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Selection Criteria

If the device will be used not only for calls, but also for taking photos and videos, Internet access or gaming, you need to pay attention to the smallest details when buying.


Budget often influences the choice of model in the first place. But if you study the offer carefully, for example, in Ozone, you can buy your favorite model with a good discount on top smartphone models. And do not let the thought of overpaying bother you. The phone has been purchased for several years. A reliable model regularly serves at least 3 years. Cheap gadgets fail quickly. The optimal cost of a smartphone in 2022 is 25 thousand rubles. However, this does not mean that it will not work to find an acceptable solution in other price segments.

Operating system

The choice is simple and complex at the same time. There are only 2 options: iOS and Android. IOS phones are expensive and not always practical. Android has a huge number of varieties. Each manufacturer supplies its own smartphone with a proprietary case. The functions are the same, but the interfaces are radically different.

Separately, it is worth noting the Huawei P Smart 2021 4 128gb with a very comfortable shell. The smartphones of this brand have virtually no defects. Even the absence of an approved Play Market is not a problem. The manufacturer has provided the smartphone with its own catalog of AppGallery applications.

When choosing a case, you should pay attention to:

  • Screen diagonal. Narrow frames help to reduce the size of the case. In budget smartphones, the bezels are wide, so the diagonal significantly affects the dimensions of the device. Finding a compact and powerful device is difficult. Small smartphones usually have limited functionality.
  • Body material. Premium models are made of metal, budget models are made of plastic. There are also combined options. The metal is not damaged by impact, but is heavier. Plastic is lightweight, but less resistant to mechanical stress.
  • Shelf life. A rare branded phone is more difficult to repair. Services only order spare parts for popular devices. This also applies to the latest models.

The screen is best to choose with the following features:

  • Matrix. Buying phones with the TN mark is not worth it. They perform poorly in colors and have low brightness. It is recommended to choose a smartphone with IPS or OLED. They have high contrast and brightness, transfer good colors.
  • Permission. The clarity and detail of the image depends on this parameter. The best resolution is Full HD. When choosing a smartphone with a large diagonal, they are guided by the price of 2.5K. The higher the resolution, the faster the charge is consumed.
  • Dot density. Smartphones with a value of 300 to 400 are considered the best.


The more RAM, the faster the system. For example, if you open multiple applications on a budget smartphone, they will freeze. If the RAM is 8 GB, everything will work fine. Built-in memory is also important. The number of downloaded files and applications depends on this. If you buy Vivo Y31 4 128GB, there will be no problems with memory shortage, 128 GB is enough to store important photos, videos and music. In addition, the phone is equipped with a memory card slot. Not all phones provide this feature.


This is the most controversial feature of smartphones. The power and cost of processors increase, but some of the resources are never used. Android smartphone makers supply devices with different processors, for example, Qualcomm, Kirin, Exynos. These series include both premium and budget models. Smartphones that cost 30-50 thousand rubles have optimal processor features. It does not make sense to overpay for extra power.


It is believed that the quality of the shot depends on the megapixels and the number of lenses. However, this is not entirely true. Photomodule is an expensive accessory. Therefore, if you need high quality photos, you will have to pay at least 25 thousand rubles for a smartphone. Even if there are several lenses in an economical model, not all of them will photograph very well. If you are not a photographer, you are not a popular blogger, you should not pay too much for a camera. For amateur photos, a mid-range smartphone is suitable.


The main parameter is the capacity. However, you need to focus not only on that. For example, Apple supplies its smartphones with 2,400 mAh batteries. However, the system is set to minimum power consumption. In active mode, the phone can operate for up to 12 hours. For Android, it is best to choose batteries with a capacity of at least 3,000 mAh.

Fast charging compensates for the small capacity. Some gadgets charge for an hour. When choosing a charger, the original models are preferred. Speed ​​memory must be purchased separately.

Where can I buy

Not all stores indicate the full features of the products on display and sometimes they simply do not have enough variety. In the Ozone online store you can find not only detailed product descriptions and honest customer reviews, but also great deals. Receiving and ordering the right product will not be difficult. Just study the description, place the smartphone you like in the cart and pay for the purchase. Ozone will promptly deliver the order to your delivery point or home.

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