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16 February 2022, 19:56

During the social survey, the residents of the city discussed the future of the main green area of ​​the district

The residents of Krasnogorsk expressed their views and suggestions on the improvement of the Opalikhovsky Forest Park in the area of ​​the Emerald Hills residential complex and the Chernevo micro-district in the form of a participatory planning session.

Listen to everyone

– I have lived in the Emerald Hills since 2016. Our house is literally next to the forest and this, of course, is a great advantage. Every morning I go out on the balcony and admire the landscape from the height of the ninth floor, I breathe the air with the scent of pine needles, I hear the birds singing. However, walking in the forest park lately does not pull. Because of the garbage, barbecue campaigns and dog feces. Mothers with children are forced to walk in the midst of all this. That’s why here we need a manicured green space and not a place of entertainment and dining. The forest must remain a forest, – believes a resident of the city of Osh. Krasnogorsk Nina Biryukova.

The session took place at the base of the school Krasnogorsk No. 17. The topic of conversation was a part of the Opalikhovsky forest with an area of ​​about 112 hectares.

– Before we start the improvement of the forest park with the participation of ecologists and arborists, we must first of all know the views and suggestions of the inhabitants. We hope to hear wishes for ecological paths, navigation, safety, forest conservation, dead wood clearing, – said before the event one of its organizers, head of planning and consulting services Sheredega Consulting, Yuri Sheredega.

All the participants in the research were divided into seven groups by age and region, led by the curators, and within an hour they tried to formulate an idea for the improvement of the forest park. Representatives of each group then presented their packages of proposals from the stage.

Voices of those who care

We must say that the motive of the session was the position that the forest should remain a forest. This idea was supported by all participants in the discussion, but otherwise opinions differ.

So, from the very first speech, the view was expressed that without the results of environmental and hydrological cross-examinations, it is premature to start landscaping. Members of the other group called for a complete ban on wildfires in the forest park and suggested that efforts be focused on conserving and protecting the area, clearing rubbish and creating ecological trails.

Other suggestions were made. In particular, the need to arrange additional entrances to the forest area, to create conditions for the movement of wheelchair users and skate park equipment for teenagers was stressed.

Supporters of the sports component set up to maintain existing ski slopes, layout of ski and bike lanes.

The discussion of concepts was quite emotional – the room gathered people who are not indifferent, who care about the common good, ready to publicly defend their principles. Thus, the issue of so-called barbecue zones became an obstacle. Some participants were categorically opposed, others offered alternative accommodation options.

Only the proposals for the need to create navigation systems, solar lighting, video surveillance and alarm in the forest park did not cause controversy.


Information of a children’s camp in the forest and sewerage on the Banka River caused general concern.

According to Nadezhda Barilo, the first deputy head of the city district, this year Krasnogorsk entered the new five-year program of the Ministry of Improvement of the Moscow region “Parks in the Forest”, in which changes are planned in the green Opalikhovsky massif. According to the results of the latest research, the reference conditions for the design of the idea for the improvement of this area will be developed. At the same time, there is no provision for the construction of capital facilities in this area, the area remains under the jurisdiction of the forest fund.

– We will definitely take into account all the wishes expressed today and will publish the concept on the official website of the administration, – stressed Nadezhda Barilo.

Ilya SKOTNIKOV, resident of the Emerald Hills residential complex. I am going. Krasnogorsk:

– I am in favor of preserving forests. At the same time, residents are asked to expand the existing recreation area, sidewalk, playground, as well as equipment for a dog walk area. But all this should appear at the borders of the forest, which today does not need improvement, but proper maintenance and protection. That is, it is impossible to create attractions here that will cause damage to nature – commercial facilities, barbecue areas and the like.


Igor Melnikov. Photo by the author.

Melnikov Igor Jurievitch

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