The drowned driver came out, the forest went out – the exercises took place in the village of Starina

On April 7, the Minsk Regional Guard showed readiness for emergency rescue operations in the water area, extinguishing fires in natural ecosystems and showing how quickly they can find those lost in the forest. Details informs “Capital”.

The fact seemed quite reasonable – the drivers looked out of the windows of passing cars to find out what had happened.

Head of the Minsk Regional Department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Sergei Lapanovich noted the importance of the exercises:

“Rescuers in the area leave every day to eliminate emergencies and to maintain a high level of professionalism, to be constantly vigilant, to practice their skills not only theoretically but also practically, in various exercises,” said Sergei Lapanovic. Head of the Minsk Regional Department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. – All the introductory myths are relevant for the current period. Now people are actively opening the summer season: they put things in order, heat the houses after winter and, unfortunately, do not always follow safety rules. An unattended fire can lead to a forest fire.

According to the head of the department, more than a thousand fires in natural ecosystems have been recorded since the beginning of spring in the area. In 2021, rescuers in the area went to help more than a hundred times, found 122 people.

“Today, a search and rescue service and a fire brigade and two independent search and rescue services in the Borisov and Soligorsk regions operate in the area to conduct search and rescue operations in natural ecosystems. The rescuers are armed with three ATVs, Buggy, as well as the necessary equipment: GPS trackers, quadcopter GPS navigators, – noted Sergei Lapanovich.

Legend No. 1: take a car out of the water, saving people from the surface of the tank

Thus, the emergency occurred due to the fact that the driver of the car fell ill: the car veered off the road and fell into the lake. In a small boat, a fisherman, seeing what was happening, decided to help the driver, but the boat capsized – it began to sink.

The diving and rescue service of the Minsk Regional Emergency Department, the water rescue team of the Minsk Regional Emergency Department, as well as an ambulance brigade arrived at the scene.

Specialists in a vehicle of the diving and rescue service put out a fast-growing diving station for diving.

The fast diving station can be used as a mobile diving station for operations at depths up to 40 m using additional air sources.

We did not have time to look back and the diver was already taking the victim out of the car.

By the way, no one forgot the fisherman. One of the rescuers entered the water to help the “drowned”, on the shore he was secured by a worker to a rescue resident with a strong rope. After the rescue swimmer grabbed the victim and ordered him to be ready, the second member of the team pulled him ashore with the help of a rope. Doctors immediately provided first aid.

When rescuers manage to pull the victims out of the water before the ambulance arrives, Emergency Situations Ministry officials must provide assistance themselves.

But with a car, it’s not that simple. First, it is necessary to examine it in detail, because it is not clear whether there was anyone in the car other than the driver. After the diver declares readiness for transport, the rescuers drag the sunken vehicle using a winch to the AC.

Legend # 2: Firefighting

Immediately on the ground of the installation, according to the plan, due to careless handling of the fire, when dry vegetation burns, a forest catches fire. The area of ​​the fire is 1.5 acres.

As soon as the dry spring weather starts, people start putting things in order in the adjacent areas, burning garbage and last year’s grass. As of April 7, 1,086 fires had been recorded in natural ecosystems in the Minsk region.

2 AC, RZhT and the fire station of the Kolodischansky forest department arrive at the scene. Initially, experts assess what is happening and submit the logs for extinguishing.

The fire chief assesses the situation, clarifies with the forester information about the number of equipment and forest workers involved in extinguishing the fire in order to transmit the necessary information to the operational control center.

When acquiring the skills to work in a fire and after an emergency, the main role is given not only to the practical work, but also to the regular training of the guards.

Legend # 3: Search and rescue in natural ecosystems

In 2021, rescuers went out to search 103 times, found 122 people, including 11 children. Therefore, it is very important to sharpen all the actions of experts to the ideal, because a person’s life can depend on it.

Thus, according to legend, the Central Educational Institution of Minsk ROChS received a message that four people were lost in the forest near the village of Starina: a father with three children went for mushrooms. The losers do not have a mobile phone connection.

The search and rescue service and the fire service of the fire and rescue team of the Regional Department of the Minsk Ministry of Emergency Situations, employees of the Minsk Regional Emergency Department, employees of the forestry department, as well as a brigade were stationed in the hospital.

Each unit acted according to plan and instructions, thanks to which dad and children were quickly found under the wing of rescuers and doctors.

At the end of the exercise, the head of the Minsk regional department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Sergei Lapanovich, gave a positive assessment of the development of the skills of specialists:

– In the planned exercise, the units of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and other services showed their readiness to help people in the water area, to eliminate fires in the ecosystem and to find those who were lost in the forest.

Valeria Gramovich

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