The month of silence began in national parks and shelters

Throughout April, a month of silence takes place in specially protected natural areas, national parks and shelters throughout the country and the Moscow region. At this time, it is best to avoid noisy walks in wooded areas and protected areas, so as not to injure the animals that gather after the winter and prepare for the mating season. Why is it so important to follow this rule, even in an ordinary forest, experts said.


A favorite place for walking Irina Shamshina from Podolsk for many years was the Dubrovitsky forest. This is a wonderful place where 14 species of rare plants grow, half of which are mentioned in the Red Book of the Moscow region. For example, here you can see a woodpecker with a white back and a kingfisher.

“For me, this place has always been special,” says the woman. – And I am very glad that our forest is recognized as a natural refuge of regional importance. Because the situation will help preserve this piece of beautiful nature between the cities. I heard about the month of silence. My children know not to make noise in the forest. And even more so in protected areas. We need to talk about it more broadly – in schools and kindergartens, for example, to keep it in mind from childhood.

I agree with Irina and environmentalist Stepan Kerimov. She believes that both children and adults need to understand clearly what happens in nature in the spring and why it is necessary to be careful with it.

Workers in national parks, protected areas and specially protected natural areas follow the rules of silence very carefully. But in ordinary forests, this often does not happen, largely due to the fact that people do not know the important rule and some do not want to learn, he says.


Meanwhile, there is an urgent need for calm and quiet for the animals at this time. According to the Forestry Committee, rabbit mating games have recently started. In addition, the ears are so addicted to the fight for the love of a beautiful lady that they lose their heads, completely forgetting the attention. They follow the chosen ones everywhere and guard them around the clock. Any noise can stress both animals. And people’s visits at this time are absolutely not needed.

If, nevertheless, a person decided to go for a walk, then it is better not to close the path. Below the feet you can find anthills, literally dotted
insects from above. Small hard workers from their bodies create living “mirrors”, which, like solar panels, accumulate heat, heating the ants’ houses from above. Only then will it be possible to begin the process of giving birth to ants inside. The new generation must make up for the losses the colony suffered during the winter.

– In addition, towers, hares, gray gulls, common buzzards and starlings arrived in the Moscow region
are disturbed by the arrangement of the nests, – says ecologist Kerimov.


By the way, the first birds have already arrived at the Crane Homeland Reserve. Their employees carefully monitor and carefully guard their peace.

– We do not allow visits to the area from April 15 to October 1. Autumn and spring hunting – until November 1st. So for us, the month of silence is a bit strange. We have this six months of silence, – says the scientific director of the reserve Olga Grinchenko.

And in the Prioksko-Terrasny shelter, where mammoth-bison contemporaries are bred, the animals have a calm regime all year round.

– The territory of the reserve is not large and is closed to visitors all year round, except for the Central Estate and the only road to the Central Nursery Bison. “The core of the reserve is not visited by tourists, no one disturbs the animals,” said Sergei Maslov, an expert at the shelter’s environmental education and cognitive tourism department.

By the way, very soon – at the end of April – the main birth will start here.

“We have large mantras and when a female bison gives birth to a calf, she goes where it suits her and feels comfortable,” he emphasizes.

At the same time, all experts unanimously say that respect for nature is necessary always and everywhere and not just in the month of silence.

Tikhon FIRSOV, Minister of Ecology and Nature Management of the Moscow Region:

– The month of silence is not included in the conditions set by the protection regime in special natural areas, it is rather a matter of moral, human attitude towards nature. Spring is the mating season for many animals. There comes a time when wild boars, elk, European deer, badgers, foxes, beavers and other animals bring offspring, fish give birth, birds make nests. In order not to disturb them, we ask you to keep silent, not to play loud music and, without much need, not to go deep into the forest, leaving the beaten paths.

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