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The issue of logging upstream of the Amga River in the Aldan area is being raised again in society. The Il Tumen Press Service asked Sakhamin Afanasyev, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the State Assembly (Il Tumen) of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) on land relations, natural resources and ecology, to answer questions of public concern. . We publish excerpts from this interview. The full text can be read on the website. Il Tumen.

How does the auction system work?

– The forest is a resource that is renewed, the state guarantees equal access to our citizens, entrepreneurs. An auction system works to ensure equal access. We do not know who is participating, we will only find out the winner afterwards.

This was the case with Angara LLC and Woodland24 LLC, with which in 2020, following the results of the auctions, forest lease agreements were concluded for logging in the Aldan area for a period of 46 and 36 years, respectively. Due to the wide publicity among the public of the area and the population of the Ministry of Ecology of the Republic, the Yakut Environmental Prosecutor’s Office, the FAS Department for the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), the Federal Forest Service checked the legality of the auction. According to the results of the audits, no violations were found in the execution of the offers and in the conclusion of contracts. Lawsuits were also filed in court, in which it turned out that all the auction procedures were followed.

It is noted that, according to the rules of timber logging, clean cutting is prohibited throughout the forest area. Annual timber harvest according to the terms of the contracts, the forest development project will be carried out in part of the leased area, which corresponds to 1.5% of its total area.

In 2015, forest inventory was carried out on the upper bank of the river Amga, in the catchment area of ​​the river Aldan in 2018. In 2019, after making changes in the Unified State Register of Real Estate, the Forestry Commission decided to auction the right to lease plots of land of the Verkhne-Amginsky Forest Service of the Aldan Forestry and the Forest Service of the Uchursky District. the Aldan forest office of the Tommotsky plot, located in the territory of the municipality “Aldansky area” of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia). As a result, two logging companies Angara LLC and Woodland24 LLC entered into forest lease agreements in the Aldan region for timber harvesting of 54,538 and 177,405 thousand hectares, respectively, with a defined annual volume of timber of 107,062.2 and 11024 thousand cubic meters, respectively.

– There is information on the Internet that Angara LLC and Woodland24 LLC plan to export harvested timber to China …

– I would like to inform you that from 1 January 2022 a ban on the export of round coniferous and precious hardwoods came into force. And so that the same slightly grated logs do not go abroad under the pretext of permitted processed timber, from January 2 to December 31, increased rates will be applied for the export of timber with a moisture content of more than 22 percent, thickness and width more from ten centimeters. The measures adopted make the sale of raw timber abroad unprofitable.

Timber has been placed on a global mission in our country, so that they do not buy their own wood in the form of products abroad.

– Is it now possible to terminate or change the lease and ban logging upstream of the Amga River in the Aldan area?

– The recording of industrial volumes in the territory of the Amginsky lumen is not carried out. The logging takes place in the timber industry areas, and these are the Aldan, Lensky, Ust-Maisky and Olekminsky yards and in the presence of forest management documentation.

There is a view in society that deforestation takes place on the banks of the Amga River, but again I explain that the current laws, and this is the Forest and Water Code, prohibit deforestation in the water and spawning zone, these rules are established. This is strictly monitored by foresters and supervisors. If such a case is found that the case does not pass the examination, a criminal case is initiated for the event.

In terms of logging, logging will take place 30 km from the river Amga, 24 km from the village of Verkhnyaya Amga, the distance from the federal highway Lena is 5 km.

Regarding the termination of the contract for the lease of forest plots for the purpose of logging, I note that, according to the current legislation, the contract is terminated in cases where there is a breach of project documentation, in the absence of a positive expertise.

The contract can be terminated unilaterally in case of non-payment of rents, in case of substantial breach of contractual obligations. In addition, the supplier has the right to terminate the contract unilaterally himself.

A lease agreement for a forest plot owned by the state or the municipality, which has been concluded as a result of a tender, may be amended by a court decision in case of a significant change in the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of such a forest plot.

– How does a logger reap a cut forest?

“There are two directions here. The first is deforestation, which is now much talked about, for the construction of linear installations, for subsoil use. There is 100% compensatory reforestation according to the 202nd Federal Law. However, unfortunately, there are no forest nurseries, forest seed stations for these people to be involved in reforestation. Therefore, the rate of forest compensation is very low, it is necessary to pay attention, including the public.

As for the loggers, everything is described in their forest development projects, this is the logging technology itself, which allows you to paddle the forest, monitor the development of medium and small forests and, in addition, compensatory reforestation is the responsibility of the loggers .

– How is the protection system of the Amga River ecosystem organized?

– The Amga River Basin Protection System was organized by ecologists, hydrologists, leading scientists and the public more than a quarter of a century ago. And it consists of a network of specially protected natural areas along the Amga River, starting at the source of the river itself. In the territories of protected areas, human economic activity is prohibited, which is a guarantee for the preservation of the river ecosystem. In addition, all spawning and water protection zones are protected.

For example, the system of protected areas includes the Olekminsky Nature Reserve in the Olekminsky Range, where the Amga River originates, the Upper Amga, Munduruchchu, Kyrbykan resource reserves in the Aldan region, Amga in Amginsky, Kuoluma ‘, Koluma-Chappanda. in the gums Churapchinsky, Tattinsky and Tomponsky.

The protected area system provides a framework for ecosystem stability, conservation of watersheds, fauna and flora. Work is currently underway to justify and create the Amga Nature Park based on existing resource reserves. And the statement that the Amga River basin is unprotected and that the negative impact of human economic activity is allowed is fundamentally wrong.

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