In the Tyumen area they are preparing for the season of fires

Forest fires are a serious problem that has made every resident of southern Tyumen area worried in the summer of 2021. This concern was justified: at some point the data came to residential areas. At the same time, the smog reached the cities, while on the regional highways the visibility was reduced to a minimum. Recall that 25 houses on the SNT “Solnyshko” near the village of Pyshminka in the Tyumen region were damaged by fire. The regional government then provided financial assistance to the fire victims.

The Tyumen Today District has learned about the measures being taken in the area to prevent a recurrence of such a situation and what the residents of the houses bordering the forest can do themselves.

Precautionary measures

Firstly, it is worth clarifying: the officials of the Ministry of Emergency Situations are not involved in deforestation. Other services are responsible for this, which, among other things, are part of the Tyumen forest complex. Specifically, these are forestries with their own equipment and the Tyumen base for aviation and ground protection (Tyumen air base), which carries out both firefighting from the air and landing in remote areas. The organizations have their own specially trained people to put out forest fires.

The employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations participate in the struggle only when there is a danger for settlements.

– In any case, the situation is always under the control of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, but the precautionary measures are primarily the responsibility of the government and the mayors. It is about carrying out all the necessary plowing and mineralization strips, harvesting dead wood, special cutting, agricultural grass annealing and so on,

– said in the publication “Tyumen region today” the press secretary of the regional Central Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia Natalia Semina.

He explained that in advance, experts are compiling a list of settlements that are subject to the transition of a forest fire.

– In this case we act as a coordinating, controlled body that evaluates the activities carried out. We work our way, foresters and municipalities work their way. They are given money for it.

– stressed Natalia Semina.

The department said emergency committees have been convened to date in all Tyumen municipalities, as well as in the local government.

– All work in preparation for the 2022 firefighting period is carried out according to plan and on time,

– Anna Goff, press secretary of the Tyumen County Forest Department, said in the post.

– In particular, plans have been developed to extinguish forest fires in forest areas, ground patrol routes have been informed, the readiness of the forces and means of the forest firefighting units of Tyumen air base, as well as the tenants of forest plots involved in . Maintenance and re-equipment of forest fire-fighting equipment, equipment and inventory is also carried out.

In 2022, firefighting arrangements will begin after the snow melts. This season, special attention will be paid to improving the effectiveness of drones in preventing and detecting forest fires. This will reduce the response time to fires and make it easier for forest offenders to be identified.

– In the first quarter of 2022, 26 employees of Tyumen Air Base and 55 employees of Tyumenles GKU TO were trained in drone control, taking into account the location of the forestry,

added Anna Goff.

Photo by Sergey Kulikov

Important advice from the Ministry of Emergency Situations

A special fire regime in 2021 in the Tyumen area was announced in mid-April. According to its provisions, a ban was imposed on citizens to make fires, burn grass, garbage, cook on an open fire, including the use of a barbecue grill.

– When a special fire regime is established, one of the clauses says: “It is strictly forbidden to visit the forests”. Therefore, to avoid forest fires, the most important recommendation to humans: not to visit forest areas, to exclude the man-made factor,

– said Natalia Semina.

He reminded that in the settlements, the responsibility for ensuring security belongs to the head of the municipality: he must provide mined lanes, plowing and other measures. However, the residents themselves must take care of the security of their property.

– The site owner must mow the lawn and discard it – but without burning it, without burning it uncontrollably. Also, do not scatter rubbish, store old logs, planks and other flammable materials between areas,

– said Natalia Semina.

– Well, in every possible way, pay attention to the principles in the application of fire safety rules.

The representative of the Ministry of Emergency Situations urged all other citizens not to make fires and to be careful of children who by negligence can turn a small flame into a significant fire.

In the summer, the “Tyumen Region Today” spoke with forest protection officers. They said that even bottles of unfinished water can cause a fire: they create a flashlight and set fire to everything around. Extinguished cigarette butts are also one of the most common causes of fires.

Photo by Sergey Kulikov

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