Where to walk dogs in Stavroupoli and how to keep them properly?

How many dog ​​walking areas in our city do you need to wear a muzzle for your pet and where you can walk – read about all this in our material

In the Industrial Area of ​​Stavroupoli, the transformation of the “Walnut Grove” has begun: a fenced area for walking dogs will soon be equipped there. Among the residents of Stavroupoli were those who did not support the idea. During the day, residents of high-rise buildings on Voroshilov Avenue gathered 83 votes against the construction of a space for walking animals.

“We ask you not to allow the construction of a playground for dogs in this area. Our kids walk to and from this site. “There is no need for a playground for dogs here”, a resident commented in an appeal to the governor.

Dog owners also responded: animal spaces are essential – they do not exist in the center.

We decided to study in more detail the issue of dog walking areas in Stavroupoli. Where can dog owners go for a walk with their four-legged friends? Can pets walk in public places? Who should clean after the dogs and what rules should dog owners follow? Find answers below.

Is there a law governing the walking of animals?

At country level, this issue is regulated by federal law no. 498-FZ of 27 December 2018 “On the responsible treatment of animals and on amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation”.

However, local governments can take separate measures, such as banning animals from walking in a specific area. In our city there are “Rules for the protection of animals in the city of Stavroupoli” dated November 24, 2010, approved by the State Duma of Stavroupoli. We will answer the following questions based on this document.

Can dogs walk in public places?

Let us examine in more detail the “Rules” that were approved in Stavroupoli.

“Dogs are not allowed to walk in parks, squares, forest parks, green areas, lawns, stadiums, educational institutions and preschools, in public areas intended only for the recreation of citizens, as well as in places where there are appropriate signs prohibiting dog walking.

For walking a dog in the wrong place, the owner can receive a fine – for one person it will be up to 4,000 rubles. There is no criminal liability for thisadministratively only.

Source: “Rules for keeping animals in the city of Stavroupoli”, p. 4.2, p. 4.3, p. 4.12

We have prepared a map of areas for dog walks in our city. There are very few of them at the moment.

What if there is no place for a dog walk nearby?

The document says that due to the lack of space for walking animals, it is recommended that dogs walk on sparsely populated streets and deserts.

Source: “Rules for the conservation of animals in the city of Stavroupoli”, paragraph 4.2

Who should clean after the animals?

The answer is clear: owners.

“Animal owners are required to comply with sanitary standards to avoid contamination of entrances, stairwells, elevators, as well as playgrounds, paths, sidewalks, lawns and other public areas with animal products. If animals leave feces in parks, squares, forest parks, green spaces, lawns, fields, educational and pre-school areas, public spaces intended only for recreation, they should be removed immediately. by their owners.

Summarizing the above, I would like to emphasize once again: the pet owner is responsible for the cleanliness after the walk of his pet. He is the one who must take care to clean the feces of his four-legged friend.

Source: “Rules for keeping animals in the city of Stavroupoli”, p. 4.2, p. 4.3, p. 4.12

Is it necessary to wear a muzzle?

Let’s examine in which cases the dog should be on a short leash and muzzle.

  • When walking dogs in residential areas.
  • When transporting an animal on public transport.
  • When an animal enters a store that does not have a no-dog sign.
  • When moving in public places for people with disabilities who have guide dogs.

Local regulations say so Decorative dog breeds can be walked by their owners with muzzleless leash. But Law on Public Animal Welfare obliges muzzle of all dogs over 25 cm at the withers. If we are talking about large breed puppies, you need to put a muzzle in your pet from 3 months of the animal.

Source: “Rules for the conservation of animals in the city of Stavroupoli”, p. 3.4, p. 3.5, p. 4.3, p. 5.2, p. 5.3

What about potentially dangerous dog breeds?

In Russia, there is a ban on walking without muzzle and leash dogs from the list of potentially dangerous breeds. The exception is if they are located in a fenced area owned by the owner. In addition, there should be a warning label for the presence of this dog.

Which dogs are potentially dangerous?

  • Akbash;
  • American bandog;
  • Ambuldog;
  • Brazilian Bulldog;
  • Bully Kutta?
  • Purebred Alapah (Otto) Bulldog;
  • Bandog;
  • Wolf-dog hybrids?
  • Volkosob;
  • Dog Gul?
  • Pitbullmastiff;
  • North Caucasian dog;
  • Mestizos of these tribes.

Source: Federal Law no.

Can you let go of your dog on the leash?

Exclusively in special areas or land owned by the owner. In the second case, at the entrance of the space a special inscription must be made for the presence of a dog.

Source: “Animal conservation rules in the city of Stavroupoli”, p. 4.3, p. 4.5

Are we allowed to leave the animal in water bodies and swimming pools?

The Rules say:

“It is forbidden to bathe animals in tanks, swimming pools, water parks, springs intended for bathing the population of the city or used as sources of drinking water.”

Source: “Rules for the conservation of animals in the city of Stavroupoli”, paragraph 4.9

What other important rules should dog owners follow?

  • Dogs belonging to citizens, legal entities and individual entrepreneurs should be vaccinated against rabies from the age of 3 months, regardless of breed (clause 3.7).
  • Provision of animals at the request of the state veterinarian for examination, diagnostic studies and treatment and prophylaxis (clause 4.2).
  • Protect citizens from attacks by animals that belong to them (clause 4.2).
  • Comply with animal health and veterinary and veterinary standards set by the laws of the Russian Federation (clause 4.2).
  • During the day, report to state veterinary authorities for animal attacks on humans, present animals for veterinary examination (clause 4.2).
  • Report all cases of sudden death, mass illness or unusual behavior of animals belonging to them to the State Veterinary Authority within 24 hours (clause 4.2).
  • Provide peace and quiet to others from 22-00 to 7-00 hours (clause 4.2).
  • In case of refusal of further maintenance, transfer the animal to another person or euthanize (clause 4.2).
  • Do not allow dogs to walk in unspecified places or in violation of these Rules (clause 4.2).

Basic rules for keeping dogs, see table.

Action For whom
feces cleaning all breeds
use of muzzle potentially dangerous breeds
walking only on a leash all breeds
walking on playgrounds dogs under 25 cm at the withers
safety of passers-by all breeds
animal safety all breeds

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