How Pugacheva, Proklova and other stars lose weight by summer

It seems, what kind of summer can one think of, when even the snow has not melted everywhere? But experts say: to be in perfect shape in the summer, you need to start losing weight in April, otherwise you just will not have time to lose the extra pounds you gained in the winter.

So, if you want to show off your slim figure under light clothes or show off in a swimsuit on the beach, grab your body now. Well, for example, take the diets *, with the help of which our celebrities put their figures in order.

Alla Pugacheva, 72 years old

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On April 15, Alla Borisovna will be 73 years old and her figure is slimmer than it was 30 years ago. A few years ago, doctors in Israel prescribed Pugatsova such effective pills for diabetes that she was “excluded” almost twice. In addition, the singer knows the right ways to lose weight after winter – on the Pugacheva diet, you can lose 6 pounds in two months. The rules are:

Χωρίς Diet without salt, or “USSR”, that is, three “C” are excluded from the diet – salty, sweet, rich. And “P” is a day of fasting. Salt retains water in the body – if you exclude all foods that contain salt, do not add salt to food, then water begins to leave the body along with excess weight. Salt is completely excluded only in the first week of the “special diet”. In the future, the daily rule is observed – 1 teaspoon without transparency. It is important to know how much salt the ready-to-eat food you buy from the store contains.

✔ During the period of intense weight loss, the main product is buckwheat.

✔ You must go to bed before 23 hours.

Maria Poroshina, 48 years old

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The actress knows how to lose a few extra pounds after winter in a few months. Maria developed these dietary rules with a nutritionist and the body responded gratefully to them. Every spring, the actress easily loses 6 “winter” pounds – and that is minus a whole outfit! In the summer, Maria confidently maintains the 46th size. The rules look like this:

✔ Eating every three hours. Portion – no more than a glass. Only healthy food – no fried, floured, sweet, high in calories.

. Instead of the usual drinks – cocktails with bran.

. Always wear a watch with a bracelet that counts the number of steps per day. If there are less than 10 thousand of them, then walking on a treadmill is connected at night.

Vera Alentova, 80 years old

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Russian Folk Artist knows how to lose weight fast before an important event or trip, her diet has been tested for years. For a month, it is certain that he will lose 5 pounds. The design is simple:

✔ For three days there is only cottage cheese.

. After that, reduce the size of the usual portions by 3 times.

Olga Dibtseva, 35 years old

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The star of the series “Mylodrama” and the movie “Kholop” lost 30 kilos in six months. Dibtseva’s diet is such that it is difficult to harm the body, so if you have long-term plans, then it’s time to start. I remember:

✔ Three full meals and two snacks. For breakfast, lunch and dinner, the plate is filled as follows: 1/2 – vegetables, 1/4 – protein (meat or fish), 1/4 – carbohydrates (cereals, pasta or potatoes). The diameter of the plate is 21 cm! Two snacks – dairy products or fruit.

. Complete exclusion of sugar from the diet. When you crave tea with “something sweet”, drink it with fresh or frozen berries.

Μ Massage lesson.

Olesya Sudzilovskaya, 47 years old

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The actress knows how to lose weight by 2 kg a day and uses this recipe before important events. Olesya also developed her own 2-3 kg weight loss program for a month, sitting at home without active movement. This is a real choice for those who work remotely. First, we present the express diet for the day:

. You need five peeled red grapefruits and five boiled proteins – five meals a day. For breakfast we eat protein and alternately with grapefruit. We eat up to 22 hours at equal intervals. It is better to drink only water, but you can afford green tea – of course, without sugar.

And now the diet for a month:

✔ Five meals a day: very rich breakfast at 9.30, fruit snacks at 11 and 16, lunch (salad and soup) at 13, dinner no later than 19:00 (consists only of vegetables and herbs). An hour of walking is added to the diet every day.

Elena Proklova, 68 years old

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The actress has long excluded soda, chips and other “chemistry” from her diet, and buys products only from reputable manufacturers and grows them in the garden. Proklova never gets ready-made food – everything is done with her hands. The secrets of losing weight are also theirs – there is, for example, a way to lose 5 pounds in two months:

Χω Special food. This is a power system that follows certain rules. Protein is not consumed with carbohydrates, fats and acidic fruits – with proteins, starch – with other starches or sugar, carbohydrates – with acidic foods. Two concentrated protein products are not eaten together, milk, melons and watermelons are eaten as three separate dishes, not combined with any other food.

✔ For snacks, we get one thing – either fruit, or nuts, or dark chocolate.

✔ Swimming.

* We recommend that you try star diets only after consulting a doctor.

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