CSKA – SKA. Sixth race. Press conference

The coaches of CSKA and SKA summarized the results of the sixth game of the series.

Roman Rotenberg, SKA coach:

– Good, equal game of strong teams. We made another mistake today. Now we need a good recovery. The seventh game is happiness in hockey. We will play at home, so we are looking forward.

– From the podium it seemed that CSKA wanted to win more, because it had no right to make mistakes. SKA had such a right and it seemed that it was sitting on the heads of the players.

– Certainly not. Everyone wanted to win. We played with a very strong opponent, he plays well in defense. We have to overcome the difficulties, to throw more, to climb to a penny. The next game is the most important.

– SKA had another shocking second period, equalized the score. How much did Abramov’s goal confuse the cards at the beginning of the third period?

– Hockey is a game of mistakes, in this episode we made a mistake. Let’s watch the video, let’s talk to the children, let’s draw conclusions.

– Two missed shots today led to two goals conceded. What about this one;

– Yes, standards are the strong point of CSKA. We are constantly working on it. Let’s improve right now, we will be stronger in the next game.

– Why did the majority brigade let Fadenberg rise to the top instead of Letonen?

– We are looking for ways to improve the majority and the game in general. In the last match, Fadenberg was also released, who played like this this season. Let’s see further. The game dictates its own scenario. The seventh match is ahead, we are preparing for such a game all season.

– Yesterday the youth team “SKA-1946” reached the final of the Kharlamov Cup. Can you watch her?

– We work together, in the whole branch of the club. Constantly in contact with Filatov, the coach of SKA-1946. We followed the turn with Irbis, a strong opponent. We are waiting for a serious turn with the Red Army. We are waiting for interesting matches.

– What is the reason for Kuzmenko’s transfer to Timkin?

– With the desire to score as many goals as possible. We trust our leaders, we believe in children. Let’s see, let’s think. We have food for thought.

– It seemed that the emotions were not enough today, we played academically. How do you think?

– It is clear that we can play much better and brighter. Emotions must escape you. Native walls should help with this. In terms of loyalty and feelings in the team, everything is fine. There are no victories without defeats.

– SKA played twice in the seventh match in CSKA, in 2015 and 2019, you were in the team. What is the seventh race for you?

– This is the best that can be done in hockey. This is the adrenaline we work for. All year, maybe even more, everyone worked to make such a fight happen. Yes, we have played such games, but we only look ahead, we work here and now.

Sergei Fedorov, CSKA coach:

– It was not the easiest match. We do not have new but reliable experience, this year we have not yet found ourselves in such a tournament situation. He withstood the pressure in the preparation of the match and in the match itself. We slowed down a bit in the second period, and in the third we played as requested. SKA also showed level, it is a well-coordinated team with many abilities. It is difficult to play against the movement of their elf, but today we succeeded, we transferred the elf to the opponent’s zone and made him make mistakes with our active actions. Let’s see what will happen in St. Petersburg. The main thing is that the hockey players decide the fate of this match on the ice.

– Are you satisfied with the game of today’s combinations of the three?

We have time to think. Now it is difficult to talk about changes until they are planned. We saw some “chemistry”, the combinations suit both us and the children. The previous two series were easier for us and I am glad that we came to the right conclusions, well prepared for today’s match.

– Today I lost the locker room again. How to deal with it?

– We will not fight this, these are emotions, they depend more on the players. All we can do is support them and adapt them. There was still a half time to play. Of course, everyone was upset, it was not possible. We tried to encourage the children and I think they reacted correctly.

– Aren’t you thinking of releasing Gilmour instead of Grudinin?

I always have Giannis in mind. We will need to analyze the game and understand tomorrow when we can connect it. I know he is ready, he trains hard. It makes sense, he is a fresh, fast defender.

– After the match you said that Grigorenko was “in the area” all the time. What can you say about his game today? Prior to that, only the third link scored almost all the points.

– I would like to keep the focus of all our children. I will say this – the children were in the area, but did not enter the entrance. And today they came.

– For the first time you will have the seventh match as the first coach. But there were many as a player. What is the most memorable?

– I think we will miss all my unforgettable games as a player. With a vengeance, I intend to prepare, I will try to bring all the nuances to the team. My assistants will play a key role, I am grateful to them for their support.

– One of your assistants received a rash on his face. What happened there?

– I immediately asked the doctor to be careful. Ravil Yakubov was able to get away, he kept his eyes, but the elf struck with dignity. There was a cut, happy he returned to the bench and helped bring the game to a good result.

– Today you did not have a majority, in the past there was only one. Are the players ready to play strictly in the seventh game, so as not to give a reason for deletions?

– They are ready, they have already gained some experience, they have launched their emotions, they have made a valid recognition. We will play hard, there are no problems with that. We took a specific step, we showed ourselves as a team. Let’s be a good and well – coordinated team. We have an experienced team.

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