Weekend at Orel: where to go and what to do April 8-10

We tell you how to spend a weekend at Orel

A photograph: Olga SUPONEVA

Traditionally, at the end of the working week, Komsomolskaya Pravda put together a poster with exciting events that will take place this weekend in Orel. We will show you how to spend Friday night and where to go on April 9th ​​and 10th.


On Friday night, the Free Space Theater will stage a play based on the story of Boris Vasiliev, Dawns Here Are Quiet. The story of five anti-aircraft gunners and their commander, who fought selflessly for their country in the unbearable conditions of the Great Patriotic War, will not leave the viewer indifferent.

– Our performance is a fusion of emotions, thoughts, associations, our effort to find within us, at least a small fraction of this love, this power, that faith in tomorrow, that we saw in the pages of immortal history , in the frames of the legendary movie, – they said in the “free space”.

April 8 19.00

πλ. Karl Marx, 2



The play “Dawns here are quiet” awaits the audience


You can get to know the wildlife of the area up close at the local tradition museum. The tour passes through the “Nature of the Oryol Territory” room. The exhibition includes plant samples, collections of insects, mammals, birds. In addition, the museum showcases contain minerals and fossils, soil and wood samples. The tour will fascinate both young visitors and adults.

The tour will last until the end of December.

ag. Living room, 2


You can watch the polite and educational work “The Frog Princess” on Saturday at the Academic Theater named after Turgenev. The fairy tale will interest both adults and young Orlovites. This is a good opportunity to introduce children to Russian folk art.

The play “The Princess Frog” has to do with the search for happiness and the long road to it. But finding your happiness is not everything! It is necessary not only to find it, it is necessary to be able to save it. And for that you have to fight your fears, learn to make a choice between good and evil. OGAT them. Turgenev.

April 9 12.00

πλ. Lenina, 2


The show awaits the young spectators

The young spectators are waiting for the show “The Frog Princess”


An unusual symphony concert will be performed by Metallurg CDC. The world’s first dance orchestra “CONCORDORCHESTRA” will appear with the writing program “Rise of the Machines”. The musicians will give the audience a lot of bright emotions and impressions. Legendary hits of Metallica, Scorpions, Queen, Muse and others will be performed from the stage in modern orchestral arrangements.

April 9 19.00

ag. Metallurgists, 17



You can admire the portraits, cityscapes and still lifes of Oryol artist Yuri Shatokhin at the Regional Exhibition Center. All of the master’s works are made in a corporate style, full of color and life.

– The painter consistently in his work embodies the tendency of the perception of the still life world. The increased associative role of color, shape, design, clarity of compositions contribute to the creation of a vivid image of the objective world in the teacher’s paintings, – noted in Regional Exhibition Center.

The exhibition is open until April 24.

ag. Saltykov-Shchedrin, 33



For a holiday on the weekend, young residents of the area and their parents are invited to the Spiritual and Patriotic Center on Sunday. There will be a “Paw Patrol” animation program. Favorite cartoon characters Racer and Sky will not let children get bored. Young visitors are waiting for an exciting journey into the world of fairy tales. The event will take place in an open space in front of the Artel building. Reference information can be clarified by phone: 8 (980) 360-07-61 or 59-90-11.

April 10 13.00

Vyatsky Posad, st. South, 1 “a”



On Sunday night, the Russian Style Theater invites fans of action-packed detective stories to watch the play “Thought” based on a play by Leonid Andreev. Topics such as love, loneliness and play will be revealed on stage. The story of Dr. Kerzhentsev, who kills his old friend, holds many mysteries. The viewer will learn why he committed such a desperate act and what will happen to the hero of the play.

April 10 18.00

ag. Turgenev, 18


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