Healthy human sausage: the consumption of venison and products from it increases in YNAO

13 April 2022, 09:42


Andrey Revnivykh, Head of YNAO Agro-Industrial Group, spoke in an exclusive interview with Yamal Media about whether the price of venison and canned food will increase if it is difficult for a farm entrepreneur to receive a subsidy and open a subsidy. because Yamal meat products are better than imported ones. The most important points of the discussion are in our review.

There are no conditions for increasing the prices of products produced by Yamal companies, believes Andrey Revnivyh. “Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely avoid this in the current situation,” he said.

For example, the company Yamal Oleni recently increased prices by about 5-10%. This mainly affected canned food – canned suppliers doubled prices. But that’s the only thing that has affected the cost so far: all the raw materials are local, the equipment is mostly domestic.

Reindeer shepherds who supply raw materials to processing companies continue to receive subsidies from the district budget, which are used to pay wages and buy fuel. Subsidies are needed – products made at Yamal have high costs, so in order for their price to be competitive on the shelves, support from the state and local authorities is needed, said Andrey Revnivyh.

Each year about 900 million rubles are allocated from the Okrug budget to support reindeer farms. And in case of problems, the regional authorities provide the necessary assistance.

Trade, unlike production, is practically not supported by the budget, Revnivykh stressed. Nevertheless, there is a steady increase in the number of retail stores where northerners can buy products from their homeland. Last year alone, seven stores specializing in the sale of Yamal products opened in the area. One of them recently started working in Novy Urengoy.

Such stores are a very popular business line, the official believes. A network of branded stores could be another factor holding back prices. The shorter the chain of intermediaries from the store to the counter, the lower the final price. It is often difficult for entrepreneurs to find the right facilities, but they try to use all the possibilities.

The development of branded chain networks by the manufacturers themselves could become another factor limiting price increases, Andrey Revnivyh is sure. The shorter the chain of intermediaries from the store to the counter, the lower the final price. The number of companies that can open branded retail stores in the future is growing in Yamal.

Production is also growing. In Harp, a meat processing plant is already opening, in Tazovsky it is under construction and will start this year, and in Novy Urengoy, design documentation for the construction is being prepared.


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We consume more and more venison. I think it’s good

Andrey Revnivyh

Head of the Department of Agro-Industrial Complex YNAO

The capital investments in such projects are quite large, the official admits. Their construction and equipment are becoming more and more expensive. Support from the region can help – both directly, for example, through grants from Agrostartup (this year, applications from entrepreneurs will be accepted until April 18), and through the My Business Foundation, which not only grants soft loans to Yamal entrepreneurs for development, but also advises on the preparation of documents for tenders conducted by regional authorities.

Andrei Revnivyh also spoke about the process of examining applications for grant support from his department. It is impossible to satisfy everyone, so there is a competition. The more points the project receives from the committee, the more likely it is to be implemented with the support of the authorities.

The application of entrepreneurs receives a higher score if the project belongs to one of the priority areas for YNAO. These sections include, in particular, meat and fish processing. Even more points will be added if production opens in areas where there is a special need. Now the head of the department recommends paying special attention to the eastern zone of Yamal – the areas Tazovsky, Krasnoselkupsky, Purovsky.

The fact that the entrepreneur can invest more of his own capital, plans to create more jobs and increase volumes faster will also add points. Andrei Revnivyh gave a concrete example. In the competition for a grant from the governor of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Region, the businessman from Salekhard scored the highest score among all the applicants, who then opened a store for the production of venison snacks using funds provided by the area.

The products of agricultural producers Yamal are high quality and healthy food, believes Andrey Revnivyh. Reindeer are raised on a “natural livestock base”, eating only what nature Yamal has to offer. They are not fed with complex foods with different types of additives, so the raw materials for delicacies are environmentally friendly. And in meat products from it, such as various types of sausages, practically nothing is added except spices. There is no soy in them, nor a large amount of preservatives or other “chemistry”.

I am sure of the quality of Yamal products because I know how they are produced

Andrey Revnivyh

Head of the Department of Agro-Industrial Complex YNAO

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