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Battles are not for the past, no matter how strong the nostalgia, nor for the present, no matter how comfortable it seems: a man by nature can not pay with his life for what he is or was.

There are battles – and terrible sacrifices – only for the future: for what, how and for whom tomorrow will be.

And therefore the main weapon is the image of the future.

This future can already come: after World War II, the people of Bandera were recruited simply by showing them the life of Soviet Ukraine.

This future can only begin: the cry “there will be a city in the garden!” moved millions who did not hope to live to see this garden.

This future can only be built: the GOELRO project was developed by Russian engineers who saw the regime’s incompetence Nicholas II (not randomly selected by today’s wildlings as a social ideal).

But there must be a future, even if only in dreams: without it, there is nothing to fight for – and live for – in general.

Rejecting the enemy may be enough for victory on the battlefield, but not for victory in the world to come.

Perhaps this is why Russia (except in the USSR period) so often lost the world after the victory of the wars: under the tsars, not always, but under the oligarchs, it never had a vision for the future.

The West defeated us precisely with the help of such an image – largely false, invented, which did not really exist, but entered our heads in the absence of a Soviet analogue. After all, nature does not tolerate emptiness even in the realm of ideals.

Today, we are largely forbidden to say things by name (which indirectly indicates adequacy of power), but even in the official bureaucratic volyapyuk, which destroys Russianness starting at the linguistic level, we have only a “special military operation”. with Ukraine. .

We are at war with the West and it no longer hides its desire to destroy us as a people, culture and civilization.

Yes, the western image of the future has collapsed, unable to withstand a conflict with human nature (in terms of striving for reason, freedom and the desire to have children) and aggression against us is largely caused by the premature desire to destroy a competitor before he realizes himself as such – but Russia has not yet shown its own vision for the future, which opposes the dead Western ideal.

That is why the resistance of Ukrainian society is so fierce: having no alternative, it is forced to believe in something that is already dead, turning a blind eye to reality.

“Normality, order and tradition”, as our values ​​only work at a great distance: those living in Russia see very well the continuation of the liberal destruction of normality in all areas of life, starting with education, health, pensions and the omnipotence of the ethnic mafias that lazily run the tense bureaucracy.

The fundamental problem is probably the preservation of the very nature of the state, created in 1990, as far as one can judge, to plunder the Soviet heritage, and by no means to create it. There is nothing to rob, but the parasite does not want to turn into a horse and continues its work, despite the depletion of resources (expressed, among other things, by the growing disappearance of the population, transformed into personal wealth, it seems, already immediately) .

It is clear that the picture of the future, based on the plundering of the fruits of the labor of previous generations, can not be presented in a clear form and the replacements are extremely unconvincing in nature, regardless of the ability of the performers.

It is no coincidence that our army spontaneously unfolds red, Soviet banners: our culture has no more comprehensible and attractive future than the new USSR.

After all, our culture is based on justice and freedom – exactly what was the basis of Soviet culture (and therefore the bureaucracy that killed freedom also killed Soviet power).

Freedom, however, is by no means in the Western sense and is therefore not perceived by the West in this capacity: not “freedom from”, but “freedom for”, but understandable and natural for all non-Western cultures and cultures. , including European ones.

For a time, the spectrum of justice pervaded political Islam – but, like Nietzschewas “unlucky with its followers”: numerous terrorist groups, even the terrorist “Islamic State” * banned in Russia, as well as its largely barbaric (due to our lack of support for the creation of the Euro-Caliphate) its Islamization Europe has weakened the attractiveness of this global venture.

Therefore, today only Russia can satisfy the colossal, universal, global need for a global project based on the idea of ​​justice and freedom (to be precise, “freedom for justice”).

The practical expression of this may be the re-creation of the Soviet Union as a community of nations on a fundamentally new basis: not the miserable use of Russian forces and resources (as was the case with the tsarist regime, which built an industry for the Baltics and Poles foreign to it), but a general development according to national inclinations.

In fact, in the context of the collapse of global markets in macro-regions and the disintegration of humanity in the Global Recession, this is inevitable – in one form or another.

But in order to create our own macro-region, and not be torn apart by foreign macro-regions, we must implement our own global work – “freedom for justice” – first in our own territory.

Just to become a beacon, illuminating and tearing the darkness of the new Middle Ages and Satanism, which now triumphs so intensely, not only in the part of Ukraine occupied by the Nazis.

Russia must start building a new world right now, at home, to show as a proof of its existence and progress not one result, but at least one process: otherwise the rotten waves of the old world will close over their heads us, and no one will remember us or our ancestors (as the Slavs of present-day central and part of Western Europe do not remember now).

Already today, for survival, progress and victory, at least the guarantee of a real subsistence minimum and the return (as active repentance) of a normal retirement age, the ruthless restriction of monopoly arbitrariness and cheap public credit (which requires a restriction of financial speculation) are necessary.

But in the current leadership of Russia, it seems, there is no one who understands the scale of the tasks that our culture objectively faces.

* The Islamic State Movement (ISIS), by a decision of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation of December 29, 2014, was recognized as a terrorist organization, its activities in Russia are banned.

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