Vivo presents the first folding smartphone – X Fold

Company vivo officially unveiled its first foldable smartphone vivo X Fold. Being the first of its kind in the brand line, X Diploma personifies performance vivo on an advanced smartphone, the result of painstaking research aimed at providing a more efficient, convenient and creative user experience. As part of the release, two new devices in the series were also introduced: vivo X Note and the company’s first tablet vivo Block.

Model vivo X Fold combines a range of cutting-edge technologies and pushes the boundaries of folding smartphones with significantly reduced screen folds and enhanced hinge strength. At the same time, the smartphone offers a flagship experience with excellent screen, chipset and battery performance and an image processing system developed in conjunction with ZEISS.

Over 300,000 folds with aerospace quality hinges

One of the key elements to developing a foldable smartphone is building a strong connection. Company vivo has paid great attention to the integration of the absolute basis of aerospace quality, as it directly affects the overall performance and usability of a device of this type. The hinges and the folding screen have been extensively tested in research TÜV Rheinland, lasting more than 300,000 cycles. According to vivo laboratory data, the user will unfold and fold the device about 80 times during the day, which means that vivo X Fold can be used safely for 10 years.

Hinge connection X Diploma It consists of 174 parts and consists of six layers of aviation materials, such as liquid metal and high-strength steel, which in turn provides additional elasticity, impact resistance, as well as resistance to warping and corrosion.

To optimize the diploma, in vivo X Fold uses a floating center plate design that holds the center of the screen. This allows the screen to be completely flat when unfolded. For screen production X Diploma Hard glass has been used with a unique braided structure that ensures that the screen fold is completely flat, without the “knobs” usually associated with folding patterns.

Dual screens with a refresh rate of 120Hz, E5 material for a great view

To create the perfect foldable smartphone, vivo An 8-inch foldable main screen was integrated inside and a 6.53-inch screen on the outside of the device. Both screens support a refresh rate of 120 Hz and are made of luminescent material E5for smooth projection and optimal energy consumption. The company has also developed its own color calibration scheme, which has allowed it to make color accuracy on both screens almost the same.

X Diploma is also the first foldable smartphone in the world with an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner Double 3D, which supports unlocking on both screens. In addition to being convenient, it improves fingerprint recognition and unlocks up to 38% faster than traditional photoelectric mechanisms.

Flagship performance inside and out

For performance that matches the look, vivo equip the smartphone with a top new generation chipset Snapdragon 8 Gen1 SPU with 4nm process technology MEPproviding a 10% performance improvement over the previous generation Snapdragon 888 chipset. GPU performance speed has been increased by 30% with flash UVS 3.1 and extended storage LPDDR5Here’s why vivo X Fold reads and writes data faster.

Considering the power consumption requirements of a foldable smartphone, vivo Equip the device with a 4600 mAh battery, which provides up to 21 hours of continuous calling, 12 hours of video conferencing or 8 hours of gaming for mobile devices. The model is also equipped with a quick charge function. vivo FlashCharge 66 W, which allows you to charge the battery up to 50% in just 17 minutes and fully charge it in 37 minutes. In addition, the battery is equipped with industry-leading wireless charging technology. FlashCharge power 50 W, which provides 10% charge in 5 minutes and full charge in 53 minutes.

Excellent photo with camera system developed in collaboration with ZEISS

Imaging system vivo X Fold developed in collaboration vivo and ZEISS. Smartphone equipped with lenses ZEISSwith privately owned coating ZEISS Twhich improves the optical performance of the lenses by reducing scattering and bursting.

X Diploma equipped with four full-focal length cameras using natural color calibration ZEISStextured portraits ZEISS and other integrated effects, allowing you to take clear and realistic photos, whether you are taking close-ups or creating stunning landscapes.

Modern aesthetics combined with traditional philosophy

Design philosophy X Diploma comes from traditional Asian philosophy, combining simple geometric shapes. Combining simple shapes with different materials and textures, the designers tried to emphasize the dynamic character and momentum of the smartphone. X Diploma.

Konstantin Smorodin

Source: vivo


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