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Autumn in Moscow and the Moscow region ends with a warm note. According to the meteorological forecasts, in the last days of November, the residents of the capital’s district will face temperatures 5-8 degrees higher than the climatic values. If next winter will maintain this trend, how will December be and if it is worth waiting for the traditional thawing before the New Year, experts told RIAMO.

Warm autumn end

The leading expert of the meteorological center “Phobos” Mikhail Leus says that the end of autumn in Moscow and the Moscow region will be very hot. The weather in the area of ​​the capital will continue to be shaped by cyclones extending from southwest to northeast along the western border of Russia.

“For the most part, the periphery of the capital will be in hot gas masses. “As a result, the weather will be mostly cloudy, windy and with a high chance of rain – mainly in the form of rain and night in places with sleet,” says Leus.

At the same time, according to the meteorologist, the temperature will be maintained in the range of minus 1 – plus 3 degrees at night and 1-5 degrees of heat is expected during the day. The movement of cyclones will be accompanied by strong fluctuations in atmospheric pressure, so the weather will be uncomfortable for people who depend on the weather.

“At the same time, it will be unusually hot for the last days of November. “On average, the temperature background will be 5-8 degrees higher than it should be,” notes Leus.

In the first days of winter the metropolitan area expects relatively winter weather with light frosts in the area minus 1-3 degrees and rainfall in the form of snow. However, according to the meteorologist, the winter visit will be very short – already on December 3, thawing and humidity will come to Moscow and the region. However, from December 4, they will be replaced again by more winter weather.

Snow and cold at the beginning of winter are also forecast by Anatoly Tsigankov, deputy head of the Roshydromet situation center.

“The temperature in the capital is expected to range from 5 to 7 degrees below zero. The weather at the beginning of December will be wintery “, notes the meteorologist.

However, according to Tsygankov, after a cold in early December, it will become warmer again in Moscow.

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Gloomy days

According to the Gismeteo Gate forecast, in the first month of winter, the Moscow region will be cloudy with no clear weather. It may be cloudy with clearings only for three days – 1-2 and 10 December. According to Gismeteo’s top meteorologist Leonid Starkov, this is just one of the possible scenarios for December weather.

According to the first data, no heavy snowfall is expected in December. According to meteorologists, light snowfall can fall for 16 days. At the same time, on December 3-4 in the area of ​​the capital there will be snowfall and rain.

The coldest will be on the night of December 6, when the thermometers in Moscow and the Moscow region will show minus 8 degrees. The lowest daily temperature at minus 5 degrees is expected on December 6-7 and 10.

The hottest nights of December are expected on December 4, 16 and 19 – minus 2 degrees. The hottest day of next month, according to Gismeteo, will be December 3, when it will be zero in Moscow during the day.

It is worth noting that so far meteorologists have at their disposal a preliminary forecast for only 30 calendar days. Therefore, it does not cover the end of December with the long-awaited New Year’s Eve.

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An unexpected scenario

Meanwhile, the meteorological center of Fovos also made its preliminary weather forecast for next December in the area of ​​the capital. According to her, bad weather will prevail in Moscow in the first month of winter and the average temperature will be 2 degrees above normal.

However, it will not happen without Arctic invasions: already at the end of the first ten days of December, a sharp cooling is expected in the region. Another wave of cold air will break in central Russia at the end of the month and only on New Year’s Eve will the frosts begin to weaken.

“In many ways, those who claim that there is always a thaw in Moscow on New Year’s Eve are right. “This temperature regime has the highest repeatability – 36%, but this year nature seems to have chosen a less common, moderately cold scenario”, note the Phobos experts.

As for the winter of Moscow 2021-2022 in general, the air temperature during this period, according to Anatoly Tsygankov, will be above the norm.

“The winter will be above normal, warmer. “How hotter it is, no one knows yet,” concludes the meteorologist.

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