Vladimir Zirinovsky, leader of the LDPR faction, candidate for the presidency of the Russian Federation, has died – Zirinovsky quotes on football

Vladimir Zirinovsky, the leader of the LDPR party, a former candidate for the presidency of the Russian Federation, has died. First, the speaker of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin announced the death, later this information was confirmed by the Duma faction of the Liberal Democrats.

Russia will remember Vladimir Zirinovsky for his sharp quotes. We have compiled his main statements related to football and other sports.

Zhirinovsky – about why everything is bad with football in Russia

“We are a northern country and southerners play football: Brazil, Argentina, Portugal and Greece sometimes. To improve the game of the Russian team, it is necessary to enhance the popularization of sports among children. Now the kids are not interested in football. It takes preparation – the boys do not play in the yards.

And here is another quote: “Football is not normally our game. We can not be the first in the world. They leave us 1000 years. “And everyone comes to America, from all over the world.”

For the defeat in the match with Croatia in the selection for the 2022 World Cup

“The Russian team lost to Croatia and scored a goal for itself – that is symbolic. Instead of crushing your opponent, hit your own to scare the aliens. He [Фёдор Кудряшов] I did not understand, he was confused… Besides, there are more experienced players, balanced, with psychological preparation. […] “It was necessary to raise the morale of the Russian footballers, but nothing was done about it.”

About the availability of sports in each yard

“Every yard should have a basketball hoop, a ping pong table, a volleyball net and badminton. So that there are no questions about what to do in your free time. Let’s go play football, table tennis, go ice skating. Sport must be as accessible as possible to all citizens. Then the health of the nation will be much better, we will get sick less “

Zhirinovsky – on the limit of legionnaires

“On the one hand, I want only domestic players to play with us, on the other hand, it is impossible for foreign players to disappear from us. Of course, I want only Russian players to play in the RPL, but we should not leave the whole world. In the USSR, we abandoned the Internet and other things, although we could have ended up with it, not the United States. And here you can not deny them. “

Vladimir Zhirinovsky – for sports as an instrument of war

Photo: RIA Novosti

About beer in stadiums

“I recall the law for the sale of beer in the stadium, but why? A man will get drunk on beer in the stadium: he will drink a bottle, after the second – and that is …

In Europe have they proved that man does not get drunk on two glasses of beer? And what percentage of alcohol does beer contain in our country, not 2%, as in Finland for example? You consult among the fans if you need beer on the field. We were slyly asked that the law on the sale of beer was passed by the Liberal Democratic Party and not by the government. Then they will say that because of the Liberal Democratic Party the percentage of people who drink has increased.

When we banned smoking in public places, we reduced the number of smokers and respiratory diseases. The same goes for alcohol. Our younger generation also does not smoke or drink, this is due to the small advertising of tobacco and alcohol products “.

About the Olympic Games

“We have already proposed to choose a city for the Olympic Games and we will still insist! It is necessary to create a permanent place: summer – in Greece, winter – in Sochi.

“The items are ready in Sochi and Greece is a poor country in general, it could live only on this: tourism and the Olympic Games.”

About Fabio Capello and foreign coaches

“We are rivals of foreign coaches. They may be well versed in the technique, the techniques, but they will not be able to give a winning spirit. Like foreign generals. The Georgian army was trained by American trainers and escaped after the first Russian tank. So here it is: they can not organize a team to win. He may be a good coach, but he is a stranger. The player does not understand, only the translation. In addition, they are very expensive. This money could be thrown into the country and 20 talented boys found. And in the end we spend money on some kind of chapel. Now there is no money to pay salaries either. What kind of salary is 2 million rubles a day? “This is savagery.”

About sport as a war instrument

“Sport is a place of war between states. If earlier, to prove their superiority, they went to war, but now it is only a sport. Everything else is in abundance. But in sports, states can unite. “And as we started to win more and more gold medals, we decided to hit the field.”

The material uses excerpts from interviews for the channels “Russia 1”, “Sport Express”, “Life”, “RB Sport” and from the personal social networks of the politician.

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