“I do not really want to cover the park with paved or asphalt”

The architects of Chelny Pribrezhny compared today with the famous Central Park in New York. The 300 hectare forest zone is planned to be gradually improved. From the main points of the first phase: two cafes, sports equipment rentals and dogfriendly zone, which is not even in Russia. The designers of the “Architectural Landing” from Kazan organized a presentation and a tour of the park for the residents of Celni. Celneybiz.en walked with them on the route, which will be updated this year. And listen to why city dwellers instead of professional simulators ask for a simple BelAZ wheel, why dog ​​handlers are in the woods, what will happen on the lake and what invisible work awaits the park.



In Naberezhnye Chelny, it is planned to improve 300 hectares of forest in the coming years. As part of the first stage (it is expected to be three in total), work will be carried out from the stop “Palace of Sports” to the ski base, without affecting the attraction of the park – the lake. They will take care of it later. It is planned to start with a large entrance group, which will allow the focus to shift from the Tabeev embankment and ski base. Both points are still the most active.

– It is important for us here to create a place that will receive people and will make the space more comfortable and attractive. “So everyone who is more interested in taking a walk (and not just playing sports) comes from this point,” said Daria Klimova, the project’s architect.

As part of the first stage, several areas will appear: sports, children, picnic areas and dog walks. It is planned to create so-called health paths, or “health paths” throughout the park. In total – four. The longest route reaches 4 km.

A significant upgrade awaits the asphalt road leading to the forest. It will be divided into pedestrian (4 m wide) and bicycle lines (3.5 m). A two-meter “green” buffer will be installed between them. In the future, the road will continue to the Tabeev embankment. The rest of the forest will remain on dirt paths, with the exception of a few places where crossing is now difficult.

– We were literally lucky, because the park is covered with sand, the forest is pine. This means that there is no need for an additional sidewalk for paths. “Therefore, all the paths of the park retain the configuration that exists now”, the representative of the “Architectural Attack” explained to the public.

They intend to update the lighting line where it is located, as well as to illuminate the dark spots. There will be two large kiosks for renting summer and winter sports equipment. They will be located at the entrance of the forest; no trailers will be placed in the park itself.

They offer two cafes: a small café at the entrance and by the lake. The orange gazebos near the tank will be removed – this will open up a view. Benches will be placed here. And the cafe building will be “under the tree” with lighting.

The functional spaces of the park are distributed in such a way that there is no “confusion”. For example, a dog walk area was designed to the right of the entrance area, to the left (not far from the lake) – children and sports. The last two will also be separated from each other.

The area for dogs deserves special attention. It will be protected. Experts promise: in Russia, this will be only in Naberezhnye Chelny. It includes a multi-element training area and a large play area. In Pribrezhnoye, they propose the creation of a dog training center that will work continuously, where experts will advise citizens, train animals and will … teach owners to clean the “poop” after themselves. The details of the project have not yet been discussed with the dog breeders and the city administration, as the issue of money is raised.

Along with Chulman Avenue (behind the “Adymnar” school, the registry office), small amphitheaters for open school sections will appear in the future. Behind the Palace of Celebrations there are places to register for an exit.



One of the first questions Cellni residents answered during the tour was whether the park took into account the accessible environment. The forest is a pole of attraction not only for athletes, but also for mothers with wheelchairs, people with disabilities. Among those in attendance, for example, were the blind, who came with guide dogs. As an example, they cited Catherine Park in Moscow, where people with disabilities can move freely.

– This is a forest and it will not work there to make complex mechanical constructions, metal, concrete. Yes, and I would not, – Daria Klimova reacted. – We provide comfortable communications for the main areas. It will be possible to access the dog walk area without obstacles, it will be possible to access education and playgrounds. Near the lake, where there are steep slopes, a natural staircase will appear, inscribed in the relief with a handrail. I do not want to cover the park with paving or asphalt. We will definitely make all the necessary connections to the hard surface embankment. This will appear in future queues.

In the place of today’s children’s field, two separate ones will appear. Instead of stocking up here, they plan to build a wooden town for children. In the direction of the boulevard – a sports field with more serious simulators.

Will you take it out and put something else? – surprised Gennady Sheblov, instructor-teacher of the ski school “Titan”. – It is not right. Here people have done everything right. This is the best gym in town. Best-sha-ya. How many simulators have we installed in the city, no one really cares there! And here is the best platform. If you want a city for children – there is a playground, – show the place where they plan to organize a sports zone. – Adults should study here, and next to it – children. The child is playing, mom and dad are engaged and look at each other with one eye. This will be right.

“A very close neighborhood of children and sports facilities in this form is unacceptable here,” Daria Klimova replied. Can you imagine how many people are here now and how many there will be when the park is used more actively? There will be such a world that the athletes themselves will feel uncomfortable. Therefore, we must separate them.

– Almost everything is here! “Except for the foot machine,” Sheblov insisted. – Here you can just bring big wheels from BelAZ, throw sand in so people can jump and jump.

The proposals also extended the hiking area to 20 meters – so it will be possible to separate the flows of pedestrians and athletes, the residents of Celni are sure.

The hot topic was parking. Cellini residents even offered to open a registry office parking lot at night. The designers assured that this issue is now being worked out jointly with the executive committee.



The improvement of the table will start this year, although the exact dates have not been announced today. Democracy allocated 150 million rubles. They need even more for invisible work, Airat Nasybullin, director Municipal joint venture “Quality control of housing and communal and transport services”. The former long-time head of the Kama Department of the Ministry of Ecology is sure that it will take a long time to turn this zone into a complete park.

In any case, there are many problems here. Entrance team, trails, platforms – all are well. But the biggest problem that remains is the ecological element of the forest, Nasybullin explained. It will take decades to become a park. Why healthy and sick trees, dead wood – all this is mixed.

Along with the regeneration, a forest pathology study will be carried out. Trees need diagnosis. The city is negotiating with the St. Petersburg Forest University. Kirov. In the same place where Mayor Nail Magdeev once studied. There is an agreement with the Agricultural University of Kazan. Ahead is the development of a forest management plan, measures to solve problems, sanitation …

The second problem is a quarry (lake), in which it is necessary to carry out hydrogeological, geological research and bank management. To study the composition of water, living creatures …

– This is an invisible part of the huge project that will take place separately. It will go to the second, third … tenth stage, – says Nasybullin. – It is necessary to prepare an assessment for the implementation. It will probably cost ten times more than the first stage of the park. This is crazy money! To find them, you need to identify the problem.

Lilia Hamitova

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