Forest patrols in the Samara area to avoid fires

In the Samara area there will be a patrol in the forests to avoid fires. This decision was taken on Tuesday 5 April at a meeting of the regional committee for prevention and elimination of emergencies and fire safety.

The main issue was the readiness for the passage of the fire-hazardous period of spring-summer 2022. This year, in the Samara region, in order to avoid the occurrence of fire-hazardous situations, a special fire regime will be established from April 15 to October 15.

– Last year was difficult for the region in terms of fires, so the issue under consideration is very relevant today. We must be as prepared as possible, it is necessary to eliminate in time the shortcomings identified at the end of last season, – said Viktor Kudryashov, Prime Minister of the Samara Region.

Oleg Boyko, Head of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia for the Samara Region, noted in his report that after the results of the inspection, which was conducted in the territory of the region from February 28 to March 25, the Samara Region was recognized as ready to carry out work for its destination during the fire season.

Problematic issues remain. Among them, provision to the municipalities with the necessary number of open fire water supply sources, presence of unauthorized landfills in the territory of four urban districts and eight municipal districts, untimely cleaning of public spaces from dry grass. Oleg Boyko drew the attention of the heads of the municipalities, in whose lands there are forests, and the heads of the natural national parks and reserves, about the need for continuous plowing and its timely renewal.

Also, on April 12-14, it is planned to conduct an administration-staff exercise to eliminate natural and man-made emergencies. According to the plan for the prevention and elimination of natural fires in 2022, the RSChS team of Samara Region is 24,201 people, as well as 2,348 pieces of equipment.

Alexei Veselov, Minister of Forestry, Environmental Protection and Nature Management of the Samara Region, noted that no forest fires had been recorded in the area since Tuesday, April 5th. He said that in order to carry out high-quality monitoring of the risk of forest fires, a new register of patrol routes with a total length of 34,046 km was approved in February, including 213 land and 6 water routes.

In addition, in order to timely detect and prevent violations of forest legislation, by order of the Ministry, the patrol routes of the forester were approved in the areas of the forest fund of the Samara area, where 48 to 80 mobile teams will park daily, depending on the weather conditions. (IV and V fire hazard classes).

Based on the LPS type 3 in the Volzhsky settlement, there is an integrated video surveillance and forest fire detection system, consisting of 30 video surveillance cameras with electronic video output to the regional dispatch service. The unified monitoring system covers 90% of the forest fund. It is equipped with the Lesohranitel detection system, which enables the rapid detection of fires with an indication of geographical coordinates.

During the firefighting period, joint activities are planned with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in the Samara region for the patrol of mass recreation areas for the population, as well as in settlements, gardening and non-profit associations dacha, health camps forests and are at risk of crossing natural fires.

The prime minister of the region has instructed the mayors to check the condition of the fire reservoirs for water readiness. He also instructed the heads of the areas to ensure the control of the regime of banning the burning of dry grass, reeds, garbage in the areas of agricultural users, in the areas of settlements and organizations.

– The main causes of the biggest fire in the village of Gvardeytsy, in the Borsky area, was uncut grass and a dirty landfill. There was a fire and immediately the flames spread, including the house. In the village of Nemchanka, I myself saw how, in conditions of strong wind, one hectare of field burned within two seconds. And then apartment buildings caught fire. Therefore, colleagues, check the area carefully. Organizing bypass, holding public gatherings, meetings with owners of agricultural lands regarding the uncontrolled burning of dry vegetation. “Explain how to properly carry out agricultural burns, clear safety measures have been identified for this,” said Viktor Kudryashov.

Unscrupulous land users will be held accountable if uncontrolled agricultural burns are found.


Photo: Samara-GIS

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