FIFA 2022 World Cup: group draw results – group composition, calendar, match schedule

The draw for the final phase of the 2022 World Cup took place in the capital of Qatar, Doha. According to the results, the composition of the groups in the group stage was determined and the program of the games in all four was announced. We tell you who, with whom and when will play in the main tournament of the four years.

How was the draw for the 2022 World Cup. Qatar presented the mascot of the tournament

Before the draw, FIFA presented the mascot of the 2022 World Cup. Its name is La’ib, and on the outside it looks like a flying carpet. From Arabic, the name mascot translates as “super-skilled player”.

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The participants in the World Cup were divided into four groups. In the first basket entered the seven strongest teams according to the FIFA evaluation, as well as the host of the event, Qatar. In the remaining pots, the groups were also distributed according to their score. In the last “eight” participated the participants in the playoffs, which will be held in the summer. We remind you that in the European qualifiers Wales will play with the winner of the pair Scotland-Ukraine, in the intercontinental junctions Peru will play with the winner of the pair Australia-UAE and Costa Rica with New Zealand.

See how the baskets were before the draw:

Container 1: Qatar (51st FIFA), Brazil (1), Belgium (2), France (3), Argentina (4), England (5), Spain (7), Portugal (8).

Second pot: Mexico (9), Netherlands (10), Denmark (11), Germany (12), Uruguay (13), Switzerland (14), USA (15), Croatia (16).

Case 3: Senegal (20), Iran (21), Japan (23), Morocco (24), Serbia (25), Poland (26), South Korea (29), Tunisia (35).

Case 4: Cameroon (37), Canada (38), Ecuador (46), Saudi Arabia (49), Ghana (60), Wales (18) / Scotland (39) / Ukraine (27), Peru (22) / Australia (42) / UAE (68), Costa Rica (31) / New Zealand (101).

The composition of the groups of the World Cup – 2022 in Qatar

According to the rules of the draw, only one representative of the confederation could enter each quartet. This means that, for example, Qatar would not play in the group stage with another Asian team. An exception was made only for Europe, as 13 UEFA representatives entered the 2022 World Cup. But there was also a restriction for European teams – no more than two in a group.

The draw was made by football stars of different years – Kafu, Lothar Matthäus, Tim Cahill, Ali Daei, Jay-Jay Okocha, Rabah Madjer, local legend Ahmed Malalla and coach Bora Milutinovic.

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Maybe this time in the World Cup there is no “death team”. Only the quartet with Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland and Cameroon stands out in team strength and intrigue.

Attention to the team with the participation of Poland. If the Russian national team had not been eliminated from the 2022 World Cup, then our national team in case of victory could be in the position of the Poles (and in the third basket, since it is in the 36th place of the FIFA ranking). What do you think would be Russia’s chances in a quartet with Argentina, Mexico and Saudi Arabia? We would probably have played for the playoffs. And so, in the World Cup, the recent rivals in the fight for the Golden Ball – Leo Messi and Robert Lewandowski – will meet.

Schedule of 2022 World Cup matches

The World Championship starts on November 21st. Qatar will face Ecuador in the opening match. The following is the complete program of the group stage matches:

Group A:

Round 1: Qatar – Ecuador, Senegal – Netherlands (November 21).
Round 2: Qatar – Senegal, Netherlands – Ecuador (November 25).
Round 3: Netherlands – Qatar, Ecuador – Senegal (November 29).

Group B:

Round 1: England – Iran, USA – Winner of the UEFA playoffs (November 21).
Round 2: England – USA, winner of the UEFA play-offs – Iran (November 25).
Round 3: UEFA Playoff Winner – England, Iran – USA (November 29).

Group C:

Round 1: Argentina – Saudi Arabia, Mexico – Poland (November 22).
Round 2: Argentina – Mexico, Poland – Saudi Arabia (November 26).
Round 3: Poland – Argentina, Saudi Arabia – Mexico (November 30).

Group D:

Round 1: France – Play-off Winner 1, Denmark – Tunisia (November 22).
Round 2: France – Denmark, Tunisia – Winner of the Play-off 1 (November 26).
Round 3: Tunisia – France, Play-off Winner 1 – Denmark (November 30).

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Group E:

Round 1: Spain – Winner of play-off 2, Germany – Japan (November 23).
Round 2: Spain – Germany, Japan – Winner of the Play-off 2 (November 27).
Round 3: Japan – Spain, Play-off Winner 2 – Germany (December 1).

Group F:

Round 1: Belgium – Canada, Morocco – Croatia (November 23).
Round 2: Belgium – Morocco, Croatia – Canada (November 27).
Round 3: Croatia – Belgium, Canada – Morocco (December 1).

Group G:

Round 1: Brazil – Serbia, Switzerland – Cameroon (November 24).
Round 2: Brazil – Switzerland, Cameroon – Serbia (November 28).
Round 3: Cameroon – Brazil, Serbia – Switzerland (December 2).

Group H:

Round 1: Portugal – Ghana, Uruguay – South Korea (November 24).
Round 2: Portugal – Uruguay, South Korea – Ghana (November 28).
Round 3: South Korea – Portugal, Ghana – Uruguay (December 2).

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Two teams from each group advance to the playoffs. The matches of the 1/8 finals will take place on December 3-6, the quarterfinals on December 9-10, the semifinals on December 13-14, in three days there will be a match for the third place, and the final is scheduled for December 18.

Which stadiums will host the 2022 World Cup?

The World Cup in Qatar will be played in eight stadiums in five cities. The opening match will take place at the Al-Bayt Arena, located in Al-Hawr. It can accommodate 60,000 spectators. And the final of the tournament will take the national stadium to Lusail, seating 80,000 spectators.

In addition, three arenas of the 2022 World Cup are located in Ar Rayyan – these are Evolution City (seats 45,350), Ahmed bin Ali (44,740) and Khalifa (40,000). In Doha, the games will be played at Ras Abu Aboud (40,000) and El Tumama (40,000) and El Wakra at El Janub (40,000). It was reported that each arena would be equipped with a cooling system so that the temperature inside the bowl would drop to +20 degrees.

Russia is not the first to be eliminated from the World Cup.  FIFA has a huge collection of bans
Russia is not the first to be eliminated from the World Cup. FIFA has a huge collection of bans

The Qatari national team will play in a World Cup for the first time and the tournament itself will be held for the first time in the Middle East.

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