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The book “In the Valley of Selpov” was told by the residents of Revda last Thursday, April 7, in the central library of the city of Pushkin. It is connected to the mystical ecological route of the Deer Streams natural park. The main characters of Nikolai Smirnov’s “The Tale of the Snaps”, first published in this book, are the raging Pike, a mysterious inhabitant of the caves and karst labyrinths of the Serga River valley. The action of the fairy tale takes place in “Deer Streams”: the visitors of the park easily recognize familiar places in the magical names. Shchelp and his friends teach kindness, respect for nature and others. The publication of the book was the beginning of a great project “Shchelp Valley”.

The presentation was made by Elena Goncharova, publisher, one of the authors of the project, director of the Autonomous non-profit organization “Podorozhnik. Cultural and tourism initiatives “.

How the book came about

Nikolay Smirnov, the author of the fairy tale, is a friend of the founder of Deer Streams Park, Alexander Dobrov. They studied together at the School of Biology and then, with a company of the same students, they began to explore the Nizhneserginsky area, to make trails and to think about the meaning of the park. For 20 years of working with enthusiasts, various unusual situations have occurred. Legends about schelps began to be formed by those who either helped or hindered friends along the way. A few years later, after the opening of the park, Nikolai Smirnov wrote a fairy tale about it.

“This story fell into my hands and my team and I decided to publish it, we did not expect the result. The first edition was released in 2010 “, says Elena Goncharova. “And then we got on our nerves, received a letter with a promise of help from the Ministry of Culture of the region and submitted an application for the Rostourism competition. The book was honored with the Sienkiewicz National Tourism Award. Photo // Anastasia Antoshina, for

Elena Goncharova is convinced that environmental education should start from childhood. Through this tale children will begin to learn the rules of respect for nature. The book has become a story not only for children, but in many chapters adult readers will be able to identify themselves.

What are the brands?

There are many versions of what kind of creatures they are and if they really exist. According to the legend of the park’s founders, the chips do not have a shell material, but can be turned into animals. Under this pretext, they appear before a person, warning or even punishing. Many visitors took pictures in the park and noticed in the pictures some clots in the air, often white. Sometimes tourists hear a sharp metal whistle near the caves, which further convinces them of the truth of the myth.

Following the author of the fairy tale, Elena Goncharova’s team endowed the schelp with an ecological mission. It became a good guide for park visitors in the natural world.

How the thematic route was organized

The impetus for the development of the project was the environmental problems of recent years. They are getting worse and worse and the main idea of ​​the chip image was to return to the unity of man and nature.

– It was a shock to me when in 2020 I learned about the study of Israeli scientists. They said that on Earth the weight of artificially created objects exceeds the weight of objects of nature itself. “People are really the ‘steering wheel’ of our planet and it is very important to have an idea where we can lead the environment,” says Elena Goncharova. – On every trip we say: schelpik came out to people to warn – if such changes continue, then there will be none.

Nikolai Smirnov, in his fairy tale, described the supposed habitats of the schelps. For example, the Big Dip became the iceberg, the Karst Bridge became the Schelp Palace. Based on this map, in 2016 the editorial team began to create a new route for Valley of the Slips Park. Their own forces were not enough and in 2020 they applied to the Presidential Grants Fund. At the expense of the Fund, it became possible to organize a tourist information center, create a bilingual map of the trail and equip the business premises.

The length of the trail is 7 km. According to the decision of the park administration, the “Selpov Valley” follows the route “Karst Bridge”, now it has a new reading. According to Elena Goncharova, each trip is an immersion in the Great Book of Nature along with a crack. The authors of the project have drafted a Code of Rules for the Man of Planet Earth and at the end of each route they offer the participants to write something of their own there. They also created a Book of Concepts: there you can write down what you understood during the walk, your “new meaning”.

“I’m more and more surprised by the rules and meanings of our children,” admires the creator of “Shchelp Valley.” – The most memorable: “Adults talk a lot but do nothing, so we children must join hands and defend our planet.” At the Regional Ecological Forum in the park, the children designed postcards on the theme of ecology. Imagine: escape of forest dwellers and above the phrase: “King of nature?” How accurately children observe pain points! Photo // Anastasia Antoshina, for

How the “Valley of the Selps” is connected to Revda

As part of the project, the team began to create a physical image of the schelp. The authors wanted to find a kind, eco-friendly toy for dialogue with children. It all started with drawings in an already published book and sketches.

Now the “avatars” meet visitors at every stage of the route. Younger guests like to comb the snails’ hair. Photo // Anastasia Antoshina, for

The former director of the Sverdlovsk fur toy factory, a resident of Revda, helped implement the project. Olga Izgarova, a senior librarian in the local history department at the Central State Library, considers this to be an important detail:

– The new route of the park should be of particular interest to the residents of our city due to its connection with history and the people who raised it and continue to do so. “Deer Streams” was originally supposed to be in Revda territory, which also explains the fact that Alexander Dobrov from Revda participated in its creation.

Elena Goncharova has the same opinion. She expressed her hope for cooperation with the city administration and businesses: “It would be great if Revda took the patronage of schelpenka, considered it her own. “It’s nothing but destiny!”

The presentation was attended by Revda librarians and school librarians, as well as representatives of public organizations, travel agencies, bookstores and experienced tourists. Photo // Anastasia Antoshina, for

Therefore, when Elena Goncharova turned to the Central State Library with a proposal to acquaint the people of Revda with the book, she was gladly accepted.

Because this project is interesting and important

The authors say that the main purpose of the work is to listen to nature, to act for its good and not for evil. This is what schelpas teach to park visitors. Along with the ecological mission, this is the active recreation, the special landscapes and the views that you want to admire again and again. The presentation was attended by teachers of supplementary education, representatives of tourism. Daria Ormanzh, director of United Tourist Company Mir Tours, shared her memories of her own trips to the park:

– I had the desire to visit Deer Streams again and offer it to people to experience the same senses. Ural tourism is now in high demand and it is wonderful that it is developing. The “Shchelp Valley” is a great opportunity to return to childhood for a few days or hours. You dream of unusual cracks, you listen to legends and stories, you admire landscapes and most importantly, with the help of “avatars”, you think about the value of a proper relationship with nature.

Copies of the book were presented to all participants in the presentation, as well as to Revda libraries and schools.

You can find out more about the project at Dolina-shchelpov.rf.

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