How does the Kazan shelter for cats with special needs live?

The Kazan “Lyuskin Dom” cat shelter has been around for eight years. During this period, there were many cats with varying degrees of disability. Some did not wait for their owners, some managed to reach beloved owners. Eugenia Kikilo, the founder of the shelter, spoke about the establishment of the shelter, human irresponsibility and the life of cats.

“We realized that it was impossible to live there”

Eugenia has always had animals in her life. Their parents did not forbid them to start from childhood and as an adult he began to volunteer and do charity work in a shelter for homeless animals. So, says Eugenia, one day he met his grandmother Natalya Andreevna, who at that time had about 50 cats. At that time in her life, an elderly woman was looking for an organism that would help all pets sleep. Eugenia decided to help both the animals and her grandmother.

“After we visited her and she let us into her house, we realized that it was impossible to live there. “It is impossible to leave so many animals for a woman, because it is difficult and the cats are also uncomfortable there”, says Eugenia.

Then she, along with other volunteers, started taking the animals out of the apartment. Volunteers rented a garage, equipped it and insulated it as a shelter, bought cages and sat cats.

“We lived in the garage for a year, but it was quite dangerous from the point of view of the same electricians, as there were no amenities there, we had no water, no sewerage, it was difficult. And there was very little space for the animals “, the owner of the shelter shares her memories.

After that, the shelter began to expand and moved to a larger building.

Cat diseases are a pain for rescuers

“I did not intend to open a shelter. It was more necessary, because it was necessary to help the grandmother, it was necessary to help the cats. “While the cats were socialized and cared for, we took other cats to adopt them so that they would not be left on the street,” explains Eugenia.

Operating a shelter is a big responsibility. It is one thing to clean up after them, to bring food on time. But cats get sick and die. Sometimes they suffer from diseases that a person can not cope with and this is always painful for their rescuers. There were even “AIDS cat” animals in the shelter.

In addition to the financial cost, the issue can also affect moral peace. There are people who go to conflicts, say unpleasant things in the direction of the shelter. To hear that it contains a “source of infection” is also a pity.

“Take my cat…”

“Sometimes they call and say, ‘You know, I suddenly got an allergy, take my cat,'” says Eugenia. – I say that we can, unfortunately, not get all the stamps. Of course, I want to help everyone, but I can not. “

He says: it also happens that people, hearing a denial, start manipulating. “And if I throw it out and a car hits it, will you pick it up?” – this you can hear from rogue owners.

“It simply came to our notice then. And indeed, it will be so. “You can worry about it later for a day, two or three weeks,” she said.

“Some people may refuse to give an animal”

At the shelter, they try to catch the cats in good hands. However, it also happens that some people refuse the extradition of an animal. The main reason is the lack of understanding between the shelter owner and the potential cat owner.

“A person is not open to new information, does not want to get in touch, is not ready to make concessions and costs to keep the animal. “Then I would prefer not to give him the animal”, says Eugenia.

Today, about 60 cats live in its shelter. They need about 150 thousand rubles a month for their maintenance, the purchase of food, medicine and the payment of the worker. The shelter is assisted by volunteers and friends of the owner.

“I want to wish people to be more conscious at every step”

The main reason why people throw away animals is their lack of awareness, Eugenia believes. If a person is really consciously ready to take an animal home, then he will never throw it out. It is often thrown away if a person who does not like animals appears in life or if a child is born. There are many reasons, people will always find the right one.

“I want to wish people more awareness at every step. And this is not just about installing a cat. “You have to think more before each of your jobs”, says Eugenia.

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