Legia – Spartak – 0: 1 – Press conference of Rui Vitoria after the victory over Legia – is he leaving Spartak?

“I’m honest with Spartak. Is Vitoria saying goodbye after a historic victory?

Dmitry Zimin

Is Vitoria saying goodbye after a historic victory?

The coach was greeted with applause at the press conference. Will he retire anyway?

Rui Vitoria, after a historic victory over Legia, entered the press center to the applause of journalists. Not only the Russians applauded, but also some Poles. And then he started talking. But he made, as it turned out, many important references that hint at an impending separation: he “thanked” separately the people whose names he did not name, he said that it is more pleasant to receive congratulations than those who wish the team only good. And in the end, without a doubt, he said words of gratitude to the fans for a long time. Rui’s end in Spartak seems to be approaching.

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For the victory over Legia

“It is an important and difficult victory. We played well in terms of tactics and defense. My players defended well. The only thing in the second half was the lack of concentration to complete the game with dignity. We came here not to clarify, but to win. And they deserved it. As a result, they took first place in the group.

I did not think we would pull. And in the last minutes I wanted to believe in justice. That’s how it finally happened.

About Selikhov

– I do not think the penalty was given fairly. Selihov looked perfect. But I note that from a tactical point of view everything looked good. I am very happy for Selichov, who had injury problems. But now she is doing well. I’m happy for him.

What happened today is a historic event. As for the games with Leicester, Napoli is also history. As for Selihov, he had an injury for a little over two months, we did not put him for that. But Selikhov returned when he should have done so. At the same time, I note that all Spartak goalkeepers are great guys.

“Selikhov is a hero, an incredible salvation!” Football Russia in ecstasy by “Spartak” goalkeeper

About Melkadze and Ignatov

– Melkaze had a serious injury for three months, he spent five training sessions with us. And he could be “killed” by releasing from the first minutes. As for the game, we tried to give it more mobility with the help of Ignatov, Bakaev. And he gave his result.

For success in the Europa League

– Since 2015, my coaching staff and I have reached the playoffs of the Champions League, Europa League and Champions League of Asia. We know how to do it. And the players accept the challenge. We were almost outsiders, but we knew very well what to do and we were preparing for every game.

The secret is to understand how these games work. And our players understood. Fortunately they did their job. It was quite a difficult period, we will play 26 games until December. Despite all the problems – injuries, cards – I want to congratulate everyone. And I will note separately those who helped him achieve this success. Those to whom I am addressing will understand.

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Who will Spartak and Zenit play in the Europa League playoffs? All provisions before the draw

For possible resignation

– We will prepare and do everything to win the match against Sochi. I will continue to prepare honestly and professionally for the issue of my departure. And nothing will distract me from that. And for meetings and everything else, you know better than me. But once again I emphasize: I am honest with Spartak. I will work professionally and faithfully.

About congratulations and fans

– I just opened the phone, I have not looked at all the messages yet. Fortunately, there are many of them. First of all, they sent congratulations from family, friends and those who like what we do. I do not want to receive too many messages. Only from those who wish us well.

Of course, we will continue to work. Our next goal is to win the match against Sochi. We will continue to work with the same intensity and goals. And especially I would like to say thank you to the Spartak fans. For those who came here. The warm support they provided was incredible. I want to thank them for that. I was asked to post on Instagram, but now once again I want to say a big thank you to everyone for this support.

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