New residents of Volokolamsk are invited to take part in the Pan-Russian Olympics in Ecology

09 Apr. 2022, 20:07

The online Environment and Ecology Olympiad invites students from all over the country to test their knowledge.

Environmental education in Russia starts at school. From April 5 to April 25, 2022, students in grades 1-6 across the country will take part in an online Olympiad on ecology and the world around them. Exciting work will simulate real life situations and introduce children to the rules of safe and responsible behavior in nature.

Pan-Russian Olympiad in Ecology (hereinafter the Olympics, Eco-Olympics) will be held for the second time: It started on April 5 and will last until April 25. The educational initiative was organized by the educational online platform and the ANO National Priorities with the support of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology and the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.

“Taking care of nature means helping it. And any help starts with understanding how not to hurt. How to protect the forest from fires without disturbing wildlife. How to keep rivers, seas and lakes clean. Make rubbish useful. Knowledge changes the human consciousness, the attitude towards the world around. The Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia has many tasks and one of the most important is education. The more people know how to preserve the environment and all life on Earth, the better for the planet, for ourselves. Together we will achieve more than ourselves! ” commented the Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation Alexander Kozlov.

The All-Russian Olympiad aims to develop environmental thinking, raise the level of environmental awareness and involve students, parents and teachers in the environmental agenda. To participate, all you need is a computer or tablet with a modern browser and Internet access. Olympiad works will be available on the website

“The Olympic Games contain a set of practical tools with which you can significantly reduce the level of negative human impact on nature. We paid special attention to the prevention of forest fires. “By completing assignments, students will become familiar with the basic rules of safe behavior in the forest, learn how to effectively put out a wildfire and how to avoid a fire,” he said. Sofia Maliavina, General Manager ANO “National Priorities. – Last year, more than 840,000 children across the country passed the Eco-Olympics. We hope that this year the interest for this will be even greater “.

In addition to work to test the knowledge of the world around, the Olympics will include work on environmental issues: for their successful implementation, the child does not need in-depth knowledge, but will need logic and understanding of the relationship of environmental processes. Each task will tell the participant interesting facts about the world and ecology and some of them will simulate life situations, for example, in the task “Solve the problem”, the child will try himself as a mayor and solve the environmental problems of local residents. This will increase the interest of the younger generation in the environmental agenda, making environmental issues closer and more understandable.

“It is important to learn the skills of conscious consumption and protection of natural resources from an early age. Developing these skills and helping to gain knowledge in the field of ecology and the world around is one of the priority tasks for “We hope that the work of our Olympics in a playful and interesting way will help children to immerse themselves in the environmental agenda with enthusiasm and not to remain indifferent to the preservation of the natural heritage of our country and the planet as a whole,” he commented. Ilya ParshinCEO of the educational online platform

During the online Olympics, environmental volunteers “Do it!” will conduct environmental courses in various parts of the country and talk about the most pressing environmental issues and how the state, businesses and volunteers help solve them. The dates of the Olympic Games were not chosen at random. On April 15, World Ecological Knowledge Day is celebrated around the world. Volunteers and educators across the country will be able to support environmental education, conduct an environmental course and talk about the Eco-Olympics. You can download the course material to your account on the official “Do!” Website

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