Subaru Forester: It’s time for the forest Test drives

Commitment to values ​​multiplied by time is the formula for building any strong brand. Commitment to values ​​is a flexible and rather subjective concept, but time is not (well, unless you go into the wild nature of the theory of relativity). Why do Gelendvagen or Porsche 911 have such strong ingrained images? Simply because they have not changed their values ​​for many decades!

220 mm ground clearance and all-wheel drive make the Forester a good “cheat”

The Subaru Forester, or in a popular way “Forester”, I think, would be in the top 10 models in terms of sustainable reputation. The first generation came out in 1997 and since then up to 5 generations have changed. The interval between updates, which is quite small for the car industry, is explained by the same commitment to the authorities – the Subaru Forester does not change much from generation to generation. “Dasikos” does not need revolutions, it is an advocate of traditional values.

Permanent all-wheel drive, time-tested horizontal reverse engine with low center of gravity, high ground clearance (220 mm) and top-of-the-line visibility for the driver. All of these properties are elements of the DNA of Lesnik, which the Japanese company has been carefully maintaining for 25 years. And the headlight washer has not disappeared anywhere!

Subaru Forester

simple living room,
but functional. The steering wheel heats up – after 30 seconds you want to turn it off to keep from getting burned. Pleased with the air conditioning unit with knobs and gesture

Stunning visibility is the first thing you notice when you get behind the wheel of the Forester. For this, the “Forester” can be forgiven for its main drawbacks: an eccentric design and a rustic interior. Large glass surface, high roof, slim A-pillars that reduce blind spots – all together increase not only driving comfort but also safety. Adds visibility and high dzhiperskaya landing.

Of course, you will not be able to sit as high as in a Range Rover, but you will look up at most compact crossovers in city traffic. Although the seats do not shine with many adjustments (neither the lumbar option nor the seat length can be adjusted), they are quite comfortable. I settled here without any problems with my fairly large height (196 cm) – the range of the longitudinal adjustment of the seat is very large. I was surprised to feel more comfortable in the Forester than in the Subaru Outback. I am also glad that the head restraint can be adjusted horizontally.

On the move, the “Forster” is calm and not noisy, you will not be able to turn it on and you do not want to – the wheel is not steep, there is a game at the wheel. But the suspension is noticeably more comfortable than that of the popular Korean crossovers. And yet “Forster” “scammer” or crossover? It’s somewhere in the middle: no air suspension or differential lock. However, the 22 cm gap, good exit / entry angles and the electronic X-mode system will allow the driver to get off-road of moderate severity without any problems. According to some measurements, the depth of passage of the Forester is 500 mm. Good car and ironing snow. And paradoxically, the ever-changing transmission is not the weak link here. Unlike other crossovers similar to other brands, a more durable and unpretentious V-chain variable is installed in Forester.

Deliveries are deliveries, but now you can not do without modern online assistants. And “Forest” in the chest found quite good weapons with … optical viewfinder EyeSight Safety Plus. Here’s monitoring the driver’s attention – if you get tired and start distracting from the road, the “Forester” will warn you. And adaptive cruise control and emergency braking. There is even an automatic emergency maneuvering system, but I did not dare to test its effectiveness. Even though the “Teslas” is sometimes confusing … In urban mode, I liked how the warning system about starting the car moving forward works. If you suddenly fall asleep while waiting for a green light, the Forester will say discreetly, but clearly that it is time to move.

It does not make sense to talk about prices in the current situation. The world we knew belongs to the past. It is no coincidence that Subaru will not join other automakers and will not stop selling in Russia until this issue is released. In the age of impending uncertainty and rarity, there can be only one tip: if you have money left over and can get a Subaru Forester, get it, you will not lose!

But the color is even better to get red. Green is more likely to be expropriated in the event of martial law.

Briefly about the main:

Better visibility in the class, off-road distance, comfortable suspension, time-tested reliability and modern driver assistance systems. Buying at the suggested retail price seems quite reasonable.

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