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The last weekend of May brought cold weather and rain to the people of Moscow and the Moscow region – as a result, the month exceeded the norm in terms of rainfall by almost half and in some areas of the region the hail did not pass at all. June will bring the long-awaited warmth to the people of the Moscow region, how long the long weekend of June is expected and if we will need any sunglasses, meteorologists told RIAMO.

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Wet record and polar invasion

The rains in the Moscow region started on Thursday. A total of 93 millimeters of rain has fallen in Moscow since early May, with a monthly norm of 51 millimeters, which is 1.82 times higher than the norm, Meteovesti reported. On Saturday alone, 22 millimeters of divine moisture fell in the capital, which amounted to 43% of the May rule. As a result, May 2021 became the sixth rainiest since 1948.

The bad weather was accompanied by strong winds, which is why Moscow declared a “yellow level” of danger.

The Moscow region did not lag behind, where 23-25 ​​mm of rain fell for a blow. In addition, to the disappointment of summer residents on Saturday in various cities of the Moscow region there was heavy hail.

The last days of the outgoing May in Moscow and the Moscow region were marked by a cold, so that many again dressed in jackets and even down jackets. Polar cold stormed the area on Sunday to replace rain and thunderstorms with temperatures five to six degrees lower than expected. During the day in the capital, the air was heated only to 15-16 degrees. As noted by Evgeny Tishkovets, a senior official at the Phobos Meteorological Center, such weather is more likely to be in September.

But the night of Monday, May 31st turned out to be the coldest – only 3-8 degrees Celsius. During the daytime hours on May 31, the thermometers will show plus 14-19 degrees, in places there will be short rains.

It is true that there will be no frosts that were feared at the end of May in the area of ​​the capital: the night temperature will not fall below 3 degrees, the meteorologist added.

Heating in early June

However, as meteorologists promise, in early June the weather will start to improve and eventually approach summer prices.

According to Yevgeny Tishkovets, residents of the capital’s district have only a few cold days to pass, after which Moscow and the Moscow region will enter the summer with normal indicators. And although on Tuesday 1 June it will still be quite fresh, already on the 2nd the weather will return to its climatic limits.

“With the start of summer, the initiative will begin to move to the anticyclone. The weather on June 1 will be partly cloudy without rain. “Tonight, the thermometers will show 4-9 degrees Celsius, during the day – already 17-22 degrees Celsius,” Tishkovets told RIAMO.

According to his forecast, on Wednesday, June 2, it will be even hotter: at night – plus 6-11 degrees, during the day it will clear up to 20-25 degrees above zero.

The weather on Russia Day

In the middle of the month, the Russians are waiting for a long three-day weekend in honor of Russia Day – from June 12 to 14, we will rest from Saturday to Monday.

These days the temperature at night will be 11-13 degrees above zero, during the day the air will rise to plus 18-19 degrees.

At the same time, it will be cloudy with clearings and the holiday itself – June 12 – may rain a little.

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Will it have sun?

According to the Gismeteo Gate forecast, in the first month of summer, the Moscow region as a whole will have cloudy weather without a single really clear day.

The coldest will be on the night of June 2, when thermometers in Moscow and the Moscow region will show only 9 degrees Celsius. The lowest daily temperature – 17 degrees – is expected on June 6-9.

The hottest days of next month, according to Gismeteo, will be June 2 and 3, when in Moscow it will heat up to 21 degrees during the day. And the hottest night is expected on June 4, when the thermometers show plus 16 degrees.

According to the first data, there will be rain with thunderstorms in June. Heavy rainfall is expected on June 6, 9, 11 and 15. For three days – from 3 to 5 June – meteorologists predict thunderstorms. A total of 17 rainy days are expected in June and the whole month will be either cloudy or partly cloudy.

According to Gismeteo’s top meteorologist, Leonid Starkov, this is just one of the possible scenarios for June weather.

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When will the heat come?

However, it is too early to lose hope for a really hot summer of 2021 – the weather in Moscow and the Moscow region promises to be even slightly warmer than normal.

As Tatiana Pozdnyakova, chief expert of the Moscow Meteorological Office, told RIAMO, according to preliminary forecasts of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia and the western forecast models, the temperature in the capital from June to August will be one or two degrees above the climatic norm.

“Exactly how the weather will be distributed during this summer season, I think no one can say today,” Pozdnyakova added.

The scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia, Roman Vilfand, also previously stated that in the summer of 2021 the air temperature in the Moscow region will be close to or above normal and a cold summer “is not forecast”.

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