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individuals or three groups are currently participating in the fight against forest fires in the Amur area

– This year the Ministry of Forests of the Region received 545 million rubles for the protection of forests from fires. This is 134 million more than last year, – said Deputy Prime Minister of the region – Minister of Forestry and Fire Safety Alexei Sevostyanov. – 100 million were spent on ground surveillance, 140 million were allocated for aviation surveillance, 98 million rubles were given to extinguish forest fires. The fire brigade has increased by 140 people this year and is 1,162 employees and 439 pieces of equipment.

According to the results of the federal control, the Amur area was recognized as fully prepared for the period of fires. In the Far East, Buryatia and the Chukotka Autonomous Region are included in this list. The remaining issues turned out to be unprepared or partially ready.

“The state has huge sums to put out fires – billions of rubles a year, which are just burned,” said Minister Alexei Sevostyanov.

All this makes us naturally happy. In addition, this is the first spring period when we start extinguishing forest fires not from the southern regions of the Amur region, but from the north, – notes Alexey Aleksandrovich. “Therefore, on March 7, when the first thermal points appeared in the area, according to space monitoring data, it was decided not to wait and observe, but to immediately declare a special fire regime and extinguish the fires. The first neighborhoods we started working in were Skovorodinsky, Magdagachinsky and Zeya, as well as the Tyndinsky neighborhood. We are seeing a worsening of the fire situation, so the fire season gradually opened up to almost the entire territory of the region and a special fire regime was introduced, with the exception of the Mazanovsky and Arkharinsky regions. But we will present it in Mazanovsky by the end of the week, since there are already hot spots there.

In March, 87 natural fires were recorded in the area. Today there are four. The fire covered 8,887 hectares, which is almost 5 times less than last year on this date.

The “Lesozhranitel” video surveillance system helps to avoid large losses. In the territory of 11 municipal districts of the Amur region, there are 24 hardware and software complexes. By July 1, another 25 cameras will be installed, which will allow the system for early detection of natural fires and burns in all neighborhoods of the area. IP camcorders with specialized software are mounted on towers of mobile providers. The autonomy of a device reaches 35 kilometers. After determining the fire coordinates, the system signals the operator.

In addition, two An-2 aircraft are constantly in the sky – they are monitoring, and if a fire is detected, paratroopers will be delivered to the scene of the fire, – notes the Minister of Forests and Fire Safety.

According to Alexei Sevostyanov, the situation with forest fires in the Amur region is difficult, but manageable. The area is dealing with extinction on its own. Currently three groups -350 people- are involved in fighting the fire. Agreements have been signed with the private aviation and two aircraft and a helicopter will be involved in extinguishing fires. There are 58 people from the Federal Reserve in Svobodny. There are no plans for the participation of the residents of the area.


million rubles received this year by the Ministry of Forests of the region to fulfill its powers to protect forests from fires

Experts call the human factor the main cause of natural fires. Department officials locate the three main arsonists.

The first place is occupied by the ordinary villagers who maintain a subsidiary farm and especially anneal the haircut – so that the young grass grows faster. They are followed by poachers who burn the grass in the forest areas where they hunt. This is how they prepare for the hunt: they burn dead wood to feed on the young shoots. Third on the list of arsonists are the beekeepers, who in the spring prepare places where they will take their bees.

But fire is an unpredictable element. A strong wind was blowing, at a speed of 20 meters per second, and the flames spread to the nearest forest plantations. As a result, a serious natural fire broke out.

“Once upon a time, the main arsonists were agricultural producers, but we have resolved this issue,” said Alexei Sevostyanov, the region’s Minister of Forestry and Fire Safety. – If the farmers had fires on a leased plot, then the state refused to grant them a subsidy in the future. We hope to solve the problem with the other arsonists in the near future.

Violation of fire safety rules in forests under a special fire regime is punishable by an administrative fine. For citizens – 4 to 5 thousand rubles, employees – 20-50 thousand rubles, legal entities – 300-500 thousand.

If the careless handling of the fire caused destruction or destruction of forest plantations, criminal liability is already provided.

In the fall, the authorities are ready to help the villagers with the annealing of grass. To do this, business participants must contact leshoz and apply.

As of April 5, the damage in excess of 10 thousand rubles is recognized as significant and more than 50 thousand rubles as large – more than 50 thousand rubles. In this case, in addition to a fine of 300,000 to 500,000 rubles, a prison sentence of up to 4 years is provided.

– The state has huge money to put out fires – billions of rubles a year, which are just burned. Special services incur high costs when aviation is involved in firefighting. But these funds could go to social assistance or health care, – says Alexei Sevostyanov.

By the way, the Ministry of Forests of the region continues the practice of reimbursing expenses for extinguishing fires. In 2021, the department recovered legal damages for the costs incurred by two arsonists: 150,000 rubles from one citizen and 300,000 from another.

Today, 123 settlements in the area are more prone to forest fires and 449 – to other landscape fires. 16 summer camps have common borders with forests. Since last year, all of them have been tested for readiness for a fire hazard period.

“In March, 119 inspections have already been carried out, more than 440 violations of fire safety requirements have been identified,” said Sergey Chebykin, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations for the Amur region. – Basically everything is related to the preparation of common areas in settlements and the maintenance of external sources of fire water supply. As a result of the audit, 22 cases of administrative violations were initiated, 19 heads of settlements and 3 local authorities were brought to administrative responsibility.

The weather is helping experts put out natural fires this spring. Snowy March brought rainfall to most parts of the Amur region. For example, in the Magdagachinsky region, snow fell 3.5 times more than usual. The snowiest was in the southeast of the area. In the regions of Konstantinovsky, Mikhailovsky, Arkharinsky, Bureysky, Zavitinsky and Romny, the rainfall was more than one and a half times higher than the norm.

– The cyclone that occurred on April 4-5 swept again as much as possible the southeastern regions. The amount of wet snow was 9-13 mm and exceeded the norm for a decade, – said the forecaster Elena Petskina. – From April 8 to 11, two more cyclones will cross the territory of the area. Rainfall will pass through all areas. In the central, southern and eastern regions, it can be strong, up to 20-23 mm.

According to the long-term forecast for April, the amount of rainfall throughout the region is expected to be 10–20 mm higher than the average long-term values ​​and the background temperature is 1–2 degrees higher. In the second half of the month, meteorologists promise 13-18 degrees of heat in the south during the day, up to 8 in the north. With hot weather and strong winds that characterize April, the vegetation and the soil will dry quickly. Even despite the heavy rainfall.

– In addition, there is a period of heavy rainfall. This means that they are extremely unequally distributed, – continues Elena Alexandrovna. – For example, if they fall 20 mm in a settlement, this does not mean that the whole area will be flooded. Two kilometers from the settlement there may be no rain and the risk of fire will continue. Thus, a rather optimistic weather forecast does not cancel out the general tense situation with the fires.

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