Expert Maxim Rasporsky explained how to choose and test a used smartphone

Buying a used smartphone is always risky. If you are lucky, you can save money and get the right gadget at a bargain price. If you neglect the search and control tips, you may fall victim to scammers or buy a defective smartphone.

Expert Maxim Rasporsky told the Gurudroid portal how to properly select and control an Android smartphone. His tips will help you buy a quality gadget cheaply.

Choice of used smartphone

The expert advises not to buy gadgets in pawnshops. Prices may be good there, but pawnshops often do not check smartphones before accepting them if they appear to be in good condition. There is a good chance you will buy a partially or completely defective gadget.

The expert named nine rules for choosing a used smartphone in the bulletin boards.

  • Search for smartphones only on reliable advertising services.
  • Check the seller’s profile before calling. It is not recommended to contact sellers who have a lot of ads for selling a smartphone.
  • Do not reply to illiterate ads with many errors.
  • Do not view ads without photos by the owner.
  • Buy a used smartphone only in person, avoid delivery.
  • Avoid ads with a price significantly below average.
  • Do not watch a gadget with a broken screen.
  • Avoid buying smartphones that do not have a box and documents. There is a possibility that you will buy a stolen gadget.
  • Never transfer a deposit and do not give money before checking your smartphone.

Inspection and verification of a used smartphone before purchase

Rasporsky recommends that when you buy a used gadget, you have a SIM card with a mobile internet connection, a charger, a wired headset, a sheet of white paper and a paper clip. They will help you control the performance of the gadget. If the seller suggests that you make a transaction on the street, it is recommended that you bring a portable battery (power bank) with you.

Before buying a smartphone, you should carefully inspect it. If the seller does not allow it, it is better to refuse the purchase. What external signs is it recommended to watch out for?

  • Scratches and abrasions on the case do not affect the operation of the smartphone, but because of them you can claim a discount.
  • The gadget must not damage the main and front camera units, traces of dust or condensation under the glasses.
  • The touch screen must be free of cracks and scratches. If it is sealed with a film, it should be asked to peel it off for verification.
  • The smartphone should not creak when you press different parts of the case. This may mean that the gadget has been disassembled.
  • The back cover must not be crooked or swollen. This indicates a problem with the battery. The expert advises to give up such a smartphone.
  • The SIM card tray can be opened with a paper clip. The contacts should not show signs of oxidation from the water inlet.

Anyone can check the performance of a used smartphone before buying it. The expert shared some simple methods.

  • Connect the charger and check if the gadget is charging. Move the plug and make sure that it does not affect the charging process.
  • Insert a SIM card and check how the telephone connection and mobile internet work.
  • Take a photo of a white sheet of paper, open the image and see if there are any foreign dots or spots on the screen. This way you can control both the screen and the operation of the camera. If the gadget owner allows it, you can install one of the free applications to find dead pixels on the screen or use a similar online service.
  • If the owner allows it, install a free audio test app. If not, use one of the online services.
  • Try connecting to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Try transferring the file via Bluetooth.

Another important step, Rasporsky explains, is checking documents and frameworks. The smartphone model must match what is indicated in the documents.

Each smartphone has its own unique IMEI numbers. On a smartphone with Android operating system, you can find them by typing * # 06 # in the dial bar. The numbers must match the ones on the package. If not, the gadget may be stolen.

IMEI numbers can also be checked on the official websites of smartphone manufacturers. This way, you can make sure that the gadget you are offered is real and not fake.

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