Is it possible to return food to a restaurant if it is not delicious?

Is it possible to return food to a restaurant if it does not match the menu image or is too salty? What about dirty glasses? The experts answered.

Experts: Is it possible to return food to a restaurant if it does not taste good?

Dinner at a restaurant is not exactly cheap. Therefore, for many people it is a special event. However, if the food is tasteless or already cold, the anticipation can quickly turn into frustration. What rights do restaurant guests have?

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Looking forward to the food you ordered. However, when it finally appears in front of you and you catch the first bite, you understand: the food is not tasty.

Of course, you can easily fix some shortcomings yourself. For example, season with salt and pepper. But some problems can not be eliminated. For example, too much salt or too much spice. Or hard meat, or cold food.

These factors affect the taste of the dish so much that a pleasant meal becomes impossible. What inconveniences should restaurant guests not tolerate? This is reported by the online news agency t..

It is possible to return food to a restaurant: what are guests allowed to complain about?

The North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) eV Consumer Advice Center explained that the quality and preparation of food and beverages must be impeccable.

“You can and should complain about spoiled food. Like moldy cheese or lettuce with buttered butter, the consumer protection service said in a statement. You can also complain about anything unusual. For example, pasta that is still almost raw, salted fish or cold soup – if not enough gazpacho

Also, restaurant customers should not just tolerate mistakes in the composition or preparation of the dishes they order. For example, if you ordered parsley potatoes with fish and received croquettes, you can complain about it. The same is true when your steak is still bloody and you ordered a well-made one.

Hair, glass fragments or insects (caterpillars or beetles) on the plate are also grounds for complaint. The same is true if the food or drink does not match the menu information or the waiter’s recommendation. That is what Jurgen Benad said. He is a legal expert for the German Association of Hotels and Restaurants eV

In addition, you do not need to accept dirty cutlery, crockery or glasses. You can ask to replace them with clean ones.

Is it possible to return food to a restaurant: when a complaint is no longer possible?

“The complaint must be substantiated,” said the legal expert. “Here it is necessary to take into account regional specificities and differences between institutions.”

It is important to complain about food as soon as you notice a discrepancy. That is, after about three bites.

“Complaining about the taste of a steak that is almost over is not very convincing and does not entitle you to a price reduction,” Benad confirmed. So, if the plate is already empty, you can no longer complain about the food.

Hair in food is a cause for complaint Photo: Jojo Photos /

However, if you just noticed just before the end of the meal that there was a caterpillar in your salad or a foreign object in your soup, you can still complain about the dish.

The expert advised guests to be as friendly as possible when submitting a complaint. Because this increases the likelihood that the facility owner will respond more politely.

What happens after a complaint?

If you tell the service staff, business owner or chef that something is wrong with the dish, the defect must be eliminated. For example, a steak that is still raw needs to be cooked.

You can also replace the plate with a corresponding one. For example, if the meat is cooked, the soup is too salty or the lettuce leaves are stewed.

“The visitor is entitled to a perfect sequel,” Benad explained. “As far as the owner can ensure the subsequent return, he will do it to satisfy his guest.”

If the staff or restaurant refuses to repair the defect or if it is impossible to do so, you may receive a refund. If you do not want to continue eating. Otherwise, the cost of food can be reduced.

Can I complain about drinks?

As with food, objectivity is the key to complaining about drinks. An obvious disadvantage – a cork in the wine, dirt in the glass or the wrong juice in the spritzer can complain.

If the drinks do not suit your taste, such as wine, it is difficult to complain. You can request a correction here, but you should not insist on it.

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