In Orsk, a stray dog ​​bit an 8-year-old boy in an apartment building

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In Orsk, a stray dog ​​bit an 8-year-old boy. Zhenya Ivanov went to visit a friend – the boys live in the same house, but in different entrances. There is a connecting corridor between the entrances – such is the architecture of the house at number 71 on Orsky Prospekt. It was there that Zhenya met the quadruped. The boy knows the dog – he always goes back to the high-rise building on the landings, he passed quietly – so says Zhenya himself. For some reason, the animal showed aggression and bit the student’s leg from behind.

Lyudmila Ivanova, mother of a boy who bit a dog

He went down to the 3rd floor. And he was a guy. She helped him get down to the hostel, and up. When the child went home crying, he already told us everything, what happened and how. We immediately called an ambulance. We called the police, they called everywhere. The ambulance arrived, we arrived at the emergency. In the emergency room, they gave us an injection, treated it and we returned. After the night we went to the police.

As expected, Zhenya received injections, now the boy goes to the hospital for procedures. In addition, the parents turned to a psychologist and he, after talking to the child, found that Zenia had a psychological trauma. This is understandable. But the following is surprising: the dog, even after all the calls of the parents, still lives in the building of a residential building and runs around. Literally this morning, Zhenya met with his perpetrator.

Lyudmila Ivanova, mother of a boy who bit a dog

The dog is actually still here. We called the trapping department two days ago, and they told us that we would inform where needed, they would come to pick it up. But she has been here for two days, no one took her. Only very young children [много]. God forbid they go out for a walk like that, the dog will rush, and what will we do …

At the same time, Zhenya is already the third person to be bitten by the same stray dog. He attacked two adults in the past, but they went nowhere, said Evgeny’s mother, Lyudmila Ivanova. At the same time, Orchanka is even more frightened by the fact that even if the dog is removed, after all the planned procedures, it will return to its habitat, ie they will bring it back home with number 71, along Orsky Prospekt. And it is unlikely that after that he will stop biting people …

Lyudmila Ivanova, mother of a boy who bit a dog

Just how to say it … This is the negligence of the administration. Well, they do nothing, there have been many cases. There are many in Orsk. Well, there is no result. We just have a lot of dogs. We would like to take action. Somehow they acted, attracted, punished. We just do not know how to deal with it.

Lyudmila rebukes the local authorities and one can understand her. But in fact, we have already said many times: the root of the problem lies in ill-conceived bills that were passed for good, but worked the other way around … Homeless dogs also suffer – they are generally just hostages of the situation and victims of irresponsible behavior by their owners , and people suffering from the aggressive behavior of infected animals. But to say that the local authorities are not trying to completely solve the problem is impossible: contracts are constantly concluded with the contractor for the capture of stray animals. Dogs are caught, castrated, vaccinated, spotted, treated, kept for some time in a shelter and released into their natural environment. And now such a contract, the cost of which, incidentally, is 2,300,000 rubles, is also concluded – the project is performed by Veterinary Service LLC. But here’s the question: why didn’t the organization catch the dog biting in a few days? We hope that after our publication, the local authorities will pay attention to it and will influence the Veterinary Service.

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