were bought for 34 million rubles.

Another 26 million rubles will be spent on equipment this year. “It is planned to use these funds to purchase two heavy forest fire tankers, a truck, a trawler for a tractor truck to transport vehicles with trackers and 14 PKL-70 plows,” the minister explained.

Tsouvassia's Minister of Nature Lost in 'Smart Forest'

Tsouvassia's Minister of Nature Lost in 'Smart Forest'

The Ministry of Natural Resources will also participate in the administration and staff exercises that will take place next week. The theoretical master plan for firefighting was approved. The process of attracting equipment and people remains to be settled, as well as the interaction between the regional state emergency committee and the Ministry of Emergency Situations in Tsouvasia. Pravda PFO has already written about doubling the emergency response system in a democracy.

During the firefighting period, ground patrols will monitor the forests, as well as fire observers from 19 fire observation towers. Emir Bedertdinov, not without pride, spoke about a specialized mission center where information about the situation in the forests flows. It is open 24 hours a day, is connected to the Internet and is equipped with video screens.

The “Lesohranitel” video surveillance system was put into operation again on April 1 this year. Includes 5 video cameras to cover the most problematic forest areas. The images from all five video cameras are displayed on a video wall located in the control room “, said the Minister of Nature of Tsouvasia. He added that experts from the Prisursky Reserve and the Ministry of Emergency Situations have access to the cameras.

Tsouvassia's Minister of Nature Lost in 'Smart Forest'

It should be noted that more than 50 Russian regions are equipped with the Lesohranitel system. Digital IP cameras are usually installed in the forest on high mobile networks, where all the necessary networks are available. This is done by a large telecommunications company. Pravda PFO was just writing about the beginning of a redistribution of the communications services market in Chuvashia.

The viewing radius of the cameras is 360 degrees, thanks to the high definition of the image, even a light smoke can be seen at a distance of up to 20 kilometers. Having detected smoke, the devices themselves determine the coordinates and transmit information to the sending service, accompanying the message with an audible signal.

It is true that five cameras are clearly not enough for Tsouvasia. The First Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Finance drew attention to this Mikhail Noztriakov. He appreciated the potential of modern technology and stressed that it would be better to replace the human resources with video cameras.

Tsouvassia's Minister of Nature Lost in 'Smart Forest'

In this, the Minister of Nature, referring to colleagues in the Ministry of Digital Development, said that they have started working on the issue in the framework of the Smart City project. Mikhail Nozdryakov, slightly surprised, corrected the head of the Ministry of Natural Resources: “Will you build a smart forest?” But Emir Bedertdinov allowed himself to smile at this question and replied: “No, we need to install more cameras.” As a result, we agreed that another 10 high-definition digital camcorders would be enough for the forests of Chuvashia. The firefighting season, according to officials, will begin on April 11.

Pravda PFO is following the developments.

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