UEFA Grassroots Award for the Moldovan School Football Program

Moldova’s “School Football” program has been named the best program for football participation in the UEFA Grassroots Awards for the 2021/22 season.

The Football in Schools program, launched in 2019 and integrated into the national curriculum, is a key element of the Moldovan Football Federation (FFM) strategy, which to date includes more than 11,000 students and more than 400 teachers. The goal is for 45,000 children to participate in the program by 2024.

By offering specialized football lessons, as well as updating the stadiums and related infrastructure, FFM helps children grow up in a happy and healthy environment, as well as have more opportunities for physical activity in schools. Demonstrating the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, the FSF encourages young people to use their free time for good and to participate in community initiatives.

FFM Grassroots Director Diana Bulgaru:

“Thanks to sports and football in particular, we can achieve a lot. This helps us to ensure a healthy lifestyle in our country and has a great impact on the development of children, their quality in social life and psychologically. We want to give an opportunity to “We play football for everyone, not just in the big cities of our small country. We are very proud to have won the UEFA Grassroots Award and to be an example to other national federations.”

UEFA President Aleksander fereferin:

“Choosing the winners of the UEFA Grassroots Awards is always a fun and inspiring job. We hear about impressive, comprehensive and remarkable projects from national federations and clubs across the continent, the impact of which often goes beyond sports.

Congratulations to the winners and I wish you and all the candidates even more success in the future as you continue to create these great projects that have a significant impact on the development of football and your communities. “

Best Football Participation Project 2021/22: Bronze and Silver

Silver: Fotbollsgnistan (Sweden)

The Fotballsgnistan (Football Spark) is the project of the northernmost and geographically largest regional association in Sweden, where teams sometimes have to travel distances of up to 280 km to participate in away games. Since the 1960s, the population of this area has been steadily declining and some teams have ceased to exist due to a lack of players. Fotbollsgnistan aims to improve children’s health and encourage students to play football by providing the necessary equipment to clubs and coaches. Since the start of the project in May 2020, 24 teams have resumed their activities and another 30 have been established from the beginning.

Bronze: Grassroots Campaign 2021 (Netherlands)

In the spring and summer of 2021, the Royal Dutch Football Association (KNFU) launched a large-scale campaign for children to participate in grassroots football. It was attended by three thousand registered amateur clubs. With a music video featuring pop artist Snelle and more than 500 sporting festivals across the country, KNFS has significantly increased the number of registered footballers and influenced their parents’ perception of football. The project was so successful that it was approved for a second season.

About the UEFA Grassroots Awards

The UEFA Grassroots Awards have been presented since 2010. They are awarded for achievements in the field of base and celebrate the invisible heroes whose devotion allows football to flourish and provides the basis for the wider development of the sport.

UEFA annually invites all national federations to nominate their nominees, after which the UEFA Executive Committee approves the winners based on the recommendations of the Grassroots Working Group and the Development and Technical Assistance Committee.

How does UEFA select the winners?

The criteria include outstanding work on grassroots football projects, increasing participation and providing more opportunities to play football for people from all walks of life with an emphasis on developing and retaining male and female players. This season, special attention has been paid to those who have made a significant contribution to returning to the game after the COVID-19 pandemic.

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