Modern principles of nutrition for mother and baby in the conditions of the northern region were presented in Yakutia

Experts, scientists and doctors in the second popular scientific edition of “Mom and Baby Nutrition Diary” gathered tips to support breastfeeding and recommendations for the rational nutrition of a breastfeeding mother and child from birth to 3 years. As part of World Health Day, a book was presented at the Perinatal Center of the Republican Clinical Hospital in Yakut, YSIA reports.

It is noteworthy that the book was published in the Year of the Mother and the year of the centenary of the Republic. Taking into account regional characteristics and national food traditions, the book presents the range of products used in the nutrition of mothers and children in Yakutia.

According to the author of the publication, he is the chief freelancer of the Ministry of Health of the region, head of the Nutrition Center of the Health Research Institute of North-Eastern University Uliana Lebedeva, The medical and scientific community, in the framework of joint work, the program “Healthy mother – healthy child” gives all mothers of democracy an information and methodological work that will be necessary for the organization of a healthy diet in the family.

“The first edition in three chapters was published in 2020 at the initiative of the public organization of the Yakut regional branch of the Mothers of Russia. There we have included everything for the nutrition of a breastfeeding mother, the protection of breastfeeding and the nutrition of the children of the first year of life. Information and education programs are needed to improve health and implement prevention programs. In this regard, we, the members of the Board of the Mother of Russia, came up with such an idea and initiative. Last year, we turned to concepts such as mother, intrauterine development, the first period after childbirth, what diet a breastfeeding mother and a baby in the first year of life should have. So we added a fourth chapter, which is dedicated to this topic. The authors of the book are leading experts in the field of nutrition, dietetics, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, psychology, ethno-pedagogy, said the nutritionist.

Chief Physician of the Republican Clinical Hospital Yakutsk Nikolai Vasiliev noted that since the release of the first edition, the book has received wide recognition and has become socially important in disseminating and disseminating knowledge and skills related to healthy eating.

The Maternal and Infant Diet 1 to 3 years covers maternal and infant nutrition throughout early childhood. The publication is relevant and important in the light of the implementation of the action plan, in accordance with the mandate of the Yakutia government in the context of Mother’s Year and the decree of the leader of the republic on the strategic direction of strengthening public health and its development. health care system of the democracy, as well as the decade of the Republic. “Our hospital is the website of the Ministry of Health of the region for the implementation of projects and programs, global initiatives in relation to the organization of health care and the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation in the field of protection and support of breastfeeding.” – said the chief doctor.

It should be noted that in 2012, a breastfeeding counseling and methodological center was established on the basis of NRCH. In the same year, the hospital received the high title of “Friendly Hospital for Babies” from the WHO.

An important role in the publication and circulation of the book was played by the president of the Yakut regional branch of the pan-Russian public movement “Mothers of Russia” Praskovya Borisova. She stressed that one of the main directions in the program “Healthy Mother – Healthy Child” is the implementation of large-scale preventive measures.

“When carrying out work on the ground, we are faced with the need for propaganda, information and educational work for the population and families with children. It was necessary to formulate tools for the implementation of our long-term plans. Thus, the idea arose to create and distribute such informative and educational programs for a healthy lifestyle and diet “. – he said.

While the book is published in a limited edition, as a gift copy. But the authors are working to expand the circulation, this proposal was included in the resolution of the 15th Yakutia Women’s Conference and they hope that everyone will be able to buy the book soon.

Not only regional experts but also federal ones participated in the work on the book. Thus, experts from the nutrition laboratory on the age of the Federal Research Center for Nutrition, Biotechnology and Food Safety, of the National Research Institute of Public Health named NA Semashko.

The publication is intended for physicians, pedagogues, social workers, hygienists, technologists, nutritionists and nutritionists, pediatricians, obstetricians-gynecologists, organizers and workers in the field of health, education, public catering and social spheres, public and non-public of healthy eating, high school students and higher education institutions, a wide range of readers, mainly for breastfeeding mothers.

Photo: Maria Vasilyeva, YSIA


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