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Trade announcements
Vocal Studio “Million Voices” invites brothers and guests of our city to a solo concert on the occasion of the 5th anniversary! A sea of ​​music, live performances and a million voices await you on April 21, 2022 at 19:00 on the stage of the Bratsk-ART shopping center. Order tickets at 45-44-01 or at OGRN 1153850015747, Sibkassa LLC. 16+
Property for sale
I will sell a plot of land at snt “health resort” next to the sanatorium “bratskoe vzmorie”. 6 acres, privatized. Tel. 8-983-417-12-21.
Properties for rent
Rent for a long time 1 room apartment on the street. Malysheva, 4. Good repair, partially furnished (2 closets, sofa, kitchen, oven, refrigerator, kitchen table, stool), located in a residential area. The price is 14,000 rubles / month + cash. Tel. 8-983-441-84-77 (Natalia).
NST “Taiga Klyuch” announces the holding of a general assembly in the absence of a vote from 2 April to 30 April at: Makarenko str., 40, building 2, office. 101a every Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 14:00 and every Wednesday from 17:00 to 20:00 8-964-357-11-72, 8-902-579-79-56.
Personal items – sale
I will sell rinsing oil (manufactured by Gazpromneft) for 18,000 rubles. volume 205 l. Tel. 8-902-514-03-50.
Wanted: Responsible with experience in the design and sale of cabinets and built-in furniture, furniture maker. Program 5/2. Tel. 8-904-137-42-64.
Restaurant (Central Region) is looking for a cold store chef. Training, employment. Salary 30,000 rubles. Tel. 289-289.
The restaurant (Central District) requires washing machines (tsy) and cleaners (tsy). Tel. 289-289.
Massage is requested for the resort. Salary of 40,000 rubles. Complete social networking package. Tel. 35-00-54 (center).
Wanted: plumber, conveyor, kitchen worker. Tel. 35-00-54 (center).
The organization in the territory of BLPK requires: repairmen, welders and gas welders (timely salary of 280 rubles per hour), foreman (salary according to the results of the interview). Tel. 8-924-531-35-25.
In the village of Padun the company urgently needs: a forklift driver, an accountant of the material group, an employee with experience in loading wagons. The salary is high. Tel. 350-590, 8-914-904-24-45,
A nurse is wanted at the No. 1 Hospital in the city of Bratsk. Payment for renting a house. Tel. 452-300, 45-55-80.
A carpentry business (Gidrostroitel settlement) needs p / m stacks. Place of work: p. Gidrostroitel. Tel. 8-908-665-79-02 (Anna).
The resort requires an accountant (calculator). 5/2 program, complete social networking package. Tel. 35-00-54 (center).
Required MUP “TsAP”: drivers of category D, pipes, electrician, washing machine-roller cleaner. Tel. 41-16-62.
Required: appraiser, carpenters, 5-6 cut welders. with work experience. Tel. 26-46-15, 27-42-15.
Wanted: category C driver, Bobcat driver. Centre. Tel. 8-952-614-47-14, 8-914-872-84-82.
Logging company needs a lawyer (Padun settlement, experience). Tel. 8-984-277-66-26.
The JSC “Ilim Group” branch in the Bratsk region for 2022 requires contractors to carry out dilution work (crossing and dilution) on the territory of the Chunskoye Forestry. The price is negotiable. To contact us by phone. 8 (3953) 496-173.
A woodworking plant in the Padunsky Ring area requires a car driver (KAMAZ carpentry truck). Tel. 8-908-770-53-83.
Electrician is wanted for carpentry in the area of ​​the Padunsky ring. Tel. 8-908-649-24-85.
An expert in labor and wages is required. Center, salary 30,500 rubles. Tel. 26-97-47, 26-51-02.
Warehouse conveyor requested. Salary 52,000 rubles. Shift work. Social package. Delivery by official transfer (Right Bank, Energetik, Padun). Tel. 8-950-078-78-28.
JSC BraZMK (Padun village) will hire a specialist in employment and salaries (training). Tel. 356-056, e-mail:
In Padun village the following are required: machine operators, stacks, cutting sorter (s), GAZ 53 driver (dump truck). Weekly deposit. Tel. 37-21-53, 37-21-54.
In the village of Gidostroitel, a labor protection specialist, logging equipment engineer, foreman in the forest are required. Tel. 8-952-611-77-00.
To work on business trips in the area requires a crane operator, a salary of 120,000 rubles, accommodation. Tel. 48-03-54.
A lawyer with knowledge of staff is required, 5/2. Tel. 41-73-51.
Towards the grocery street. Ryabikova 15/31 requires a sales assistant-cashier, employment in accordance with the Labor Code. Tel. 42-49-52.
Taxi drivers are required (new vehicles, consumption 5 liters), Right Bank, Energetik village. Tel. 350-000, 277-324.
Taxi Shippers (Right Bank) Wanted. Tel. 350-000.
The security company is looking for a guard driver (Padunsky area). Service employment, social. packet. Tel. 8-902-579-90-91.
A kitchen worker is wanted. Tel. 265-265.
A fast food supervisor is required. Tel. 8-964-355-83-33.
Wanted workers in Vikhorevka warehouse: welder and gas welder (s / n from 38,000 rubles), foreman (s / n from 41,000 rubles), computer operator (s / n from 34,000 rubles), foreman (s / n from 80,000 rubles), locksmith (salary of 37,000 rubles), turner (salary of 30,000 rubles), press of pairs of wheels (salary of 38,000 rubles). Education at the expense of business, social package. Tel. 8-963-068-70-90.
We are looking for an engineer to repair trucks (Center). Tel. 8-902-179-09-59.
Wanted: Driver E (central part) and electrician (p. Energetik). Tel. 8-924-542-06-10.
The organization requires for permanent work: garbage truck drivers, loaders. Work in the Padunsky and Pravoberezhny areas. Tel. 8-950-109-33-63.
The railway company requires line installers, an MPT-6 driver or a diesel driver. Complete social networking package. You can without experience. Tel. 340-757.
An experienced driver of an E. timber truck is required. Tel. 27-87-78.

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