where in Moscow to try the cult dishes of different countries

Button up, sit back, now you’re going on a trip to those countries whose airspace is still closed to the Russians. Of course, you can get into them, but now it’s long and expensive, not like going to a restaurant.

Especially in recent years, the domestic gastronomy industry is growing rapidly. And there is even the opinion that in Russia any cuisine is prepared almost better than in its homeland. And now there is a great opportunity to check it out.

Anya Baturina, PEOPLETALK columnist, author of the Telegram Gastrology channel

PEOPLETALK columnist Anya Baturina invites you to travel almost all over the world without leaving your homeland Moscow, it remains to choose where to go first.


Where: “My fish”

Arriving in Europe is a real mission, the gathering sites show tempting ticket prices with three transfers: to Mineralnye Vody, Makhachkala, Istanbul and from there, a direct arrow flight to any of the European Union countries. Of course, there are simpler ways, but you should not forget the increased time of the flight itself (until you fly to all the forbidden corners of the sky). I wonder how many times now they feed for such a flight?

We do not know about food on board, but in Vladimir Perelman’s restaurants with European cuisine, My Fish, they eat exactly what you want. In addition, just recently, brand chef Dmitry Parikov added spring innovations to the menu using local products.. The perfect dinner starts with sea urchins, continues with sweet tomatoes with halibut and tiger prawns, octopus risotto, romesco sauce, parmesan cheese and, of course, a glass of wine.

Address: Slavyanskaya Square, 2


Where: “Pythagoras”

Even a simple dinner in Pythagoras turns into a Greek feast with traditional dishes with a modern and sometimes bold interpretation. Well, if you’re really celebrating life, then you should eat everything at once – meze, salad with lightly salted tuna, guacamole and sun-dried tomatoes, fried sweet potato with goat cheese and ginger-garlic aioli, my delicious goat cheese thyme sauce.

So, is there room for sweets? You should definitely try original desserts with uncharacteristic and non-classic ingredients from the new pastry chef. For example, white chocolate mousse with coffee and Greek yogurt with caramelized cauliflower or thin crispy napoleon leaf with ice cream and cinnamon.

Address: Trubnaya Square, 2


Where: Sartoria Lamberti

Why do so many tourists love Italy so much? Of course, for delicious food and nice shopping. The Sartoria Lamberti, on the ground floor of The Ritz-Carlton, also has it all – great cuisine, as well as interiors and atmospheres made in the style of a real studio. Here everything is kept down to the details – curtains, such as in an equipment room, cutlery with a needle, and even irons for cuffs that hold napkins.

Try tonnato burrata, farfalle octopus, black fillet and Mona Lisa dessert. By the way, the menu of the bar has recently been updated in the restaurant. Cocktail couturier Artem Kuzin reinvented the flavors of drinks based on whiskey, brandy, bourbon. And each guest asks first (or a short word) and monograms are embroidered on napkins right at the entrance.

Address: Tverskaya st., 3


Where: Touch

France is lifting restrictions on entry and issuing visas to Russians, but entry is still not easy. It is much easier to get to the Touché wine bar at the Trekhgornaya factory (be careful when calling a taxi – it is often confused with another restaurant of the same name, similar in spelling but completely different in sound and cuisine).

Touché just updated its menu in early April. Chef Taras Kiriyenko suggests green pea hummus with fresh vegetables and wild garlic pesto, zucchini tempura flowers with shrimp cream cheese (grown especially for the restaurant), sea bass with spring vegetables with Berblanc sauce and seaweed caviar. And very soon the restaurant will release an updated breakfast menu and new cocktails.

Address: Rochdelskaya st., 15, building 22


Where: Krombacher Beer Kitchen

The German visa, and in fact the language, has always been considered one of the most difficult. With no hassle and paperwork, you can reach the Krombacher Beer Kitchen in Belorusskaya – a huge beer restaurant on the first floor of the Sheraton Hotel.

By the way, many German words here can be learned by reading the menu. For example, flammkuchen is a German open “flaming pie”, grestl is a roast in a hot pan, kezespätzle is a cheese noodle. If you do not want to break your tongue with German names, you will find dried Siberian fish and Yakut deer in the menu. By the way, on Saturday, April 23, German Beer Day is celebrated. Here is such a hint.

Address: 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya st., 19

Scandinavian countries

Where: Bjorn

A quick geography lesson to find out which countries are considered part of the “northern” cuisine. Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland – the dishes of these countries can be found in the zero waste menu of the Björn restaurant.

Literally at the end of March, chef Nikita Poderyagin, who received the Michelin Young Chef Award (this phrase should be read with a little sadness), left Björn. Andrey Fedoseev (head of the neighboring project Bor) is now in charge of the kitchen. So while you wait for big changes in the menu, you can have time to try the Poderyagin author set, in which everything is not as it seems (and kiwi is not kiwi and coconut is not from coconut).

And every year in early April, Björn’s team collects birch sap and organizes a “birch week”. In different years, kvass, tea and even cocktails were made from it. This time it starts at the restaurant on April 11th.

Address: street. Pyatnitskaya, 3


Where: Rake

You already know where to go for the idol of American cuisine – burgers. Let’s talk about the Rake restaurant and the whole gastronomic culture that started in the late 70’s thanks to the coexistence of immigrant cuisines, local products and flavors.

It is worth seeing here for new mornings. Both lovers of the classics (eggs, porridge, cottage cheese, which can be supplemented with various ingredients in the way of a designer), and those who are tired of the typical benedicts will be satisfied – here the egg is hidden in a square brioche, looks impressive.

And be sure to return to work after work at the Waldorf salad menu, mango and salsa crab cake, sounder, steak and Wagon Wheel cookie dessert, a childhood favorite.

Address: Valovaya st., 26

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