We need to instill a culture of healthy eating in our society.

About the difference between a healthy and a diet, the common sense in the formation of the diet, the culture of eating and whether it is possible to eat properly in the restaurants, said the General Manager of the Trade and Production Association. Tatiana Karpacheva.

For more than 30 years, the employees of this company have been feeding thousands of metallurgists and miners delicious and healthy.

– Tatiana Ivanovna, you are an ardent supporter of a healthy diet. What does this concept include for you? Does it require strict diets, food restrictions?

“Healthy eating is not the same as dietary or medical diet. Therapeutic is required for people who have health problems, and what exactly they should include in the diet – advises the doctor. Diet tables are different, they are united by a mild way of cooking. And the basic rules of healthy eating are simple. The menu should be varied and balanced, to replenish the energy that a person has spent and to provide the body with all the substances necessary for a normal life.

For example, it is estimated that a man engaged in manual labor should receive from 2,800 to 3,800 calories per day with food, a woman – from 2,200 to 3,000. Workers in knowledge need from 2,200 to 3,000 kcal. The specific numbers depend on the age and the individual characteristics of the organism. Calorie computers will help you identify your specific needs.

But it’s not just the calories. The food should contain proteins, fats and carbohydrates in a ratio of about 1: 1: 4. Protein is the building block for our body’s cells, carbohydrates are our energy, fats are the mattress and essential for metabolism. It is important to prefer complex carbohydrates, which are found in cereals and vegetables. They are consumed for a long time and give us energy for a longer period of time.

In addition, the body needs vitamins and minerals, which are abundant in fruits and vegetables. Lactic acid bacteria are needed to normalize the microflora – these, unlike stereotypes, can be obtained not only with the use of kefir or yogurt. They are found in sauerkraut, pickles. We use such bacteria for sourdough bread. No wonder the bread baked according to our individual recipes is a very healthy product.

Does a person who feels perfectly healthy need to take care of proper nutrition?

The human body has a certain reserve. And even if you do not follow the rules of a healthy diet, do not lead a healthy lifestyle, then for some time this reserve will be enough. Unfortunately, then all bad habits, including food, will affect your health. Chronic diseases, fatigue, reduced immunity, skin problems – all of these can be the result of malnutrition.

But we must understand that if a person decides to eat right, then the positive changes will not be perceived immediately. Healthy eating has a cumulative effect.

– Do you follow the principles of healthy eating when shaping the canteen menu?

– For sure! When creating the menu, we focus on improving the health of our guests – employees of OEMK, Lebedinsky GOK and the management company Metalloinvest. Therefore, the variety includes vegetable salads, cereals, and soups, and hot meat and fish dishes, and a variety of side dishes. The menu includes essential eggs, cottage cheese, cheesecakes, bakery products, vitamins and sour milk drinks.

We develop the menu taking into account the cycle – 14 days. Includes seasonal innovations and dietary dishes. Our menu is the same for all canteens and the management company. Of course, there are small differences – they depend on demand. For example, in analyzing the wishes of visitors, we noticed that representatives of repair services, engineers, electrical engineers and steelworkers prefer different dishes.

Does the order of food intake matter for proper nutrition? Why, for example, is it recommended to eat porridge for breakfast and soup for lunch?

– Proper nutrition should be fractional: you should eat at least three times a day and ideally five. With three meals a day, a person should receive 35% of calories in breakfast, 40% in lunch, lunch, 25% in the evening, no later than 2-3 hours before bedtime. Then the body has time to process and assimilate energy and nutrients, without “putting anything aside for future use”.

If the balance is disturbed, or you miss one of the meals, then there is a feeling of hunger, a desire to eat more and faster. But when a person eats fast, he swallows air, which negatively affects digestion. In addition, food is not fully digested, calories are partially stored “in reserve” and useful substances do not reach all organs.

The rules for shaping a healthy diet are also well known. For example, why is it recommended to eat porridge in the morning? Porridge is a complex carbohydrate that will give us energy before lunch. But the carbohydrates contained in sweets are consumed quickly and in just an hour and a half we will want to eat again. Lunch should be as varied as possible. For dinner, you should prefer the most sparing food, which is digested faster, so that the body rests and prepares for sleep. We recommend the evening – fish, boiled vegetables.

Of course, if people work night shifts, then the diet should be slightly different, tailored to the work schedule. And we anticipate it: we have canteens that are open until 20:00. There we offer our employees lunch boxes so that people can eat a bite in the dining room.

What else do you need to consider to eat properly?

– Quality of original products and technology of preparation of dishes. There is a plethora of offers on the market today. It is important to choose fresh, high quality products from this abundance. The quality control laboratory helps us in this. For the average buyer, of course, it is more difficult. But it is necessary, at least to pay attention to the expiration dates and the composition of the products, to prefer reliable manufacturers.

As for the cooking process, the rules are also known here: boiled, cooked foods are much healthier than fried ones. Here, too, the equipment on which the food is prepared plays an important role. The equipment placed in the canteens and buffets of our club is no different from that installed in high quality restaurants. The combinations of steam, transfer ovens and rotary ovens, induction cookers allow you to cook food at the highest level, while maintaining the maximum amount of useful substances contained in the original products.

I note that such equipment is the value of Metalloinvest. Company and factory leaders follow a very responsible approach to catering to employees.


– In everyday consciousness there is the view that healthy food can not be delicious. What would you say to the proponents of this view?

Healthy eating is not just about cabbage soup and oatmeal. This is a wide variety of different dishes made from natural products. The same fruits, baked potatoes, steamed cutlets, grilled meat find a place in a healthy diet. Both at home and in our canteens, you can try new flavors and choose the one that suits you. What definitely has no place in a healthy diet are preservatives, flavorings, artificial baking powder or flavorings and the like. We use only natural raw materials and proven technologies, so we are confident in the quality of our dishes.

The question “tasty-not tasty” is also a matter of food culture, established habits, a tribute to advertising and fashion. Today, the culture of food in our society is practically absent. People are accustomed to the fact that food is a way to satisfy the feeling of hunger, no matter what you eat. Thoughts about the benefits that can be gained from food usually do not arise. And this attitude must change. The habit of eating right over time will create new taste buds – healthier. And they do not interfere with the enjoyment of food.

Do you follow the principles of healthy eating in your daily life?

– I agree, it would be absurd to urge people to eat properly and not follow a healthy diet. I work for many years in the restaurant and eat in our canteens. I eat only our bread, I appreciate its products pickles – sauerkraut, pickles. During the season I prefer fresh vegetables. I am not limited to confectioneries produced by TPO. I follow the principles of fragmentation. And I’m sure everything is good for my health.

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