Elsa storm forecast: Floods in New York, torrential rains in Boston

Tropical Storm Elsa swept across Georgia and South Carolina. The system has already cost a life, left at least 10 injured and put more than 30 million Americans on alert.

In Georgia and South Carolina alone, nearly 45,000 homes and businesses were left without power early Thursday morning. Meteorologists warn of possible flooding, while in isolated areas up to 8 inches of rain may fall.

Explosive floods are forecast in parts of central Virginia. The National Weather Service has issued a tropical storm warning for a wide area of ​​the East Coast, as far as Boston and Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Early Thursday morning, Elsa was about 90 miles northwest of Charleston, South Carolina and was moving northeast at 18 miles per hour, the meteorological service said. The storm had subsided, but the constant wind was still blowing at 40 mph.

The system is expected to accelerate in the coming days, passing near the eastern states in the middle of the Atlantic until Thursday night and then approaching the northeastern United States on Friday night. According to meteorologists, the system will have to move across the Atlantic Ocean outside Canada by Friday night and Saturday.

The storm that killed three people last week swept through islands in the Caribbean and caused flooding in parts of Florida over the past two days. The Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department said a tree fell on two cars in the city Wednesday, killing one person.

Tampa, Florida

A tornado hits the Kings Bay naval base

In Georgia, a suspected tornado crashed into a naval base, injuring about 10 people. Several vehicles were damaged in the campground at the base, as well as some buildings.

Sergio Rodriguez, who lives near the park, said he ran to the spot for fear of injuring the friends who were left behind. There was a tornado warning in the area on Wednesday afternoon.

“There were just trucks that overturned sideways, trucks overturned, some trailers moved and some trailers were in the water,” Rodriguez said.

Floods in New York

The National Weather Service has released data on the floods in New York that start at midnight today and continue until noon on Friday.

Although heavy rainfall is possible as early as the second half of Thursday, it is more likely to occur at night, the meteorological service said. The total rainfall from Thursday afternoon to Friday is expected to be mainly 2 to 3 inches. More rain is likely in some areas.

“The main threat from these storms is catastrophic winds,” the New York Office of Emergency Management warned.

Boston faces Elsa’s wrath

Incredibly, a tropical storm that hit the Caribbean a week ago is now a threat to Massachusetts.

A tropical storm warning is in effect until Friday night in the state’s coastal areas, as well as in Connecticut and Rhode Island. Heavy rainfall can cause local flooding in parts of Boston.

“The main threats are catastrophic winds, hail and local heavy rainfall that could flood roads,” the Massachusetts Department of Emergency Management wrote on Twitter.

Key West, Florida

Hurricane Elsa reached land around 11 a.m. Wednesday in Taylor County, Florida, on the north shore of the Gulf, according to the epicenter. Previously, the roads of Key West were turned into rushing rivers and Tampa was destroyed by strong winds and heavy rainfall.

On Tuesday, the Coast Guard and the Good Samaritan rescued 13 people off the coast of Key West. Coast Guard officials said the group was among 22 people who left Cuba by boat. 7 men and 2 women are missing.

Source: USA Today

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