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Owners of large restaurant chains in Moscow are interested in mayor grants and some businessmen have already approved applications. The city authorities have allocated 1 billion rubles to create a fast food cafe. In early March, Mayor Sergei Sobyanin announced that he would replace 250 McDonald’s restaurants in Moscow in one year. Entrepreneurs who open new stores and create jobs can apply for financial support.

At least 17 entrepreneurs have already applied for the grant. Among them was Alexei Vasilchuk, co-owner of the Restart Vasilchuk Brothers restaurant, who told Kommersant FM what he was going to spend on the mayor’s subsidies: “Our request was for a meeting with the mayor – he responded quickly and said he would do it. The previous meters were only up to 50 sq. M, many restaurants also open large facilities.

5 million rubles is not enough for a large restaurant, but it is a lot of money to optimize investments. This is generally a help to those who wanted to develop, maybe someone already had a construction site. Some support requests have been granted. We have not received a grant yet, it is not that fast, but I think there will be some money at the beginning of the week. “We are just building a lot of projects now – we do not need to slow them down.”

The Moscow government clarified that an entrepreneur can receive up to 5 million rubles for the development of a hearth. “Kommersant FM” asked Williamsburg Studio restaurateur and founder Maxim Livesey what kind of facility he could open with that money. According to him, without additional investment, this will be enough only for the simplest coffee: “A pleasant space for 12 square meters. m with two types of kebabs, with beer and preferably with wine, if possible. Shawarma, but only with a different approach – beautiful, delicious, with the right equipment and staff. It can be not only that, but anything.

Maybe someone will make an amazing pizza according to the recipe of his Italian grandmother and sell it sliced ​​in a small establishment.

This amount will go to him for repairs, equipment, first purchase, rent and salaries. According to our experience with food stalls, if your income is less than 40 thousand rubles. the day is a loss. If a person does not succeed in the first month or two, then in the end he has 350 thousand rubles, which must be reported. Or he urgently needs to do the project again and restart. If 100 people are given 5 million rubles each, I am sure that 3-5% will be great and then they no longer need help. The rest will not leave. “

Even before Mayor Sergei Sobyanin announced the grants, food trucks called “Matryoshka” appeared next to McDonald’s closed in Pushkinskaya and Belorusskaya. There they were offered the Muscovite burgers “Grandma’s Love” and “Brezhnev’s Kiss”. These facilities no longer exist in their original locations. The success of the new fast food chains that will open in the near future will not depend on the names or famous owners, but on other factors, believes Dmitry Levitsky, president of the professional restaurant association Real:

“Completely different models can work – there is nothing difficult about it. Of course, we all imagine this McDonald’s when we talk about fast food, but the institution does not need to be synonymous with it. They can be completely different forms – an American burger, Italian pizzeria, Soviet sausage or burger, pasta. We had several of these city canteens where you could have a quick and cheap meal.

In Moscow, the form of gastronomy has been developed for a long time, in which a huge number of concepts have already been tried – from Vietnamese soup to Uighur pasta.

So many interesting things are being sold in these markets – now, it seems to me, these ideas can go to town and calmly occupy the vacated position. We, for example, are opening a pasta shop – it happened. We also plan to open in the near future such a place as plovnaya.

In street food, everything works simply: popularity is determined by the product, not the name. There must be great products and people will go there without a name as they go to the famous St. Petersburg donut shop or for a shawarma in the corner. “If people go to a cheburek shop because they have a good cheburek, they will continue to do so because the food is good, not because of the name.”

Last month, some Russian establishments temporarily added to the menu dishes from the American fast food chain – a double cheeseburger, fillet, an authentic fried burger and more. And the other day, the St. Petersburg creative association “Amateurs” released cans with a label depicting a Big Mac. Its ingredients include “emptiness, pain and a little sweet memory”.

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