The Russians created a smartphone running on the operating system “Kaspersky”


Aquarius has created an Aquarius CMP NS M11 smartphone, the production of which is located in the Ivanovo area. The mobile phone works with Kaspersky OS and is distinguished by increased software security. You can also install Aurora or regular Android 9. The company has a batch of 200 devices ready, by the end of 2021 another 3,000 copies will be released and in the future the series will be replaced with “armored” models.

Russian “KPK”

Aquarius has informed CNews about the release of a special purpose domestic smartphone intended for corporate clients and government employees, including critical information infrastructure (CII) facilities. The company calls the device “the first pocket computer, fully designed and manufactured in Russia.” The company told CNews that the production was organized in the town of Shuya, in the Ivanovo region, at the Aquarius production complex.

The mobile phone is called Aquarius CMP NS M11 and by default runs on the secure operating system of Kaspersky Lab. The exterior of the device was developed by a specialized design center “TP labs”.

The Aquarius CMP NS M11 is able to replace foreign brand smartphones

“The device has been developed using the most up-to-date database and taking into account information security requirements,” Aquarius representatives told CNews. They also added that on December 2, 2021, the first batch of devices was formed and released, consisting of 200 copies of the Aquarius CMP NS M11. The company plans to release another batch by the end of 2021, this time consisting of 3,000 smartphones.

Smartphone features

The Aquarius CMP NS M11 smartphone is based on an 8-core ARM processor, the model of which the developers do not disclose. The “face” of the device is a screen with a diagonal of 6.67 inches and all electronics are powered by a 5000 mAh battery.

Aquarius representatives told CNews that customers have the option to choose the operating system they will install on their smartphones. By default, this is Kaspersky Lab’s Kaspersky OS, but if necessary, it can be replaced with version 4.x of the Aurora operating system, which until February 2019 was called Sailfish Mobile OS RUS. The system is developed and promoted by the Open Mobile Platform (OMP).


Not every manufacturer has the option to choose the firmware of a smartphone

The US Google Android OS can also be installed on a smartphone, but so far only version 9 of the 2018 sample, although in May 2021 Google showed Android 12. Special requirements apply to this system – only a specially customized version can be installed on a smartphone, which must take into account the requirements of corporate security.

Other specifications of the smartphone, including screen resolution and memory, were not known at the time of publication, as well as its final cost. “The price of a device for corporate use includes the cost of services required by the customer and is formed at the time the project is implemented in the customer’s infrastructure,” Aquarius representatives told CNews. Judging by the images, the smartphone is charged via USB-C.

The target audience

According to the developers, the smartphone is mainly intended “for the performance of corporate work for public administration employees, the provision of emergency services and compulsory social security.” The mobile phone is also aimed at large corporate customers “with high risks and information security requirements”.

A large smartphone battery is charged via a modern USB-C connector

Aquarius representatives cited Gazprom, Rosneft and Rosseti as examples, noting that these companies “have mobile telephony specialists, maintenance services, field engineers and other specialists with the ability to work remotely”.

“The pandemic has become a catalyst for the growth of the corporate mobility market in the last year. The mass transfer of employees to remote work has led to the need to include personal devices in the corporate business environment. CIOs to corporate clients rang the alarm bell and began talking about the need to move from corporate mobility based on the BYOD model to the COBO model. And that became the lever of our developments. We install the PDA as a device for accessing corporate services through applications in safe operation. “One of the elements is the communication channels, which are protected by special software that uses modern technologies to protect the data transmission environment,” Aquarius’s president told CNews. Vladimir Stepanov.

Aquarius has no plans to distribute the smartphone outside Russia. “This device is intended exclusively for the domestic market. “The export version requires a separate review,” company representatives told CNews.

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As Kommersant writes referring to the co-owner of NCC (including Aquarius) Alexandra Kalinina, the mobile phone “is intended mainly for military and special services”. Another Kommersant source, who knows the details of the project, said that “the manufacturer is counting on the demand that arises in the context of increased control over the use of personal gadgets by intelligence officers.” “The situation was caused by stories that a number of employees were conducting official correspondence from personal devices, which then entered the network,” he added.

When asked by CNews about the timing of the introduction of a smartphone in the Russian army, CNews representatives replied: “We are installing the PDA as a device for accessing corporate services through applications in safe operation. “This mode of operation was created without taking into account the requirements of the army.”

There will be many devices

Aquarius will not be limited to one smartphone. As it became known to CNews, the Aquarius CMP NS M12 model will be released in the near future, equipped with a housing with water and dust protection according to the IP68 standard. An explosion-proof version of the smartphone is also being prepared for release, designed for use in industrial companies. Investments in device development exceeded 1 billion rubles. The editors of CNews asked Aquarius representatives who they are among the investors and whether there are government structures among them and is waiting for an answer.

The company’s plans also include expanding product lines for corporate mobility. According to Aquarius representatives, in the future, new smartphones, tablets and laptops may appear with different degrees of protection, such as shock-resistant, dust and moisture resistant according to the IP68 standard, as well as explosion protection.

Aquarius has experience in developing secure gadgets. For example, in 2016, the Aquarius Cmp ST471 tablet was released, which can work in both normal and highly protected mode. The computer can run on two different operating systems installed at the same time, but loaded from different, naturally separated, memory segments.

Add: comments from operating system developers

Following the release of the article, CNews editors received feedback from Aurora OS and Kasperksky OS developers. They are presented unchanged.

“We have been working closely and for a long time with Aquarius. We already have many tablets in our common portfolio, one of which, namely the NS 220 model, was used in the recently completed Pan-Russian Population Census. Of course, there are smartphones in our model range and in the very near future we will show the Aurora 4 OS, which was released just the other day, and the Aquarius M11 smartphone “, said the CEO of Open Company. he told CNews. mobile platform ” Pavel Aiges.

“KasperskyOS is a specialized operating system, its architecture allows the creation of solutions with cyber immunity – built-in protection against the vast majority of types of cyber attacks. Our operating system focuses on the use of the Internet of Things and process control systems in industries with high cyber security requirements. These are industry, energy, smart city infrastructure, transport infrastructure. We are exploring the possibilities of creating, first of all, an auxiliary, purely professional device for these industries, as part of the implementation of mobile platforms based on KasperskyOS. Our partners create and test various devices and solutions based on the KasperskyOS operating system. “We are conducting research, monitoring the proper functioning of the operating system on various materials and with various applications, and we are continuing to develop the capabilities of the mobile platform,” representatives of Kaspersky Lab told CNews.

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