Our life in the “Dense Forest” was shown on the stage of the theater in Svobodny

On March 27, at the renovated Palace of Culture, the premiere of the performance of the national theater “Reverance” based on the play “Forest” by AH Ostrovskiy took place. The theaters, and there are many of them in Svobodnoye, longing for the productions of “Reverance”, met for the first time with the artists in mutually comfortable conditions.

Having bought the tickets from the box office, the spectators entered the bright foyer, where everything shines with cleanliness and whiteness. Now in the closet you can get not only coats, but also street shoes to wear shoes, but those who are not yet accustomed to the etiquette of the theater, were given shoe covers at the entrance. Comfortable benches here and there.

Our life in the

But the doors opened wide and the guests entered the amphitheater. It immediately became clear why shoe covers were needed – the entire floor was covered with light carpet, comfortable rows of chairs, a large tent, all around beauty and comfort.

Before the start of the show, as tradition demands, the ideological inspirer, the director of the “Reverance” theater, Valentina Azarenko, took the stage and congratulated everyone on the International Day of the Dead.

Our life in the
Valentina Azarenko.

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– When you read the play “Forest”, it seems that it was written yesterday, the accents are so modern. And in this work there is a real anthem in Russian acting, – said Valentina Georgievna.

Our life in the
“For money – every whim.” Urymyzhskaya and Bulanov.

Zpitel okazalcya in kontse 19 veka (peca was napicana Octpovckim 1870 gody) vo vladeniyax bogatoy pomeschitsy Gypmyzhckoy (Olga Filimonova) kotopaya vocpityvaet bednyyu podctvennitsy Akcinyu (Kceniya Tepnovenko). Girl of marriageable age, but since she is a dowry, it is like death to her rich aunt. And the aunt, although sometimes capricious, is very pious or rather wants to look like that for her environment. Ona zhelaet yctpoit bydyschee Akcini nailychshim obpazom – vydav eo zamyzh za Alekceya Bylanova (Pavel Pavlyshin) cyna cvoey pazopivsheycya podpygi-dvopyanki – και takim obpazom povecit cebe nA gedpy.

Our life in the
In the list of all news – Avdotya and Lyubava.

But the relationship between Aksinya and Bulanov does not add up. The girl is already in love with Tra (Aleksey Galaktionov), the son of a local merchant Ivan Bosmibratov (Yuri Tapasov). The Kypts are not interested in his son’s happiness, but in the Gyrmyzhskaya forest. However, Peter’s feelings are also incomprehensible – love or money?

Our life in the
Secret love. Aksinya and Peter.

But with the young fiancé Bulanov, there are no questions, he is not interested in Aksinya herself, but in her aunt’s money and power. Not finding Aksinya’s favor, he unleashes all his seduction to turn the head of widow Raisa Grymyzhskaya. But here comes Raisa Pavlovna’s nephew and heiress – landowner Urymyzhsky, who has kept a terrible secret from his aunt for many years – is a poor actor. A real intrigue unfolds on stage …

Our life in the
After a day of work, the servants spend the night: Carp and Oulita.

At first, it seemed that the actors were playing very pathetically. Ho c pazvitiem cyuzheta ctanoviloc yacno chto eta manepa of ig.py pomogaet packpyt xapaktepy gepoev: zhemannoy pomeschitsy, yclyzhlivyx housekeeper Ulitka (Tatiana Afanaceva) and nedoychivshegocya gimnazicta Bylanova, demonicheckogo aktopa Apkadiya Cchactlivtseva (Pavel Zaxapov) kazhdaya fpaza kotopogo pponizana catipoy. The songs of the butler Karp (Valery Ilyin) and the housewives Avdotya (Galina Gylimova) and Lyubava (Lyubov Korobkova) gave a special color to the action.

Our life in the
Meeting of the tragic Nechchastlivtsev with the comedian Schastlivtsev.

But the foreground role in this play was with Maxim Zakharevich, who played Urymyzhsky’s nephew – the poor actor Gennady Nechchastlivtsev. Voice, dictionary, attitude, nobility, clear look – everything showed that he was a real hero.

Our life in the

Maxim Zaharevic did not play, but lived the role on stage, merged with the image created by Ostrovsky. He also summarized the verdict of the events that had taken place:
“Let them live as they want! It does not matter, brother, how to be in the forest. Old men marry students, young girls drown in the bitter life of their relatives: the forest, brother.

Our life in the

Comedians? No, we are artists, noble artists and comedians are you. If we love, we love so much. If we do not love, then we fight or fight. if we help, then the last penny of work. And you? All your life you talk about the good of society, about love for humanity.

And what did you do? Who was fed? Who was comforted? You only entertain yourself, you entertain yourself. You are comedians, jokers, not us.

Our life in the

Before the curtain, it is worth remembering the words of the theater director Valentina Azarenko: “When you read the play” Forest “, it seems that it was written yesterday, the tones are placed so at the same time.” After watching the show, I would not agree with Valentina Georgievna on everything. The desire to be happy and love is no longer linked to age in the passport, unequal marriage has long been considered a vice.

Our life in the

Today, the dowry can build a dizzying career itself. And to flatter flattery and deception, today every blacksmith of his own happiness. But to contradict my point of view or to agree with it, you must first see the non-standard comedy “Dreamychiy les” of our open-air theater “Reverance”, which is probably still.


Photo by Anna Prydnikova.

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