What and how? An expert gives tips for controlling a smartphone from the beginning

The smartphone today has become an integral part of the ordinary comfortable life. But what if a person acquires a gadget for the first time? As a rule, this condition is common among the elderly. Some of them have an emotional barrier – a person is afraid that they will not be able to grasp a complex device.

Step by step

Talk about the most important steps in gadget domination Stanislav Skatkin, director of cultural and mass recreation of the 1st category of the Rublyovo Cultural Center, teacher of financial education and financial security courses of the Moscow Longevity project.

“When a person has bought or received a smartphone, first of all, he should not be afraid. Experts who create programs for this try to make them as convenient and understandable as possible for the average person. “It is almost impossible for a user to perform irreversible actions,” explains Stanislav.

Help is near

To help set up the initial settings, it is best to contact the staff of a mobile phone salon or a relative or friend who is responsible for these matters. And then the gradual study of the gadget begins.

In contact

The on / off and volume buttons are usually located on the side panels of the smartphone. “It’s also important to know that it always has a headset icon on its screen – the first feature for making calls. When you press it, either a number field for dialing a number or a contact list appears. “As a rule, it becomes easier for my students to use a smartphone once they understand how it can be used to make calls,” says the expert.

Vibration will help

When switching from a button on a touch phone, many complain that they can not tell if they have pressed a key or not. In this case, the smartphone “vibration response” function will help. By connecting it to the settings, any touch on the screen will cause a slight vibration. Thus, the person will understand if he pressed the button.

Remember the “mouse”

“For those who have been using a desktop computer for a long time, it will be very simple to understand the difference between a short touch of a finger on the screen and a prolonged grip. In the first case, we call functions comparable to pressing the left mouse button (program selection, pressing some graphic keys), in the second – from the right menu (environment (add-on) that allows you to perform various actions with objects (copy, paste , delete, change properties) “, says Skatkin.

And you can scroll the pages from top to bottom or from right to left, view photos using a gesture by swiping your finger on the phone in the direction you want.

Important buttons

“At the bottom of the smartphone screen, in the center, there is a touch button in the form of a circle or a square – with its help you can always return from the applications to the main screen, to the main menu. expert draws attention. – Near (left or right) there is a return button. Appears as an arrow pointing to the left. This is a function to undo the last action, return to the previous screen, page.

The instruction will ask you

During the conversation, Stanislav Skatkin notes that each smartphone comes with a text or video instruction that explains how to use it. It is quite clear, detailed and step by step. The guide describes the basic principles of using the telephone.

Where to apply?

“If you have any questions that you can not answer yourself, contact a mobile phone salon. As a rule, employees will help solve the problem, – recommends our interlocutor. – You can also enroll in courses for the study of smartphones of the Moscow Longevity project. They are organized in almost every area. Classes are free. You can find out more at the regional social services center.

Attentive attitude

At the end of the conversation, Stanislav, addressing our readers, advises, along with the purchase of a smartphone, to buy a case for it and a protective film for the screen. “Thanks to them, you can extend the life of your smartphone,” he explains.

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