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The registration of those who came to the Tikhvin forest from Ukraine has started. 47News they learned how to build a new life.

On the morning of April 12, traffic began to boil in the remote boarding house “Tsaritsino Ozero” ten kilometers from Tehvin, which last Sunday received 600 refugees from Mariupol. The space gathered employees from different departments. People are buzzing with the experts of the Pension Fund, the regional committee for work and employment, the Center for Social Protection, the state Sberbank. All are accepted with completed questionnaires, where there are simple questions: education, data for previous work, health status, etc.

– In order of priority, they approach the immigration registration specialists with documents. They immediately fill out an application for themselves and their children to receive payments (the president ordered them to pay the migrants 10 thousand rubles each – ed.), – explained the procedure the chairman of the Leningrad region social protection commission Anastasia Tolmacheva. – All data is collected and sent the same day to the payment center in the Kursk region, there are seven of them in Russia.

– Money is unlikely to be issued in cash, do you need an account?

– If there is no Russian account, then it opens. Bank employees are also advising on the spot and the institutions themselves have been transferred to the “green corridor”.

Police and doctors’ cars are also on duty there. In the first line is the mobile outpatient clinic of the regional hospital. He mysteriously disappeared from the garage and the van was found 20 kilometers from Tikhvin. It is already known for 38 patients with injuries, coronavirus and pneumonia.

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– There are five cars, there are many doctors, they are also on duty in the boarding school building. All procedures, from ECG to vaccinations, must be fully controlled. Meals are also provided, – the general manager of the boarding school mentioned on the spot Evgeny Larkin.

– It turns out that you now have a small town in your village. Is it clear how long the refugees will be late?

– So far, no one can answer this question. I think it’s been a long time. If they find work in the Tikhvin area, they will live here.

By the way, for work. By one o’clock in the afternoon, 160 adults and able-bodied people had received employment advice, the chairman of the labor and employment committee told 47news. Other Astratova.

– Now there are not 600 people in the territory, but fewer, some have gone to relatives and friends. First of all, we ask people about their situation. “First of all, you need to issue a temporary asylum certificate, then people will be able to officially find work on Russian territory,” he explained. – So far we are focusing on the potential of the area. Representatives of employers from Tikhvin and Volkhov regions are with us here, interested in new employees. First of all, we are discussing vacancies with the possibility of providing temporary housing.

The interlocutor did not specify which companies are expecting new workers, limiting themselves to the fact that there are large factories and farms among them. The social composition of refugees is also diverse.

– There are janitors and businessmen. “Unfortunately, not everyone has documents confirming their work experience,” Astratova added.

At the very least, those who drove to Tikhvin in their own cars will be in a private cabin. For example, a Lada with Ukrainian license plates is parked next to the boarding house. On the back, a reminder of the disturbing limbs – traces of bullets.

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The current life and near future of the migrants are in the area of ​​responsibility of the unit of the Leningrad region’s deputy governor for security, Mikhail Ilin. In an interview with 47news, he confirmed the positions of his colleagues, adding that the duration of the refugees’ stay in a boarding school is not limited.

– It all depends on the desire of the people. If someone wants to work, we will choose vacancies with housing, ie you will not have to rent it yourself. There are many sick people among the refugees. “You have to come to your senses and start coming together to start working,” he said Michael Ilin. – More specifically about the distribution will be clear by the end of this week.

It is no secret that among those who arrived are more than 120 minors. These, according to the head of the competent committee, are preparing to accept provincial schools and kindergartens.

– While collecting information, we must understand how many children of school, preschool age. “There are also young people who have recently turned 18, wanting to continue their education in specialized secondary institutions,” he said briefly. Veronica Rebrova.

– Is there enough space in Tikhvin schools and kindergartens for everyone? – I just clarified 47News.

– There are several places, we have analyzed. It is not just a school.

Authorities in the region are receiving humanitarian assistance from citizens and businesses. First of all, we are talking about personal hygiene items: shampoo, towels, socks and underwear will not be unnecessary. Head of the Administration of the Tikhvinsky District Yuri Naumov refused to speak to 47news.

– I visited there the other day, the whole picture of the world turned upside down. “People are already happy that they are not being shot,” one of his colleagues described the mood at Lake Tsaritsyn.

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How to help refugees:

Residents of the Tikhvinsky area wishing to donate humanitarian aid to displaced persons will find the addresses and opening hours of the collection points here. Clothes, shoes and food (except perishable) are accepted at Kudrovo and Yanino.

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