“Not to Canelos, or rather watch out.” The experts made their predictions for the match Golovkin – Murata – Boxing / MMA

Experts of the Ukrainian edition of Vringe.com shared their expectations from the fight of the Kazakh boxer Gennady Golovkin with a Japanese man Riota Mouratareports Sports.kz.

Golovkin – Murata. “Not until Canelo, or better yet be safe”, the well-known portal notes in the title of its article.

Here is what the media writes in the material for the upcoming GGG match …

After a complete loss in 2021, former IBF middleweight and now “mere world champion” Gennady Golovkin is finally back in the ring. And if all goes well in the away game against Japan’s Ryota Murata on April 9, plans are also planned for the second half of 2022 – a trilogy with Canelo Alvarez is temporarily scheduled for September.

Although it’s not the place to jump forward now. And it’s not even that Canelo himself will face Dmitry Bivol in the lightweight division on May 7, because even if the Russian loses, Alvarez’s market value and attractiveness will remain high enough for another match with Golovkin. . Another category is the other inputs. And an even more massive background, after all.

Like Canelo, Gennady will be a clear favorite for the next match and any other result, except the victory of Kazakhstan, will make sense. Just a spoon, as you know, the way to dinner. And generally, there will be a day – there will be food.

2021 officially could not be lost for the GGG – the fight with Murat was originally scheduled for the end of December, under the traditional Japanese Christmas tree. To the dismay of those accustomed to watching boxing broadcasts from the Land of the Rising Sun accompanied by Olivier slicing and preparing other food for the New Year, the coronavirus decided to expel another mutation from the masses and Japan for foreigners as part of the fight against the spread of infection.

Thus the union meeting was postponed for more than three months.

Since his second match with Canelo in September 2018, Golovkin has entered the ring three times, but only one of his opponents – the Ukrainian Sergey Derevyanchenko – has definitely reached the top of the category. It was with him that Kazakhstan had the biggest problems: the 12-round match proved to be extremely persistent and very equal and the judges’ decision in favor of the GGG was ambiguous.

Prior to that, Golovkin defeated Canadian Steve Rolls, followed by Polish Kamil Sheremeta. Neither one nor the other could a priori compete with the Kazakhs, these were routine victories in regular matches, which gave Gennady nothing more than the opportunity to shake up the age mechanisms and complete the record with two positive “ticks”.

Murata, compared to the aforementioned trio, is definitely better than the Rolls and Sheremeta and about the same level as Derevyanchenko, certainly inferior to Sergey technically, but significantly superior in power. In addition, the Ukrainian did not have a world champion belt when he entered the ring.

In this respect, the Japanese were incomparably luckier. The 2012 Olympian immediately signed Bob Arum, who, understanding the value of the acquisition for the Japanese market, led him to win the title with the most meticulous images. Although even this did not save Ryota from sudden piercings in unexpected places.

Murata confidently filled his history with early (and not-so-average) victories over the middle-class (and not-so-middle-aged) players brought to Japan and by 2017 was vying for the vacant title of “regular” WBA world champion with the Regular prefix . The opponent was the French Cameroonian Hassan Enjikam and the match took place on May 20 in Japan.

Contrary to all layouts and predictions, the first pancake came out pellets. Murata lost. And the funny thing is that most of the “home” criticism team worked against the Japanese, arrogantly depriving him of a victory he deserved.

The WBA, in a rather unusual way for this, this time worked clearly. Some of the referees who counted did not understand what was ruled out, the president of the organization publicly apologized for what had happened and Enzhikam was ordered to take immediate revenge on Murata.

On October 22, they met again and now it was possible without judges: Ryota stopped Hassan in seven rounds.

In the “half champion” category, the Japanese stayed for exactly one year, fitting in this period a successful defense against the usual middle farmer against the Italian Blandamura.

In October 2018, Arum made his debut in Murata in the United States, “matching” the incomparable American Rob Brant. Either the foreign groom tied the Japanese in his legs and arms, or Brad invented jumping over his head, but the title changed owner again when no one expected him to. And this time, even without judicial arbitrariness, Robb received a completely UD 12 right.

According to tradition, good for himself, Murata received an immediate revenge, in which he left no question. July 2019 – Brad stopped in two unfinished rounds. The case, incidentally, was in Japan.

In December of that year, Ryota thanked his compatriots for a successful defense – Canadian Stephen Butler capitulated in the 5th round.

Murata did not re-enter the ring, which, however, did not prevent him from winning the “real” title: in January 2021, after the final transfer of Canelo Alvarez to the next category, Riota was automatically promoted by the organization in his capacity. “Super champion”.

It is difficult to disagree with Murata when he talks about Golovkin who is going through the peak of his career. Really, it would be strange if Gennady, who turns 40 the day before he enters the ring, still smells of prosperity. Given the 15-month downtime, this could be a factor. But the chances of this happening are still very slim.

Even taking into account the break time of the Japanese himself (over two years, by the way), the purely stylistic picture before the fight does not seem favorable to him. Murata has never been a tempo player, neglecting quantity and sacrificing the invention to brute force. Having excellent anthropometry, he is not even capable of long distance boxing, feeling more comfortable closer to his opponent. Controlling an opponent with a jab and preparing a base with a front hand is not for him.

If Ryota stays true to himself, he will go outbox and will probably be hit by Golovkin. The owner of a hammer-like piercing, regularly skilled and technically far better than his current opponent, with him Gennady will be able to choose a rhythm that is convenient for himself, pushing and slowing down when it is beneficial to him, and not for Mouratas.

Perhaps the biggest danger for Kazakhstan will be the Japanese blows to the body. Ryota is very good at it and GGG’s body, as the fight with Derevyanchenko showed, is not yet as strong as his chin. Without standing still and making a tough stance to meet Murata – often, I must say, reckless – moving forward with sideways shifts, Gennady must relatively painlessly get rid of the potential danger.

Otherwise, again, if Ryota does not suddenly turn into a thinking powerhouse, Golovkin should have no problem. Arbitration; Ideally, of course, it is better not to make a decision.

On the one hand, the value of another match between Gennady and Alvarez is still too high for Kazakhstan to “merge” with the judges. On the other hand, the issue of the possible defeat of the GGG and Canelo’s autumn battle for the lightweight heavyweight Absolute with the winner of the Beterbiev – Smith union has begun to be discussed very actively in recent days.

So it’s better to skip it anyway.

vRINGe Publishing Predictions:
Anton Goryunov:
Golovkin TKO 8-10
Evgeny Pilipenko: Golovkin RTD 7-8
Igor Vitko: Murata believes Golovkin has passed his peak. It’s correct. But Ryota himself went through it. They both have a long break: Gennady is about a year and a half old, Ryota is even older. Who knows how many and what they lost during this time. Ryota seems to be a tough opponent for GGG. I think Golovkin will still be strangled in a difficult match with a close decision of the judges.
Svyatoslav Osipov: Murata is a stylistically leading customer for Golovkin. I believe that even for a 40 year old. before the equator.
Dmitry Trick: Golovkin TKO 6-12.

“The situation is heating up.” The press conference between Golovkin and Murata broke. A photograph

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