Yandex.Market turns into Avito and starts selling used smartphones

“Yandex.Market” entered the second-hand sales department. It started with a smartphone, but in the future the list will include home appliances, electronics, children and sports items, etc. Only legal entities can bid on the site, so Market will not be competing with Avito yet. The sale of second-hand items in the Market is explained by the current market situation in the country and the desire of the Russians to save money.

“Market” offers for “secondary” market

The online store Yandex.Market informed CNews about the start of sales of used products. According to the representatives of the service, they will give the opportunity to the “Market” to “replace that part of the range, which may be temporarily reduced due to the market situation, while new supply channels are created and the logistics chains are restored. “

The second reason why Market has discovered the used car market on its own is the opportunity to expand its audience of users. “Such a model will attract users who buy new things and goods using the c2c model (customer to customer – CNews Note) for a long time, are accustomed to such user behavior, as well as those who have started saving or looking for significant savings. “always throughout the year, and not just during the sales period,” Market representatives told CNews.

According to market representatives, the decision to enter the second-hand sales department was not spontaneous. Preparatory work in this direction has been going on since 2021. “Even then, we saw a steady growth trend in this direction. Users’ interest in second-hand goods has remained high for a variety of reasons – a segment of those accustomed to buying new things online on different sites has grown and interest in the responsible consumption model has grown. Market told CNews.

So far only smartphone

At the beginning of April 2022, the range of used products in Yandex.Market consisted exclusively of smartphones. It should be clarified that the “Market” is a trading platform where sellers from all over Russia place a lottery.

Now at “Yandex.Market” you can buy things that were already in use and save a little

Used smartphones are covered by a three-month warranty.

Asked by CNews about the plans for the development of this area, representatives of the Market answered that in the future they will appear in the collection of used electronics and home appliances. The agency also has plans to escalate this trend into other categories of goods, including children’s and sports goods, as well as various home and repair items.

But the list of used items that can be purchased through the Yandex market will not be limited to this. “Market will start reselling products in the clothing and footwear category in collaboration with major resale platforms. “In the market, it will be possible to buy clothes, shoes and accessories of different brands in the premium and luxury sections”, Market representatives told CNews.

The entrance is closed for people

When asked by CNews who can sell second-hand goods on the market, the representatives of the service answered that only legal entities have such a possibility. In other words, ordinary users (individuals) will not be able to sell through the “Purchase” smartphone or other gadget that they own or acquired for the purpose of resale.

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“In order to offer users used products with predictable quality, Market cooperates with trusted partners – companies that have experience in working with used devices and objects (ie legal entities and individual entrepreneurs). “People do not have that opportunity,” Market told CNews.

This shows that the Market will continue to compete with Avito and Yula, popular sites in Russia with ads, where most of the offers for the sale of used items come from individuals.

Avito representatives told Vedomosti that they are not afraid of competition from the Market. Deputy General Manager of the company Ivan Guz “The big markets are serious players, but it will be difficult for classic online retailers to change the perception of buyers, as for years the perception has been formed that they only sell new products,” he said in the post.

Used devices are the future

According to Market representatives, the management of the service “sees great potential in the development of the second-hand goods market” predicts that second-hand sales “will grow faster, taking into account changes in consumer habits – including the desire to save money”. .

Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly in Russia. At the end of February 2022, the ruble exchange rate broke all historical records of decline, which led to higher prices for all categories of goods. In addition, the country found itself under a colossal number of sanctions, which led to a shortage of certain products and the withdrawal of many foreign manufacturers from the market.

CNews wrote that the Russians’ interest in used products is very clear in the field of electronics. They started buying smartphones, computers and laptops, realizing that prices for new devices are unlikely to fall in the near future. The secondary electronics market in Russia is currently growing rapidly.

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