Famous journalist Konstantin Kuranov has died in Kazan

Konstantin Kuranov died early in the morning

Photo courtesy of Efir TV

Early this morning, at 5.55, Konstantin Kuranov, a well-known Kazan journalist, lecturer at KFU, meteorologist at Efir TV, died at the age of 87.

Konstantin Nikolaevich comes from the small village of Sadilovo, in the Vysokogorsky district of the republic. Graduate of the Faculty of Philology of the KSU and the School of Journalism of the Moscow State University. Konstantin Nikolayevich has dedicated his entire life to journalism – he taught at Kazan State University for 45 years. His lectures on journalism skills and the history of modern journalism were perhaps the most popular among students.

Konstantin Kuranov stood at the beginning of Kazan television. In 1952, the very young Konstantin Kuranov became an employee of the Tatar Radio Committee, and from 1959, of the Tatar Radio and Television Committee.
In 1994, Kuranov was invited to work for the television company Efir. In the program “City” he led the section “Meet ours”, in which he spoke about the most impressive events that happened that day. In 2000 he became the face of the weather.

“Our grandfather” – this is what his colleagues on television called Konstantin Kuranov. Bright, happy and very kind – that is how everyone who knew Konstantinos Nikolaevich will remember.

Photo courtesy of Efir TV

“Form an aura of goodness around him”

Samil SadikovGeneral Manager Tatmedia JSC:

“For every person who studied journalism, for every journalist, if Florida Akhmetovich Agzamov was a father, then Konstantin Nikolaevich Kuranov was a grandfather. He loved each of us. We will remember him very simple, bright and kind. He could speak to each of the students on equal terms. And for us students, it was something unexpected – a teacher who could talk calmly and honestly with the students. Worthwhile! He formed an aura of goodness around him.

An entire era goes by with Kuranov, he is a symbol of the previous journalism school. He knew how to shape within us, the students, kindness and simplicity. It was for us the lighthouse we toured.

I would like to note an important stage in his life – this is his job at Efir TV, where he led the weather forecast. He became the most popular person in Kazan, a popular grandfather with the recognizable phrase “Know ours!” and love for the city.

Photo: © IA file “Tatar-inform”

“He was a real leader in the journalism department”

Vasil Garifullinformer Dean of the KSU School of Journalism:

“The fact that many of us, including myself, came to journalism is the value of Konstantin Nikolaevich Kuranov. I remember how during his student years he actively attracted Zilant to the scientific circle. There we studied the history of journalism in Tatarstan. Organized interesting conferences and trips. Konstantin Nikolaevich once told me that my fellow villager Gayaz Maksudov was an excellent journalist, one of the founders of journalism in Tatarstan. In the 1930s, he fell under Stalinist repression and his name was forgotten. Kuranov invited me to study his story. I started digging in the archives and the library, I learned a lot from Maksudov’s story – that he was the author of Magarif magazine, one of the inspirers of the introduction of the Latin alphabet and was also head of the Academic Center in the early 1920s. …

Just last year, before the New Year, Konstantin Nikolayevich proposed organizing a conference dedicated to Gayaz Maksudov. He promised to play in it. Unfortunately, this was not possible.

Konstantin Kuranov contributed a lot to the study of journalism in our region. He was a very good friend to all the students. Contact us on equal terms. And this friendship far surpassed the walls of the university.

He was very open, sociable, he was the head of the journalism department. Kuranov stood at the beginning of journalism education in Tatarstan and helped me in many ways. “This is a great loss for the entire journalistic community and for me personally.”

“It’s hard to imagine I would never hear his voice again”

Svetlana SaikhtdinovaHead of KFU Journalism Department, Professor:

“I came to Kuranov in the department as a student. Then we had a unique opportunity, I would say happiness, to meet with teachers not just in a “student-teacher” relationship, but to become a real family. Thanks to Konstantin Nikolaevich, I was able to maintain such an attitude both to study and later to work for the rest of my life.

I remember one case. My son Timur was still quite young. We went to congratulate Konstantin Kuranov on his birthday – he has it on July 15th. We come to his house, congratulate him and then I say, among other things: “And my son, Timur, has a birthday on July 16.” Since then, every year, Konstantin Nikolayevich calls me on July 16 and congratulates my son on his birthday. It so happened that at 15 I could not get to him – either the phone was not available or no one picked up the phone. But I was sure that at 16, wherever I was, Konstantin Kuranov would call me. These calls are a sign of life stability. We were very close. And it is difficult for me to imagine that summer is coming, when on July 16 I will not hear his psychic voice… ”

Photo: © IA file “Tatar-inform”

“Turn the weather forecast into a life encyclopedia”

Ilshat AminovGeneral Manager of the television and radio company Novy Vek (TNV):

“Konstantin Nikolaevich was an infinitely kind man. He loved his students and the students loved him. And they could not help but recognize his astonishing, sometimes astonishing knowledge.

When I was studying journalism, Kuranov was the curator of a neighboring group. I remember all the Days of a Journalist with his participation, his lectures, in each of which he put his soul. He remembered perfectly the history of the democratic press and journalism of Tatarstan. I met many interesting people, their biographies.

What I remember most is his kindness. He was always interested in us, our successes. Praise, if there was anything about it. He pointed out mistakes to his colleagues very discreetly. He loved accuracy in facts and facts. He remembered all the birthdays – not only colleagues and friends, but also their relatives.

In 1994 I called him on the air. Help make the City program. Perform historical units. And then he was invited to lead the weather. Konstantinos Nikolaevich was the pinnacle of all professions, whatever he undertook, everything was going well. He even tried to inform the viewers through the weather. In each of his releases he talked about the historical events that happened that day and about great people. He turned the weather forecast into a life encyclopedia. Whatever he undertook made him interesting, talented and, which is now rare, competently.

“We all loved him”

Andrei GrigorievChairman of the Board of Directors of the television company “Efir”:

“Konstantinos Nikolayevich will forever be remembered as a kind, pure, honest person. He loved his city, the people and we all loved him. “

Photo courtesy of Efir TV

“His charisma pierced the screen”

Sergei Serstnev, TV journalist, presenter of Theme program on Efir channel:
“It’s difficult to speak now. We knew each other before Ether. Certainly, several generations of journalists passed him by as a teacher in the journalism faculty of Kazan University. And we met him there, he was my teacher. Then he became the “Ether”. We captured a project – a weather forecast with non-trivial presenters. At that time, there was a model for top meteorologists – girls with a model appearance. However, we decided to go the other way. We were looking for Anastasia for a long time, but it was immediately decided who would be in the place of the male host. I said – it will be Konstantin Kuranov. I knew for sure that Kuranov has character, openness, his talent will break the screen and attract the audience. And that’s how it happened. Throughout his television age he was at the peak of his popularity.

All the brightest memories are associated with Kuranov. Konstantinos Nikolaevich had encyclopedic knowledge, which he proved in the section “Meet ours”. It is an irreparable loss … “

“We all hoped he would be back on the air soon with his trademark: ‘Learn ours!’

AnastasiaTop weather forecast on “Efir” TV channel:

“I do not believe it. He is my favorite mentor, my favorite meteorologist. Konstantin Nikolaevich is a man of incredible talent, kind, cordial, very warm, modest, with a deep generous soul. He had an amazing memory. Just recently, he called me. and he wished me happy birthday and said laughing: “You will grow up, I will call you, I will remind you when someone has a birthday”.

He loved books passionately and missed work very much. For the past two years, during the pandemic, it has not been aired. But he was always up to date with the news, he supported me, he enjoyed happy moments. We all hoped he would get back on the air and warmly tell us his trademark: “Learn ours…”

Photo courtesy of Efir TV

Konstantin Kuranov will be buried on Monday in the Arsk Cemetery in Kazan. The time and place of the farewell will be announced later.

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