Meteorologists are shocked by such meteorological forecasts for a month: nothing good will happen

The spring of 2021 will be remembered for a long time for its weather disasters. March was terrible: cold and snowy. In April, it seemed to be warming up, but in the future we can not expect anything good from the weather.

In some parts of the country, it still snows periodically, a lot of rain, plenty of floods – the winter was very snowy. It’s generally not spring, but a name. And you already want warmth and sunshine so much that you do not have the strength to look at the gray glare outside the window and the swollen avalanches with small bald patches of land between them.

What can we expect from April – will it finally be warm and sunny in the spring?

The weather in Moscow. Weather forecast for the month

April, according to meteorological forecasts, will be mostly cloudy and rainy in the Russian capital. No negative temperatures are expected, but next week snow and rain are possible, while the thermometers in some places will not show higher than plus 6. In addition, a “heavy saw” is expected. Thus, on Thursday, April 8, in Moscow and the Moscow region, the atmospheric pressure will drop to 726 mm Hg. Art., And on Friday will rise sharply to 755 mm Hg. Art. – terrible news for weather-dependent people and the elderly.

At the same time, the temperature in the area will range throughout the month from plus 6-9 to plus 14-16 and vice versa. Few sunny days are promised, mainly the meteorologists forecast cloudy, at times partly cloudy and cold rains.

At the end of the month, on the one hand, it will get a little warmer – the thermometers will show around plus 16. But on the other hand, it will rain more often and the wind will increase.

The weather in St. Petersburg. April forecast

St. Petersburg will show its true nature in April and can safely be renamed the City of Rains. The whole month, according to the meteorological forecast, in St. Petersburg will be wet and humid and the thermometers will not show more than plus 10.

The sun promises only a few days, the rest of the year rain and wind. Therefore, it is absolutely not worth waiting for spring for St. Petersburg and visitors to the city with pleasant weather for walking in the second autumn month.

The weather in the resorts of Krasnodar Territory

For residents of the Krasnodar Territory, the news is more pleasant. The weather will excite the area with heat and sunshine. It is true that next week will be unforgettable for heavy rains. But after April 12, the weather will improve and the sun will peek behind the clouds.

The first decade of the month, according to meteorological forecasts, will be quite cool from 10 to 15 degrees above zero, Kuban is expecting heavy rains and wind. In the second fortnight of April, the temperature will rise to +22. Partly cloudy is expected, but no more rainfall will occur and the hot weather will excite visitors and residents of the area.

It will be rainy in Sochi, but also warmer than in the whole region: from the beginning of the month, the thermometers in the resort town will show around plus 20 with confidence, however, the thermometers will not rise higher. It will rain occasionally throughout the month.

In Anapa, almost the whole of April is a bit colder – not higher than plus 15-17, cloudy, but less rainfall. In Adler, the weather is expected to be about the same as in Sochi: sunny and hot days will alternate with cloudy and rainy days.

Weather forecast for a month in the Crimea

In the Crimea, according to meteorological forecasts, all of April is quite wet and you should not expect anything good. On average, thermometers will show up to plus 20, it will be cloudy and rainy. Periodically, the sun will please tourists and residents of the Crimea, but not for long.

So in Yalta, the beginning of the month is expected to be cool – only plus 10-12, even snow and rain are possible next week. From April 14 the weather will be hot, but it will certainly not be above plus 17. A little warmer in Simferopol – plus 17-20, but also it will not rain without rain here

Weather forecast for April in the Volga region

In Tatarstan it is rainy almost the whole month and for the first two weeks it will rain from the sky almost every day, it is likely to snow. By 15, you should not expect severe heating: the thermometers will stubbornly move between plus 4-8. It will get more or less warmer at 20, and the end of the month will give the sun plus 16.

In Tsouvassia it is even colder: around +7 for the first two decades of April, only after 20 we should expect a slight warming and an end to the annoying rainfall, but there will be no even higher plus.

It is warmer in April in Samara and Saratov – the beginning of the month is here, as it will be rainy all over the Volga region, but until April 15, spring will change its anger to mercy and will continue to pass in “hot” mode – by the end of April the air will heat up to plus 20.

The weather in April in Siberia

In Siberia, according to meteorological forecasts, it will be rainy and sometimes even snowy. The temperature during the day is plus, but for the first two decades the air does not heat up more than plus 5, and in the last days of April, the thermometers will rise to plus 12. Rain, sleet, cloudy and stormy.

The coldest forecast is in Tomsk and Omsk – the whole month there will be about plus 4 during the day, frost at night, until the end of the month up to plus 9, also cloudy and rainy.

Weather forecast for 30 days in Primorye

According to the meteorological forecast, there will be nothing good in Primorye in April either. Thus, in Vladivostok, the beginning of the month is expected to be sunny, but cool – only plus 6.

By the end of next week the sky will be cloudy, it will rain. The thermometers will show plus 6-7, from the third decade it will warm up a little – up to plus 10. The weather in Arsenyev is the hottest so far – humid, of course, but the thermometers will definitely give everything plus 15, and in some places even higher.

In general, the news about the weather situation in April is still not very good: almost the entire territory of the Russian plain will be wet, cloudy and cold. So it is not at all worth expecting favors from the weather, but it is necessary to get rubber boots and umbrellas from the mezzanines.

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