which settlements are in demand in the Leningrad region

The real estate of the country is becoming more and more popular every year. Life outside the city is full of benefits, but many shoppers are wondering: is moving away from the noisy city a waste of normal infrastructure and leisure? We deal with the experts in the example of the holiday village “Residence by the lake”.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the demand for suburban real estate has increased by more than 30%. What the developers have to offer for those who have decided to move from a busy metropolis to a quiet suburb, we thought to use the example of the luxurious Residence by the Lake.

Now the demand in the suburban market is directed to the market of finished works with communications, infrastructure and landscaping.

In the current reality, it makes more sense to buy projects that are in the final stages of implementation, as the construction of new homes will be adjusted with the increase in the cost of building materials and exchange rate volatility.

“A developer does not have to maintain a warehouse. In rare cases, some kind of electrician, engineer have been introduced, but in most cases they have not. Therefore, the final price of the project, which is currently in its initial stage, is roulette, which we all play together now “, notes Dmitry Sinotskin, editor-in-chief of Prigorod magazine.

In the present conditions not only the prices will change, but also the construction conditions and the composition of the proposal. “Real estate in new settlements will definitely increase. At the same time, all the infrastructure obligations stated by the developer will not be fulfilled on time or at all “, believes Ruslan Gaisin, president of City 78 Holding Company, the developer of Residences by the Lake.

Infrastructure for comfort

The attractiveness of the place when buying a holiday home is mainly determined by the good accessibility of transport.

“A luxury settlement should not be more than 45-60 minutes away from the city,” notes Dmitry Sinoskin.

“For example, from our holiday village you can reach the city in 35 minutes,” says Ruslan Gaysin.

In modern suburban complexes the infrastructure is almost the same as the urban ones.

High-quality suburban projects are offered by developers with high-quality landscaping, modern landscape design, recreation and sports facilities, playgrounds, etc.

“In our project, mini golf and boot courts were created. “We also envisioned safe bike lanes that do not intersect with roads and turn into a ski slope in the winter,” says Ruslan Gaisin.

Equally important factor in choosing a place to live is social infrastructure. At “Residence by the Lake” all facilities are close by: schools, kindergartens, medical and shopping centers.

Now in the countryside village, work is underway to build a garden and negotiations are underway to open a restaurant and mall in Residence by the Lake.

Security also plays an important role in choosing a holiday home, which is easier in a small village than in a city.

“According to general forecasts, the consequences of the crisis will be more felt in the big cities, including the increase in crime. “In a small village, he put guards in the corners – and the issue was resolved,” said Dmitry Sinotskin.

lake view

When buying a country house, a city dweller pays not only for high quality infrastructure and transport accessibility, but also for fresh air and uniqueness of the offer. “Lake Residence” is a rare project that has access to the lake.

“The location on the first line of Lake Kurgolovsky is the pride of our village. “We have equipped three beaches along the coastline: a sandy beach with sunbeds and a wakeboard station, one with grass and a beach for animal visitors,” said Ruslan Gaisin.

Indeed, the presence of a large wide coastline, access to a beautiful lake adds to the popularity of the project. This feature of “Residence by the lake” is also noted by other players. “And not only the presence of a reservoir, but also, most importantly, the access of the inhabitants to the water, a large beach with white sand, which the manufacturer specially introduced. It’s reminiscent of the Caribbean islands, “said Igor Kartsev, general manager of the Maximum Life Development Group of Companies.

According to Kartsev, buying real estate in the suburbs is a great option to invest your own funds compared to buying an apartment in the city for the same amount.

Residence by the Lake is one of the few cottage settlements in the Leningrad region, which will be completed in the second quarter of 2022. Of the 173 plots, three quarters have already been sold, and since the beginning of the year prices for plots have not changed, stressed the head of the company Ruslan Gaysin. You can implement ideas in “Lake Residence” on plots ranging from 10.39 to 30.26 acres.

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