A period of fire has been established in the Vladimir region. Citizens’ stay in the forests will be limited until October 18

From 18 April, a six-month period of firefighting will take place in the Vladimir region, increasing administrative liability for breaches of safety rules, including burning dry grass and wood on the ground for non-compliance. established requirements

From April 18 to October 18, a period of fire has been established in the Vladimir region – on April 11, the corresponding decree was signed by Deputy Governor Alexander Avdeev. The press service of the regional administration clarifies that the document was issued to “protect the forests and peat deposits of the Vladimir region from fires, to ensure the extinguishing of forest and other natural fires”.

During the fire-fighting season, it is prohibited to start fires in unspecified areas, to burn garbage, production and consumption waste in the forest, in peat deposits, while the burning of agricultural products is also prohibited. During the period of high fire risk, the stay of citizens in the forests is limited, as well as the entry of vehicles in the forest, with the exception of the vehicles that are necessary for the service of linear constructions.

Local authorities are encouraged to do the following:

  • to organize the implementation of fire safety measures within the scope of its competence;

  • clarification of the list of items at risk of spreading natural fires;

  • carry out a set of mechanical and technical measures for the protection of settlements from fires;

  • ensure the establishment and maintenance of alarm systems for the population;

  • to organize the clearing of the right passage of public roads of local importance that pass through forests of necrops and dry trees.

The Department of Forestry of the Vladimir Region was instructed to organize aerial reconnaissance of the state of fire in the territories of the forest fund and to carry out state supervision of forest fires.

The decree of the Acting Commander shall state the principles and bodies responsible for the passage of the fire-fighting period without exaggeration:

  • the regional committee for the prevention and elimination of emergencies and ensuring fire safety (provides general management and coordination of the work of other departments).

  • the main department of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations for the Vladimir region.

  • Department of Forestry of Vladimir Region.

  • interregional section of the Federal Office for Natural Resources Surveillance for the Ivanovo and Vladimir regions;

  • “Vladimir Forestry” State Autonomous Foundation?

  • OOO “Mezinovskoe peat enterprise”;

  • OOO “Kyryushinskoye”;

  • “Meshchera National Park” “;

  • Branches Kosterevsky and Gorokhovetsky of the Federal Foundation “Oboronles” of the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

In case of forest fires, citizens should report information to the ranger’s hotline at 8-800-100-94-00 or to the regional dispatch service at 8 (4922) 45-90-06 and 45 -90-02 .

The authorities remind that the violation of fire safety rules in forests provides for administrative liability (part 1 of Article 8.83 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation). We are talking about warnings or the imposition of administrative fines on citizens amounting to 1.5 to 3 thousand rubles. for employees – from 10 to 20 thousand. for organizations – from 50 to 200 thousand rubles.

In addition, the burning of shrubbery, forest waste, dry grass and other forest flammable materials in violation of fire safety requirements on land adjacent to forests, protective and forest plantations and not separated by an inorganic strip of at least half a meter wide administrative fine on citizens amounting to up to 4 thousand rubles. for officials – up to 25 thousand. for organizations – up to 250 thousand rubles.

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